PF should stop the distribution of campaign books to school children-Laura Miti

Laura Miti
Laura Miti

Political activist Laura Miti has urged the ruling PF to stop the distribution of campaign books to children in public school bearing President Edgar Lungu’s image.

Ms Miti said failure to stop such campaign methods which Ms Miti calls desperate would result in some PF detractors also starting a smear campaign like the one bearing President Lungu’s image on toilet paper.

“The PF say the tissue with the President’s image on it is not part of their campaign material, but they do not apologise for the children’s books. I am actually glad to hear the tissue was not official party business because maweee,” she quipped.

Laura Miti
Laura Miti

She said the distribution of campaign books to children in public schools is beyond low and North Koreasque aimed at brainwashing the learners.

“What the children need is for class sizes to be reduced from the now regular 100, to have qualified teachers, to not be sent out of school because they have not ”contributed” a ream of paper,” she said.

Ms. Miti who is also a graduate of the UNZA School of Education said the paper used to print those campaign books would, if translated to school budgetary support, keep lots of children in school.

“So the PF has to understand that if it insists on this puzzling and desperate campaign they are on, they will encourage detractors to come up with responses like the tissue. Govern please, govern. For once, dear PF, campaign by running the country,” she said.


    • No sense what campaigns are your talking about. Those kids don’t even vote how can they be attracted to pf. Next time you’ll be complaining about the presidential potrait in govt and public institutions. What a dull teacher turned politician,

    • Oval Dunderhead, when companies dish out free branded toys to kids, do they expect the kids to spend money at that company or the parents to the kids?

    • I kind of like the branded tissue PF is distributing too. I am sure they mean well and hope to supplement efforts to the fight against Cholera. Naikosa…at tissue based politics. PF never seizes to amuse!!

  1. Thats not a smear campaign its a style and strategy of campaigning. When you campaign you just have to follow people where ever they can be even in the toilet. So whats wrong with that. Its PF strategy to campaign using tissue paper anything goes baba. Who said you cannot campaign using tissue anyway. Ati “smear campaign like the one bearing President Lungu’s image on toilet paper.” No thats strategy. Others can also use cow manure bags to campaign and we welcome that too.

    • You are either blinded by foolish loyalty to PF or just plainly dull. You surely don’t see anything wrong for a senior civil servant in the name of Chanda Kabwe campaigning for PF at school?

  2. Many pro upnd cadres are very confused about PF!!MUKOSE BANE!!Politics teyabana iyo!!
    PF is mighty and whether Kainde’s followers like it or not,upnd cant win in 6.5 provinces in 2021 where it has failed to win since 1998!!!
    For many of us,come 2021 ni PF nafuti nafuti!!

  3. So, is Laura justifying what the detractors have done by putting the President’s picture on toilet paper because PF has put the President’s picture on children’s books?

  4. The way it is given speaks volumes about the giver but two wrongs never make a right. I prefer to donate quietly, without too mush publicity and take pride in my action. I do not encourage the foolishness of associating the President with toilet matters. Laura, as a so called activist, needed to be balanced and not be seen to side or be against the government and the people who govern. The manufacturers and distributors of the tissue can surely lead us to the person behind this nonsense. No apologies for meditated misdeeds.

  5. Thise of you are old enough to remember these aree the same methods used by the chinese when chairman mao was ruling. its a method brainwashing at a rudimentary stage.

  6. This is called smart campaign. I wish it could be sustained in 2021, unlike the pasting of all sorts of defacing campaign materials we see on public installations during electioneering. Our friends in developed democracies rely on flyers to send out campaign messages. In Zambia campaign posters get pasted anywhere and everywhere. I even wonder how someone can paste a poster on a road signage. I also wonder how someone expects a motorist to read a campaign message pasted on a street light pole, when the driver is expected to concentrate on the road.

  7. @4.3 Zambian Citizen…so what if someone wipes a white persons bottom. The person has a job, pays a mortgage, drives a nice car and is raising a family and educating their children and in most cases supporting extended family in Zambia. So your point is actually rather stupid and immature, that’s possibly why you would think branding toilet paper with the Presidents head is genius. You could do good by shutting your big gob and leaving space for debate rather than attacking people about how they make a living. You are what we call in the Western World ‘A wasteman’!

    • @Returning Citizen. Spot on. So called Zambian citizen of Zambia the Christian Nation uses foul language and boxes others into other political parties if they do not see his point of view. We are all Zambian citizens, different in our own ways and not all of us like how the country is being run. Despite being abroad, we care for our country. This is a space for polite debate, please.

    • @Returning citizen: So you do admit you are a bottom wiper??….yaba….kwekwekwekwekwekwe….I would rather open a small grocery shop in Bauleni or Chawama and sleep in it amongst my fellow country people who respect and value me than wipe the bottom of a person who will never see me as his equal and always degrades me and drive a nice car. Rwandese are supporting their families and prospering with these grocery shops here. If people can bring sensible debate and not always throwing rubbish and lies at GRZ, I believe we can all be civil in our exchange, don’t you think???

  8. I am wondering why the PF being the party in government
    has resorted to such methods of campaigning which is even politicizing the education sector? One would have expected such kind of behaviour to be displayed by the opposition political parties since they wish to form government but for the ruling party, this is not making sense as it a sign they are ready to do anything to win political milage.Let your work speak on your behalf rather than you trying to prove it to us.The ruling party should focus’s in delivering development and stop this cheap politics which is a clear sign of desperation to win the 2021 general election. There is a lot of time, therefore, don’t rush or else you will crush.

  9. i thought branding of presidential portraits went with the KK regime? I remember in KK days, even the zambian currency both paper and coins were branded with his portrait. In came Chiluba and that was put to a stop. Somewhere along the presidential line, branding re-emerged with former KK boy Mr RB. Late MC also branded chitenges with his portrait. Branding then became more official with Mr ECL. Come to think of it, branding is bad at all, because you can take a donkey to a river but you can’t force it to drink water when it doesn’t want-simple.

  10. As a trained secondary school teacher Laura Banda means well. I wished the years she spent in rsa she would have used the time to come up with a workable solution to congestion in classrooms. Second if her desire is to be a political critic without rolling up her sleeves then I take issue. I don’t think one should corrupt school kids with branded books are these being give free or a pupils buying them? Are these individual donations or enforced on schools? Are the schools randomly selected or its open sesame?

  11. If I can remember very well in 2011 Rupiah Banda our former president
    the same massive campaign such that he went as far as sending SMS to all network providers in Zambia on sweets as that wasn’t enough He bought a very big bus and painted and put his portrait on it entirely, and I thought policians learnt something from him misapplication of taxpayers should not be condoned the money they are to put all those portraits on the exercise books better they use it to improve the standard of copperbelt and the University of Zambia so that students may begin their studies.

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