TB Joshua denies predicting that President Lungu cannot win 2021 elections

TB Joshua .Courtesy Ihechukwu Njoku
TB Joshua .Courtesy Ihechukwu Njoku

Head of the Synagogue Church of All Nations Bishop TB Joshua has denied ever prophesising the 2021 Zambia elections.
In an official statement, TB Joshua said the some media reports circulating in Zambia that he prophesied that President Lungu cannot win the 2021 elections are rumours and 100% false.
The statement said if there is any prophetic message, it will be officially broadcast on Emmanuel TV and advised the public to be weary of false rumours.
Some media reports in Zambia have carried stories claiming that Prophet TB Joshua has advised President Lungu that he can never win an election in 2021.

Quoting an alleged TB Joshua sermon during a Sunday service last week, the news reports say TB Joshua stated the problem with African leaders is that they want to force themselves to power.

“The problem with African leaders, like the Zambian President, they want to hold on to power at all cost. But I’m telling you, God has warned you early. Leave that office” TB Joshua is alleged to have said.

“If you force yourself to stand in 2021, there is no way you can win an election. It’s not your time now. You finished your time. Leave the presidency to others. If you force yourself when you lose they will come for you. You will be arrested. Take this as a warning coming from God.”


    • He himself said he didn’t win in 2015, in 2016, so how can he win in 2021 when he’s actually NOT even eligible to stand.

      He’s only eligible in No.1 Clown Danny Pule’s F.ugly head & those that think & look like Clown Danny Pule. Heee-Heee-Heee.

    • This is one of the problems with Africans the belief that such charactors like Joshua, Bushiri or Mboro have supernatural powers to heal and predict the future.
      Only hard work and honesty will build our continent not the thieves called politicians or the crooks calling themselves prophets.
      Go on give them your money whilst they enjoy the fine life and you toil in poverty!

    • Kawalala doesn’t any prophecy..just go ask any sane Zambian if Lungu will win elections and the answer is NO. All signs are pointing to HH…i can see HH winning in 2021

    • Imute wa Kalilo do you really think upnd can win a presidential election? You must have your head examined. Let me advise you, change the structure at the top maybe you can stand a chance, maybe.

    • But why do us Zambians always listen to these so-called men of God from Nigeria? We don’t we listen to ourselves first? After all, we are the Voters and not them!

    • Its like saying Zambia will win 2018 World Cup in Russia when they haven’t even qualified.

      LUNGU does NOT qualify to stand in 2021. Even he himself said it last week:

      “These people (western countries) should desist from interfering in our domestic affairs, if our people want us to STAY IN OFFICE BEYOND THE CONSTITUTIONAL LIMIT, that’s our own choice and so no one should be allowed to intervene,” Lungu issued his warning at State House during Kabila’s two-day visit to Zambia.

    • It’s True its Illegal for Lungu to stand in 2021, we gave him his chance which he has failed horribly. He will be arrested for sure. All these people cheating him will run away from him. Good WARNING and only a Fool will not take this seriously.

    • @ 1.4 Imute wa Kalilo,

      If Lungu has not won any election, then who has been winning?

      Are you sure one wins an election by losing?

      It is like a child who fails exams, and when asked why he always fails exams he says it is because the examiner always marks the wrong answers.

  1. People are so gullible to an extent of making other people rich. This man got it very wrong on US elections, this man failed to predict the falling of his church and yet he is still a crowd puller.

  2. Up and down party is so desperate and are ready to create fake news on social media to mislead the Zambian people. No wonder they will never form govt.

  3. If there’s denial then it usually comes true later on. Remember saying and swearing NEVER and then having to swallow your words?

  4. In the meantime BOKO HARAM has kidnapped more school girls!!!! Killing innocent men and women in the process and YOUR PROPHET chooses to ‘SEE’ only the 2021 Zed elections! Are u serious?

  5. I can predict the presidential petition of 2021 cuz Lungu threatened the high court judges already …you know the outcome of that.

  6. Some people say hes not recognized as president according to them, so then let them
    make me understand his ineligibility to stand in 2021 so that he can now be President.

    • Moboto seseko, gaddafi, etc used the barrel of the gun to get presidential power, people didn’t vote for them, would you say they should not appear in the history of their countries as presidents, it’s fact some people have used hook’s law to get to power, but time is the best teacher.

  7. No prophecy is needed; it is clear Lungu will not win; I have said it before; his own false prophet from Nigeria has already told him; the people of Zambia have told him;

  8. Welcome to the era of FAKE NEWS as propagated by our useless opposition. And while everyone is busy debating the eligibility case, parliament will soon start debating the issue of the number of times one can appear on the presidential election roll-THERE WILL BE BIGGER CASUALTIES, CHINEKE OOH!!!!

