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It’s shameful for Zambia to host Kabila-Jack Mwiimbu

Headlines It’s shameful for Zambia to host Kabila-Jack Mwiimbu

Jack Mwiimbu Chairman - Legal
Jack Mwiimbu Chairman – Legal

Leader of the opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu has charged that it is shameful that President Edgar Lungu hosted Congolese leader Joseph Kabila in Lusaka who was on a two day working visit.

Mr Mwiimbu who is also UPND Monze Central Member of Parliament also charged that it is shameful and disgraceful for President Lungu to state that the international community should not interfere with the happenings in the DRC.

He said the whole world knows that the term of office of President Kabila whom he described as a butcher of Congo ended in 2016.

Mr Mwiimbu said Mr. Kabila is an illegitimate dictator who should not be supported by any right thinking person.

“It’s a shame that Lungu is wining and dining with the butcher of Congo. Millions of Congolese have died as a result of the impunity African dictators and their lumpen Congolese sycophants. Any birds of the same feathers flock together,” he said.

And political activist Macdonald Chipenzi has charged that welcoming President Kabila is a display of weak leadership in the SADC region.

Mr Chipenzi said the SADC region will continue to be a laughing stock on the African Continent, if not the entire world, from a soft coup in Zimbabwe, to a presidential recall vote by a political party in South Africa and now to an unconstitutional President in DRC.

“How, in all fairness, can Zambia be that country that welcomes and accommodates Joseph Kabila with presidential decorum? He does not deserve such treatment at all. These are the times when I greatly miss late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. For him, he would have already spoken his minds out and that of Zambia on Kabila’s unconstitutional stay in power like he did on Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe,” Mr Chipenzi said.

“Don’t President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his government aware that Kabila’s constitutional electoral mandate ended in 2016 and his current stay in power is unconstitutional as he is refusing to vacate office despite repeated demands from his people? Does it mean that Zambia’s cries over the refugee situation are bogus or cosmetic? One would think, with the facts on the ground that Zambia has greatly suffered in terms of asylum seekers and refugees over Kabila’s decision to cling onto power even after his electoral constitutional mandate expired in 2016, the country would be more firm on Kabila to relinquish power.”

Mr Chipenzi stated that it seems that Zambian leaders are benefiting from the situation prevailing in the DRC hence their accommodation of such unconstitutional president into the country at the same time claiming to be a constitutional democracy without any kind of social shame.

“Not too long ago, this government, through Cde Steven Kampyongo, was shedding crocodile tears in Chienge District over the asylum seekers and refugee situation in Luapula Province. He and President Lungu even appealed for international help from the international community towards the refugee crisis in the country but at the same time having no problems in accommodating Kabila as a friend. Was that appeal of financial help a fundraising project for them if they are not interested in resolving the electoral and political crisis in the DRC?”

He added, “Yet, despite deputizing the SADC organ on Politics, Defence and Security known as the Troika, the same government seems to be so happy to strengthen trade and other bilateral ties with this electoral leper in the region notwithstanding the butchering of his people happening in his country while he clings onto power.  In serious democracies, Kabila would have suffered isolation, economic and travel sanctions within the SADC region and on the African Continent. He would not have been allowed to attend SADC or AU functions.”

Mr Chipenzi charged that it is disheartening to see how SADC has remained tolerant to Mr. Kabila and yet millions of Congolese women and children are suffering while their fathers are butchered in war as soldiers or militias.


    • Mwiimbu doesn’t understand the etiquettes and finesse of politcs at a high level.

      The president did the right thing. All Zambians are proud of this visit.



    • You don’t understand the value of this visit. It”s part of Kabila’s exit plan.
      We can’t tell you everything you young children. Kabila is part of the solution in Congo and we are 60% there.

    • Mr Mwiimbu can you also advise HH that his term of office as UPND President expired a long time ago. HH is not eligible to stand on UPND ticket.You guys need to go for a convention

    • Its a shame that you cant see the culture of clinging on to power in your own UPND and blame other countries which are being led by leaders like you. UPND cadres always failing to think right. Did you see ECL at the airport on kabila’s arrival and departure? Where was it safe for ECL to consult kabila from kinshasa or from Lusaka? If you dont consider Kabila president of DRC who then is the leader of DRC? I think its their internal matters to choose who to them civilized way or UPND way.

