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Zesco United deny Chembo snubbed for job


Zesco United say caretaker coach Tenant Chembo is being considered for the vacant top coaching job at club.

Chembo has been acting head coach since the departure of Zlatko Krmpotic late last season and guided Zesco to winning the league title last November.

Information emanating from club insiders strongly suggests that Young Africans coach George Lwandamina would return to his old club.

But club General Secretary Richard Mulenga has declined to confirm Lwandamina’s imminent return.

“George is contracted to Young Africans so it would be disrespectful for me to start talking about him coming to Zesco. Let’s not talk about George who has a contract with Young Africans, “Mulenga said.

Chembo has guided Zesco to two runners-up league finishes as interim coach in 2013 and 2016 and also won the 2016 Barclays Cup in a caretaker capacity.

“Chembo is under consideration. I said to Tenant that do your job and you be looked at when we consider who we should appoint permanently,” Mulenga said.


  1. This same secretary general mulenga seems to be full of him self. you dont say “I said to Chembo” you say “The club encouraged Chembo to do his best for the remaining games, and that he shouldnt feel constrained to apply for the top job when that time comes.” Kwasila!

  2. Chembo has done his best he deserves this position why engaging lwandamina who left the club for another club in Tanzania, I think its Chembo’s time

  3. This is NOT a personal to holder job for Lwandamina. He left the club when the club needed him more and then he thinks he can just return when he feels like and take charge! NO WAY! He had his time and its time to move on. SO FAR CHEMBO TENANT HAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. Give him chance.


    Anyway TC is a good coach but i think loyalty will cost him. Too much loyalty in players! Our midfielders.. kondwani!Misheck! Mwewa! Aku! These can run and are not player makers! I was thinking he will add new faces in the department but choose not to give them competition! Loyalty!!! Not good at this stage for him

  5. TC is just a chancer , CHICKEN built the TEAM and their is nothing new TC has brought in ZESCO, SO FIRE HIM let chicken TAKE OVER we need to prepare him to TAKE OVER chipolopolo AGAIN

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