  9. This false prophet so called TB Joshua should focus on delivering it’s country from Boko Haram, than busy Prophesying fake news about other countries politics.

  10. Comment:you fools,u will come to know Tb Joshua well when u start watching emmanuel tv so stop the nonsense if u know nothing about him.ask the pipo of Mexico,Uk, Colombia,Peru,Dominican republic,S.Korea,Indonesia,Singapore and Bostwana and Austraria. All these countries I ve mentions Tb Joshua had crusades there and they will be able to tell what happened and how God moves through him.

  11. Hichilema’s term as UPND President expired in 2010, Lungu’s term will expire in 2021, so don’t worry for now. Just work and mobilize yourselves for elections are due before October 2021 contrary to Masebo’s assertion. What’s shocking is that UPND now believe in their own propaganda, eyes on the ballot gents and ladies

  12. Tb Jo some thing has refused and now Ba Upnd he has become useless and yet the ones that are bama Rubbish. Lungu aka wins nakabili

  13. Be Careful of the way you comments,note that; not all Prophets are false, i think it will be wise or better if you comment & say in reference to what the Bible say about Prophets. If u don’t know research or inquire from others. Offer solutions and don’t add problems.

  14. Caros your bitterness will kill you the issue hear is about what TBJ said, because he has denied that not attacking the innocent men of God YOU are out of the story boss check your lane

  15. Why is it that a lot of us here are busy attacking TBJ when he has clearly denied having said so.It is clearly said that if there is anything you will see it on Emmanuel TV.Don’t choose to fight the man of God over your fake stories you have created. Its so sad.Very sad indeed.

  16. Its not easy to lose elections, twice, thrice, fourth or pardon me, fifth time and at presidential so what remains in that loser is just to see everyone as an enemy. HH is a confused man as it stands today because just imagine losing Presidential elections to a novice who only campaigned for 3 months, do you wonder why HH sees President Lungu like that?
    Anyway, come 2021, UPND and HH have no slight clue to what is coming their way, it will be worse than Odinga!

  17. Do not involve the man of God in your diet politics of Zambia if want to more keep watching Emmanuel t.v. not ukusabaila that prophecy you’re talking about the man of God didn’t utter any word of prophecy concerning zambia ..or pf upnd don’t be cheated

  18. The man of god lied about Trump,s election but his docile followers still believe in him, and you wonder why Africa is still undeveloped.

  19. So Tongas think if Lungu doesn’t stand in 2021 HH will win! Your HH and UPND will never rule Zambia! Reason is simple, and the Tongas own making: if a Tonga in Choma can’t vote for any other tribe apart from Tonga, do they certainly think and hope that Bembas in Kasama will vote for a Tonga, HH? They have just created this situation for themselves, and its difficult for them to get out of it! And politics is about numbers, Tonga’s/Lozi’s/Kaondes/Luvakes/Lundas combined are much less in numbers compared to Bemba/Ngoni/Nsenga/Tumbuka grouping in the country. And Northerners/Easterners makeup much of the urban populations because they were great movers in the pre- independence days, while Southerners/Westerners remained in their traditional homes! No matter how much rumours you create,…

  20. The easiest and laziest way to make money today is to become a prophet. Sheer nonsense. Lungu may win or lose depending on the state of the nation at that time.

  21. Everyone will HH and upnd colours after the Constitution Court ruling of lunch eligibility in 2021. if the court rules that ECL in not eligible The entire upnd machinery will immediately declare ECL a SAINT and bland the likes of kambwili as black sheep and some senior of leader perceived to be the line to succeed Lungu will be painted black with corruption allegations. They will try to isolate eastern province from the north claiming it tribalist who ganged against lungu. There aim is the anoy easterners by claiming Lungu was a good leader but those around him especially from the northern region deliberately made him look bad. Intact hh plans to discontinue his useless right to be heard case and immediately recognize lungu as dully elected president and ask lungu for a meeting…

    • @33… cant agree with you more… they do that to anyone they perceive standing in way of HH. You recall the filth names they called Dr kaseba, mulenga sata after the death of that son of soil MCS.

  22. Those who Watch Dogs in Zambia predicted this and the Wailers of Lusaka Times from the Humpty Dumpty empty tribal political party! They are in another shock! Chronic loser and Guinness Book of World Records holder!

  23. Even if he had said Lungu will not win, he still did not say HH will win, because he also knows upnd can never win an election. Period.

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