    • Of course, Lungu and Kabila are identical in thinking. Can the President of Botswana or Ghana host Kabila? Never! Its just beyond shameful that the Zambian presidency has been lowered to the level of people like Lungu. Very sad!!!

    • Hoo no, UPND will be smeared with that traffic accident. HH can’t go to jail again please.
      Let Mwiimbu take the tear gasses…

    • Mushota doesn’t understand the etiquettes and finesse of politcs at a high level.

      The president did the wrong thing. All Zambians are ashamed of this visit.


      BestBefore 2014,2016

    • What these big wigs of upnd are saying is that kabila is not a factor in the transition process. Well, you might as well go to sleep.

    • Yes that was very embarrassing. He probably went to ask KK on how to deal with religious leaders that don’t recognise your rule.


    • It’s only the Roman Catholic Church that is standing up against Joseph Kabila. In view of the millions of Congolese languishing in refugee camps, and those being slaughtered on a day to day basis, what a shame that any Zambian politician can stretch his or her hand to shake hands with this monster.

    • Ba katolika are the ones behind Rwanda genocide. There’s nothing to worship about them. They can be anything if you don’t know them. Stop praising them.

    • Anybody who believes and thinks lungu and kabila were holding bilateral talks that centred on the dictator’s departure from DRC lives in cuckoo land. This was more like The Bonnano crime family of New York meeting with the Ndrangheta crime family of Italy specifically to talk about how to mutually profit in drug trafficking, extortion and other criminal activities. lungu would rather encourage his fellow illegal president to hang on as he would expect kabila to do the same for him, as a favour for one crime lord to another.

    • And what makes Mwiimbu and Chimpenzi think that the issues they are rising are the reasons why President Lungu had to have a face to face sit-down with Kabila?

      The idea that when a leader of a neighboring Country is having difficulties/problems in their own Country then they are not welcome to visit Zambia is really silly and counterproductive. If you don’t talk to your neighbors then how do you resolve the very issues these two are talking about? Send in tanks to sort out Kabili and prop up Moise Katumbi?

      Why is Mwiimbu talking like he was born yesterday? Did he live through KK’s way of conducting complicated and difficult Diplomacy? Kaunda talked and met with Characters liked John Volster (sp) and the Ian Smith’s of this world. Despite their abhorrent behaviors and treatment…

    • Continue…

      ….of their own citizens, talked and met with them. And that’s how you resolve difficult issues short of military entanglements.

      And, I might add, no one can accuse the old man KK to have failed in his strategy. Because in the end both Apartheid Rhodesian regimes fell. That’s what Zambia is best known for and not empty rhetoric and misplaced bravado!

    • Well put, Yambayamba. You have just put into context the calibre and quality of leaders upnd has compared to past leaders and the present in power. In a nutshell, upnd leadership is mediocre.

    • Yambayamba

      UPND are displaying accountability and openess , not these secreate lungu deals done in the dark like moving mukula logs in the dead of night…

    • @Spaka like lilo

      Scandalizing everything this Govt does simply makes you look silly and sound shallow!

      Is there anything that this Govt will do that you will find acceptable? Come on dude, you can’t be this negative all the time. Personal deals, personal deals, personal deals, as though by repeating the same garbage a million times will make it true or believable. God help us!

    • Yambayamba

      When this GRZ does good like opening zesco pole treatment plant or sack the minister incharge of sanitation , we do congratulate GRZ but mostly we see negatives like more borrowing or selling assets that is why you see most negative comments..

    • @ 1.14 HH Oval head:
      “Ba katolika are the ones behind Rwanda genocide….” That is wild fiction. In any case, Congo DRC is a million times bigger than Rwanda. Congo is too big to wear Rwanda’s funeral gown. We are talking about Patrice Lumumba, ruling for only three months, before being executed. We are talking about Mobutu Sese Seko raping that country for 31 years, or there about, the Kabilas…. Presently, Congo DRC is the world’s largest and most complicated refugee crisis. Can’t we say “Enough is enough?” Or must we be oblivious to what the Catholics are doing there, just because we, ourselves are “Protestants”?

