George Kasengele
Former Secretary General George Kasengele

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) says it is challenging the excessive claim by Former General Secretary George Kasengele for benefits through the courts of law.

General Secretary, Ponga Liwewe said FAZ requested Kasengele to provide original copies of his contracts after it was discovered that there were none on the association’s files, despite the fact that Kasengele himself served as General Secretary.

Mr. Liwewe stated that the documents provided by Mr. Kasengele were photocopies.

He further said Mr. Kasengele claimed that he had been unable to find his original copies and also failed to state where he had filed the association’s original copies during his time in office.

Mr. Liwewe explained that both contracts provided by Mr. Kasengele show signs of alteration and those have been reported to the relevant authorities who are looking into the matter.

He stated that the public will be informed of any new developments.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday.

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  1. You leave an organization virtually bankrupt yet have the temerity to go back to claim benefits?! The gall of some these “administrators is truly astounding to say the least…


  2. Kasengele sit down you guys ate more than you could. Remember you left faz broke and then you start altering your contract just to steal more. Find your original contract. You were in that office you can’t just loose one document, bufi obo nibupompwe yama



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