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Kampyongo cautions security personnel against participating in ill social media platforms

General News Kampyongo cautions security personnel against participating in ill social media platforms

Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo
Government says it is deeply saddened that men and women in uniform also participate on ill platforms on social media contrary to their calling of a disciplined cadre of personnel.

Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo said it is unfortunate that officers opt to participate on social media thereby inciting the public to rise against the government of the day.

Mr. Kampyongo said government is working with Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) and other stakeholders to deal with those officers found wanting of contributing to ill social media platforms.

The Minister said this when he officiated at the 2017 Zambia Police Senior Officers annual ball in Lusaka last evening.

“It has come to my attention that disgruntled uniformed officers are also participating on social media inciting members of the general public to turn against the duly elected Head of State,” he said.

He warned that stern action will be taken against those found posting falsehoods against the government of the day.

And Mr. Kampyongo has also warned uniformed officers in the habit of drinking whilst on duty saying it is a serious offense which is denting the image of the security personnel.

And Mr. Kampyongo also delivered a special message from President Edgar Lungu that he has called for unity of purpose, discipline and productivity among the men and women in uniform in order for Zambia to attain her industrialization vision.

And speaking earlier, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja declared that 2018 as a year of raising levels of discipline in the Zambia Police Service.

Mr. Kanganja disclosed that the service will this year train pilots and aircraft technicians at a base to be set soon.

He said once the air wing project is operationalized, it will improve efficiency and effectiveness in the fight against crime through quick response by reaching out to inaccessible and isolated areas.

Mr. Kanganja also challenged men and women to leave politics to politicians and resign if they want to actively participate in politics.

The 2017 Zambia Police Service Annual ball which was earlier postponed due to cholera was attended by former First lady Christine Kaseba, State House Press Aide Amos Chanda, some cabinet ministers, retired defense chiefs and other senior government officials.


  1. And i thought it would be about female officers posing for Facebook pictures but knowing this former Katondo Street Dealer am not surprised…

    • Not too long ago we heard the minister talking about disciplining traffic officers and curbing unauthorised road blocks… But these officers seem to have doubled in numbers since then, and the corruption and harrasment has quadrupled. You are not in control Sir!

  2. There is nothing wrong with officers commenting on civil issues in their society as long as it contributes to furthering social norms and values of a civilized society. That is what is called community policising. Their role is to ensure an orderly, peaceful and prosperous society. If politicians are found to be corrupt, law breakers or otherwise disrespect the rule of law, good governance or otherwise the tents of constitutionalism, officers are within their rights as citizen to make comments irrespect of the medium or platform. An informed society makes the work of security personnel even easier. What Zambians should reject is attempts by politicians or ministers to engage in law-breaking and other illegalities and expect security personnel to do nothing, other than bring…

  3. Can some informed person tell me how the armed forces are going to bring zambia to attain her industrilization vision in line with the presidents statement

  4. Let us listen to our leaders, that is why God has put them there, wait for your time, God can also put you there,

    • Go and tell God, his lieutenants are messing up this here. He needs to get good at choosing leaders. So far He’s proven to be horrible at it. It is like he is not even god!

  5. Does kampyongo think Z P are not humans and feeling the effects of a country gone to the rocks? stop spying on them and leave them to live a normal life, these people work under stressful conditions.

  6. If kapyongo think he can hold or owe the Zambian pipo let him continue with his boss to humiliate us .But a thief has 40 day’s in his life.come 2021 if you won’t leave country for fear of your life and the wealth you have stolen from us.

  7. Before you invest in teaching ZP to fly, teach them how to do a basic good job. Do not be diceived, this post is all about telling us they have decided to spend money on building new traing facilities and they’ll need flying machines to do their jobs.

    If you can’t reach my house in town when I need help how can I start to belive you will ever reach my village?

    Nothing new, heard all before!

    Planes, fire tenders, ambulances, police cars, motor cycles, etc.

    Ask yourself if you or your family have ever benefited from the above?

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