    • Lungu hosting a dictator confirms that he is also a dictator. Where did this come from a process of hosting a guy who has been avoiding to hold election. Oh well zinopindurana, A GUY WHO HAS BEEN RESISTING TO HOLD ELECTION HOSTS A GUY WHO STORE ELECTION, now I get it! LUNGU FUSEKI!

    • Foolish @ Chitapankwa Allepo Trump: Who the hell are you fooling? It’s wrong for a country like Zambia which always was the peacemaker in the region, to entertain a fool like Kabila. That boy has lost it, he does not care for his people and decided to stay in power illegally. Lungu is a Lawyer and should not encourage such nonsense.

      DRC’s president is still Laurent Kabila’s son Jose. If your bitterself does not appreciate that, sorry. It has become apparent that Mwiimbu and Chiipenzi are the most dullest of the dull. They don’t undestand the Zaire polical dynamics and framework. Let the people of Congo DR define their politically turmoiled nation’s fate. What is obtaining in Botswana is different from Zimbabwe, S.A., Malawi and Zambia. Your big mouthed political commentaries are so uninformed and show no signs of maturity. ZAIRE has been in political quagmire your entire age if you may wish to know. You don’t understand Kabila/Lungu’ s…

  1. Is this about Mwiimbu or Chipenzi? Really am not sure ECL could out of political decorum have sent JK packing however, the fact that JK spent more time with the JM speaks volumes. To educate you Jack and Macdonald Sadc requested ECL to meet and make some enquiries with JK

    • Ka Soul naimwe
      Ati to educate you?If it was at the request of the compromised SADC how does that help you and why keep it as a secret.That is why we now think it was about deals.

    • So, ba Zonzo there is nothing you believe in except yourselves, SADC ati compromised, ECL ati a dictator and useless. You are the best people in all this, right?

  2. So what are we supposed to do? Pretend that Congo DR does not exist? We do a lot of business with Congo DR.We use the pedicle road. If we become hostile to them we are going to lose business and they will stop us from using the pedicle road. Joseph Kabila has breached his own country’s constitution. It is not the SADC constitution that he has breached. I stand to be corrected. With the current happenings in this country we might just be the ones heading to another country as refugees

    • You are supposed to hold a press conference with kabila or at least put out a statement regarding when elections will be held…….now looks like they were discussing personal deals while lungu begs for money from the international community to help host the refugees…

    • Stop lying….kabila will still be clinging to power come 2021….and what is so secreate about telling the nation and the world about your talks ??

  3. JM needs help. dd JM know what Kabila came to do; if you nothing to say, at times, twaikalafye. our mouth were not meant to speak and eat only but to speak good and eat good

    • Spaka, there could be some truth that because of your bitterness your party could have tried to kill Kabila for how can someone overtake vehicles which have stopped for the presidential motorcade just like that?

    • Yes ndanji even the accident when kabila was comming from goma was UPND …..just accept that the right thing to do was to tell the nation and the world the way forward regarding the conflict and refugees , but lungu can not do that as they only talked about business

  4. Ba Mwiimbu and Chipenzi, you are children, not everything can be revealed to you.

    The problem in Congo cannot be solved by avoiding Kabila. It can be solved by engaging Kabila.

    That he had time to see Kaunda is a sign that he wants to go. No one see Kaunda without intentions to leave office. There is a lot before us that we cannot tell you children.

    • Lungu and kabila were discussing personal bussiness deals…..stop lying..

      If not why did lungu even not bother to tell the nation the substance of discussions…

  5. JM needs help. dd JM know what Kabila came to do; if you nothing to say, at times, twaikalafye. our mouth were not meant to speak and eat only but to speak good and eat good, and surely what JM has spoken is bad

    • Lungu and kabila were discussing personal bussiness deals…..stop lying..

