Kazungula Town council denies swindling over 500 marketeers


The Kazungula District Town Council has dismissed media reports circulating stating that the council has swindled over 500 marketeers.

Kazungula Town Council Public Relations Officer Catherine Ngulube, said in a press statement that the role of the council is to reinforce and implement the public nuisance act.

“ The council was established to ensure that trading is done in a conducive environment and that safety precautions are upheld at all times, “ Ms. Ngulube said in the statement.

Kazungula council in partnership with other stakeholders recently embarked on a cleanup exercise in January this year during which illegal traders and shop owners trading without the full trading certificates had their shops closed.

After the cleanup exercise, the council implemented its plan of opening up the market so as to accommodate the affected marketeers and offered permanent trading plots to the affected traders.

The Public Relations Officer revealed that an application process was open on 5th to 14th February, 2018 at a cost of K200 per applicant and that priority was given to Kazungula residents and the affected marketeers adding that out of 250 applicants, 131 were successful.

“ The successful applicants were given a grace period of one year to build a permanent structure in accordance with the approved building standards and that the new market will be operated in accordance with the Markets and Bus Stations Act of 2007 and the Public Health Act, “ she stated.

Ms. Ngulube said the Kazungula Town Council is disheartened to see some media houses speculating by making innuendoes against her council regarding the relocation of displaced traders stating that the council had scammed over 500 marketeers.

She also clarified that her council did not demolish structures but it was the illegal traders themselves who did so after being issued with demolition notices.

“We value our stakeholders and the selection process was with direct consultation from the market committee,” Ms. Ngulube said.

Ms. Ngulube urged the residents of Kazungula district to abide by the Local Government Act and work hand in hand with the council to ensure a smooth transition.

Recently, the Daily Nation newspaper published a story that a whistle blower had exposed a scam linked to the Kazungula District Town Council in which over 500 marketeers whose licensed structures were demolished were swindled out of K200 each.


  1. Like always with councils, it’s defence mechanism, which is supported by law that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. There.

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