      The PF rats are looking for personal gain DRC…

  6. Mwiimbu likes opposing everything ECL do. Pls understand, you can only help Congo by talking to Kabila. He has no clue what the two were discussing. Maybe Lungu was asking him to do the right thing and step down! Bitterness can be really dangerous.

    • Lungu and kabila were discussing personal bussiness deals…..stop lying..

      If the 2 theives were not discussing personal bussiness they should have held a press conference…..lungu is insisting no international interference while kabila refuses to go ….just like with Mugabe..

  7. It is utterly disgracefull for lungu to host kabila without letting Zambians know what the talks were about. Everything with lungu is done in the dark…

    Lungu and kabila and the other PF koswes were discussing personal deals……they see a money making opportunity out of the tradegy in DEC….

    • Ba Spaka, not ifya bu kachepa naimwe! Mu mpoto, bakoswe, mwibala, mu Congo, when are you going to stop chastising the ever green PF government? Sorry to see you are hurting though!

    • Ba Spaka muli tuye sana, don’t you know that Kabila’s main opponent Moise Katumbi spends most of his time in Zambia. ECL is okay in engaging Kabila because the issues in the Congo will not be resolved without involving Kabila. If you also didn’t know, a major place in the happenings in the Congo is Rwanda and both Kabila and Kagame must be engaged to resolve the issues in the Congo. Both Kabili and Kagame are used by the your darlings the Americans to look after American interests in the Congo.

    • Yes it is shamfull for every one to be looking on while one of them refuses to leave office….the silent code

      ” dont call me a dictator today , you might decide to be one yourself tomorrow “….

      Is what the corrupt thieves like lungu live by….

  8. Lungu you should have help a press conference and let the people who are paying for the refugees know what you discussed……

    But you are so corrupt lungu with kabila, we know you did not even discuss his illigal stay in power because to you that is normal..

    • And what makes you think that if Kabila leaves the problem of Congolese refugees will automatically go away? You are really naive if you think that.

      Mind you, Congolese have had to seek refuge in neighboring Countries for decades now. This problem didn’t just start when Kabila Jr. became President.

  9. Mind your language. In diplomacy, all neighboring countries must be treated as political allies unless they declare war against your country. Congo is not fighting Zambia and Congo will never fight Zambia. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a sovereign independent state. It enjoys the right to choose its own leaders. At the moment, that elected head of state exists in DRC is Joseph Kabila. Therefore, diplomatic etiquette dictates that foreign heads of state receive respect and dignity. When the people of DRC are ready for political change, then they will choose another Congolese head of state. When Zambians fled into the Congo in search of refuge, then nobody talked. When Congolese flocked into Zambia in search of refuge, then somebody talked.

    • @Doctor Makasa ( private citizen).
      When did Zambians ever go to DRC to seek refuge? I am personally unaware of it. Since the beginning of Zaire up to now, it’s always been people from DRC that come to Zambia to seek refuge. You people must atleast feel bad for the people of DRC who are always running away from their homes walking hundreds of KMs mostly women and children running away from wars caused by Kabila.


    • The issue of Zambian refugees that fled into DRC is painful for Zambians. That is why the issue remains generally blackout. Historians will debate the issue endlessly. There is also no denial of existence of conflict in Great Lakes Region in general and in DRC in particular. The conflict has internal causes and also causes that are external to the region. It is a classic example of disintegration or instability. In a nutshell, it is prudent for the Zambian government to work with the government of the day in DRC. This cooperation does not imply that the people of Zambia are supporting authoritarianism and dictatorial tendencies. On the contrary, Zambia as a neighboring country is applying constructive engagement. The people of DRC will resolve their political differences soon rather later.

  10. They can not see the Dictator in their own home but can see a Dictator in a neighboring country. HH has been at the helm of UPND unconstitutionally for over a decade. Dictators start small like your small god and end up like Kabila and Mugabe.


    • The wannbe dictator is lungu…entertaining another corrupt dictator who refuses to leave power….if UPND held elections every one knows HH would win out right , even waisting breath talking about that UPND grassroots will not do….

  11. Which part of Zambia do Mwiimbu and Chipenzi come from? If you answer that question then you will have your answer to ever trash that these guys spout.

  12. The pipo who are talking about HH that his mandate as UPND President ended long time ago are minors. If there were there during Sata as opposition, they could not write such crap. Do you know how many times he attended to run for presidency b4 he finally got it? Please dont comment on such crap if ur a minor

  13. Only mwanawase and Ian khama had the guts to stand up to corrupt dictators in neighbouring countries because they were and are not corrupt thieves …….zuma , mugabe, lungu and kabila are corrupt thieves that look after each other in the SADC region.

    • But Mwanawasa invited the same Kabila to open the Ndola Trade fair. I was there and had luncheon with this Kabila. As for Khama he continued trading with South Africa when most of Africa had boycotted RSA because of arpatheid. Say the complete truth.

    • @17.1 citizen
      When zimbos were being burned alive in S.A. fleeing mugabes tyranny PLM was one of the only leafers to stand up to mugabe…

      @17.2 ndanji
      Kabila came to zambia while was still duly elected , now he is refusing to leave power…

      That is what you corrupt Africans say but go back begging the same whites for aid…

    • @Spaka: LPM stood up to Mugabe??? By doing what??? Is it LPM who forced Mugabe to resign or it was his own political colleagues??? Levy was a trumpet for the whites, as Peter has put it above. His childish and cabbage-like rantings against a man who is rated a Son of Africa, Uncle Bob, was nothing but hot air to appease his masters who were sponsoring his anti-corruption circus

    • @Spaka you always find ways to defend your party. Unless you start looking critically at whatever your leadership says, you’re not going anywhere.

    • @17.5 citizen

      “..against a man who is rated a Son of Africa,..”

      You are the dellussional Africans….mugabe caused millions of Zimbabweans to flee some to be burned alive in S.A. most destined to be beggars and prostetutes on streets of other African countries ati “.son of Africa”……you should be ashamed of your self..

    • Spaka not wonder you are such a negative person or probably you are still a teenager. You don’t know Zambians went to seek refuge in the Congo when they ran away from Kaunda during the Lenshina uprising? Secondly, Mwanawasa was also corrupt. How did we end with his brother who dad no intelligence experience been a senior intelligence officer and how did we end up with the Indian owning KCM???

    • Why is he dull ? Because he is putting spanners into lungu and the PF rats petsonal bussiness deals with DRC ??

  14. A ploy used by dictators is to blame colonialists and imperialists to rouse their thugs…..we saw it with Mugabe , we saw it with lungu when they were trying to blame a diamond Cartel ,openhimers we see it with kabila blaming the Belgians and zuma trying to blame the whites for his troubles ……when they run out of ideas and the masses get restless the easiest is to blame imaginary imperialists while they look after each other…

    • Spaka I have known Mwiimbu from the time he came from Unza and joined some municipal council on the copperbelt. He never mixed with non Tonga or Lozi even those he was with at University. I frequently visited the club he drunk from and if he reads LT I would challenge him to deny this.

    • Ndanji

      Apart from Jack’s personal life and choice of friends , we are talking about lungu entertaining a person who has refused to hand over power …….ptotesters are being slaughtered in the streets of Kinshasa

    • Edgar didn’t entertain Kabila in the ordinary sense, they were discussing issues facing their two countries. Unless you want Edgar to start insulting Kabila as a way of solving the DRC crisis. By the way remember how you condemned Katumbi’s presence at the u20 games…even faking a letter of complaints by the Congolese embassy? It’s shameful how your party turns good into bad and vice versa.

  15. I am surprised that a graduate cannot understand that countries can only solve problems by intracting. Even the two Koreas have planned to meet. We’ve got thousands of people running away from the DRC and therefore there’s need to meet and discuss. In any case we don’t know what the two governments discussed behind doors. In short Mr Mwiimbu is suggesting that we should also close the Congolese border because Kabila is president?

    • @Ndanje: You can imagine. That is the calibre of people we have as leaders in waiting. So upnd and Mwiimbu would start attacking their fellow leaders in the region instead of engaging them in dialogue to resolve issues??? WOULDN’T THAT BE CHAOTIC???? Meanwhile Mwiimbu is loyal to a leader within his party who has abrogated the party constitution and overstayed, lost 5 national elections and he wants to preach democracy??? And the upnd member/supporter masquerading as a political analyst/governance activist Chipenzi wants to condemn SADC??? What a government upnd would run!!!

    • There is nothing wrong with interacting to solve regional problems , but you let the nation and region know what you have been discussing, show a road map forward for the crises to show the world

      These corrupt thieves were most likely discussing personal deals…….what is the secreate ??

    • Spaka that is childish thinking. I’ll ask you this question today because you anaze everyone just how you think. Can you please tell us how old you’re. Please be honest with us.

    • @ 21.2 Spaka like lilo:
      I concur. Much as we may appreciate diplomacy, the public deserves to get even just a smell from the kitchen. We have no idea what it was they cooked, and no idea what it was they ate. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, people in DRC are dying. That’s not what KK did when dealing with the Boers of the Apartheid regime. Joseph Kabila is an outlaw. His term expired long time ago. Is this the kind leadership Zambia is willing to subscribe to, even to the point of having dark corner meetings with that rascal? Should we call that “diplomacy”?

    • Imutwe wa Kalilo..depends on what you are dealing with. ..Kabila has a strong hand over the DRC and you can’t just go public just to please upnd and announce what is going. Whether the Upnd knows or what’s going is not important., what’s important is that a good outcome is achieved by convincing Joseph to leave office peacefully.

    • @ 21.5 Ndanje Khakis:

      What has Kabila got to do with UPND? It is as though to surmise that the Congo flows into the Zambezi river. It doesn’t. While the two rivers may originate from the same watershed, each flows in a direction different from that of the other, one heading west, and the other east.

    • With Imute wa Kalilo, what we are saying is lungus government needs to be more open and informative , everything is like mukula shifting in the dead of night ……that is why you are being accused of being corrupt thieves

    • Imutwe, what does Mwiimbu represent? You guys in Upnd are confused how can you ask a question on something which is obvious. It’s Upnd through dull Jack who are queries the visit. ..it’s not rainbow, FDD, MMD or another party.

    • @21.5 Ndanje Khakis:

      “…Kabila has a strong hand over the DRC …” He is a dictator, came to Zambia to represent his own views, not those of the people he is oppressing. Now Lungu has become his messenger, on a mission to Rwanda. Taking a smile from a dictator is like kissing a green mamba. It is a NO, NO.


    • Lungu was discussing personal bussiness deals with kabila stop lying you rats , what is wrong with telling the nation the way forward with the refugee crisis ???

    • Can you share with us those business deals which they can discuss over the phone or email. Mind you business deals doesbt just involve to people. We’re talking about a group from drc govt and zambia meeting.

  17. UPND has never governed so they have no clue of international diplomacy. Lungu is head of SADC security committee. The stability of DRC is important to Zambia and the region at large. DRC political history is complicated and understanding were that country is today is to roll back the history carpet. Mwimbu has failed to do this and is exposing his ignorance of the situation and role of Zambia in the stability of the region.

    Mwimbu must ask himself why major Western countries do not talk ill of Kabila. DRC needs a strong dictator.

    I do not like this tribalistic party.

    • Stop lying ……ati western countries don’t talk ill of kabila ? Why go you rats lie as if people don’t have access to news ??

      The West have been calling kabila to hold elections , he is refusing and killing protesters in streets

    • I’ve just been listening to a clip on KK and how he forced to meet Ian Smith and John Vorster for the sake of peace in both Southern Rhodesia and RSA even though these two leaders were oppressors of our people. They called it constructive engagement where you have to meet physically. Without the Soviet Union meeting the USA the world could still be faced with the Cold War or even worse. It’s only a person who’s been living in rat hole who doesn’t understand the intricacies of diplomacy.

  18. So we must shed light on things we know for fear of being insulted? Why do we appear to hate each other so much that we cannot even dialogue or debate an issue. The people we die for go to state house alone we don’t follow them

  19. its a shame that most Zambians are supporting kabila’s visit and giving comparisons of HH holding to power…Joseph kabila’s term in power came to an end last year but failed to hand over power to next person reasons known to himself also killing a lot of people who were in the right..us Zambians as a christian nation and champions of democracy was supposed to criticize him/not entertain such chaps for not doing the same but imwe be muna enda kusikulu can’t read between the lines we have alot of refugees here in zambia because of people like greedy kabila

  20. Jack Mwimbu! Love him or hate him ECL is the head of state of the Republic of Zambia. Solving problems is not only isolating the person you want to help or advise. Jack Mwimbu, how do you resolve differences in your home? do you chase away or isolate your wife or children? Dialogue is the only way to solve problems_ childish rantings on roof tops are old tacticts of dealing with issues. It is usually practiced by the likes of HH and his associates in Southern Africa. This leads me to another point, it is this lack of experience and outright underfive manners that will not help your party to ascend to national Governance. Insteady of planning national issues and making UPND democratic you are singing praises to your “god”- HH life president.

    • for us zambians its normal to see other people suffer as long as muli che mushe, we even insulted our friends from zimbabwe or rwanda for running into our country because in sufferings but still didnt offer help instead accomodate the people inflicting pain on them…

    • What if other people refused to get into our issues? We had a fire here recently, when HH was in Mukobeko Maximum prison. We couldn’t extinguish that fire by ourselves. Other people came to our rescue. And now we would rather wash our hands and say: “The bible says , its only God to judge. us as Zambians we cant enter into other people issues.” What a shame!

  21. Stupid leaders want to create traumatic lives for the citizenry.Look at Syria,because of one ***** the nation is turmoil.Children are ever traumatized and crying day in day out.Leaders should learn to create space for others when their time elapses.It is not a matter of keeping grey beards at the expense of the majority.Grey beards is not a sign of wisdom.It is stupidity and imbecility of the worst kind.People don’t want you and you are forcing them to love you.You are a big shame to Africa.

  22. Ba Mwimbu,Stop meddling in internal affairs of Congo and concentrate with your defunct UPND and tell Hadabwa Hapena to vacate that seat for you. Kabila is still President (elected) of Congo.

    • His constitutional term limit expired in December of 2016.He claims he is clinging to power (in defiance of Congo’s constitution) to save Congo from a political crisis – a claim only the truly deluded would advance or subscribe to.

  23. Just for information, there tens of thousands of Zambians in the DRC, some are working in the mines and others are in various businesses.

  24. Uncommon sense, don’t say all Zambians are against Kabila’s visit. Did you ask us if we are also against the DRC’s president?
    The visit is welcome and it was done for the safety of our brothers and sisters whose places share the border with Congo. If there is no peace between the two Leaders the security of these places will be at risk, look at the magnitude of refuges from DRC crossing into Zambia, maybe that was one of the issues on the agenda.
    The cross border trade at Kasumbalesa border post, the alleged hosting of Katumbi in Zambia who is in exile in DRC.
    The passage of the Zambian road through DRC to Luapula province, the security of the passage of our brothers and sisters through that portion requires unity between the two sitting president, in short Zambia and DRC are…

  25. Mwiimbu please wake up….
    we have got no problem with Kabila as a Country…..Zambia – Congo boarders are open daily and as a nation economically we are benefiting from that including you Jack…should we continue doing business with Congolese and block their head of state to come and visit us? is it making sense to you so called normal thinking Jack?
    Congolese have to settle their own internal affairs, NOT Lungu..
    Jack your enemies are not our enemies, Gadhafi was killed like a mad dog with Rabies, did you send any letter to Au/UN to protect him? Why?
    Those are very cheap politics Jack, Watch your mouth and speak sense…

    • What a shame to be urging profiteering over other people’s suffering and misery……hunderds if not thousands of people are are dying and being displaced and all you can think of is profit ??

      If kabila allowed elections to take place , you will see peace in DRC….

  26. It would be better for Chipenzi to leave Mwanawasa out of this, shall we leave him to rest in peace? He afterall not a saint. Vernon Johnson Mwaanga got fired because of DRC. We want a peaceful transition in DRC and that can only be achieved through diplomacy. Lunatics in the UPND have brutalized their relatives and chiefs for not supporting Hichilema because they don’t believe in dialogue. It”s considered a grave sin to even greet members of the PF, that’s UPND for you. There are many Zambians in DRC who are affected by in instability in Congo. There’s no political process in DRC that will work without the participation of Kabila

    • No one is saying the peacfull transition can take place without kabila , what we are saying is lungu and his GRZ should be more open and informative instead of doing every thing like the shifting mukula logs in the dead of night……a more sensible way would have been for siliya to hold a press brief to inform us and the world of developments if it was not only lungus personal deals discussed…….the way you are doing things at night or in secreate corners you will always be called corrupt thiefs….

  27. But why is it that only tongas-Jack Mwiimbu and Mcdonald Chipenzi are complaining about Kabila’s visit?can someone here explain why?the word DICTATOR is wrongly used on other leaders by upnd members when they fail to say a single word about their UPND DICTATOR HH!!!This is very amazing!!
    Anyway,dont worry Jack Mwiimbu and Chipenzi about Kabila because he will never stand in Zambia.let Congolese solve their internal problems.we all dont know what Kabila discussed with ECL and KK.maybe they told him to step down so that they can be lasting peace in Congo DR!!!so there is no issue to blame ECL or KK!!

  28. Look at the face of this so called Jack Mwiimbu, the mouth eishh! All hatred and bitterness, bushe umushobo uyu baupanga shani mwebantu?

    By the way where is the upndeez dictator himself? We expected him to address a press briefing yesterday or today. Nalwala nangu he is regretting that hedid not succeed during

  29. I can’t wait for the ” PETITION RENEWAL” exercise in southern province after they are done with the so called “CARD RENEWAL” exercise in the nine provinces. People in S.P will not accept any 2021 talkfom their savior, but want the promised swearing in of HH. Card renewal is not meat in S.P. jack mwimbu mast advise HH not to be like Manila by holding on to power in upnd when he knows his mandate endeded in 2010. I know his people will say he is not a Republican president, but it is true to say charity begins at home. Don’t wait to be at plot 1 to become a democrat. This is how Africa and the world have baked dictators under the illusion that they will be better when they become presidents.

  30. I can’t wait for the ” PETITION RENEWAL” exercise in southern province after they are done with the so called “CARD RENEWAL” exercise in the nine provinces. People in S.P will not accept any 2021 talk from their savior, but want the promised swearing in of HH. Card renewal is not meat in S.P. jack mwimbu mast advise HH not to be like Joseph Kabila by holding on to power in upnd when he knows his mandate endeded in 2010. I know his people will say he is not a Republican president, but it is true to say charity begins at home. Don’t wait to be at plot 1 to become a democrat. This is how Africa and the world have baked dictators under the illusion that they will be better when they become presidents.

  31. The problem with our new political order championed by UPND is speculation and lies a daily basis. Lungu as a good neighbour has to understand what is happening in Congo from Kabila. How is he to do this? But UPND starts to speculate and see deals. Diplomacy demands confidentiality in the process of negotiation until the ripe time. But our UPND friends want fake press conferènces which do not add anything to the problem. What is the point of holding press conference to share emptiness? We have had press conferences here where we have been told ECL and HH have agreed to dialogue but what do we hear from the two camps?

  32. Some one said zambians never were refuges in Congo , in the sixties refuges from zambia from northern province under Lenshina fled into congo as refugees runing from the zambian government after a big number of them were killed because theire religion.
    Some one could say they were being persecuted for for their beliefs ,and there are traces of the Lenshina cult members in congo even now.

  33. Nelson Mandela:

    “One of the mistakes some political analysts make, is to think that there enemies should be our enemies”

  34. HaSpaka is the official (rear) mouthpiece of UPND today on this matter! He must be filled with hatred! I haven’t seen Hamweemba yet and HaChilema. Smelt it?

  35. When Jack was a legal assistant at Khalil Municipal Council he looked very sheepish and slow in reacting to issues, slow thinking sometimes you would get annoyed with him. Today he’s a lunatic par excellent, thanks to Hichilema

Comments are closed.

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