Police in Solwezi have arrested two people for unlawful possession of 1,250 rounds of ammunition.

The duo were arrested at Kukenga shop at the Solwezi main market yesterday.

North-Western Province Commissioner of Police, Hudson Namachila has confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Solwezi today and identified the suspects as Matthews Kasongo aged 61 and Ketty Kasongo aged 59 both residents of Solwezi.

He stated that the pellets are of LG, s.g and A3 make adding that quantities of each type are not yet known as they have not yet been counted.

Mr. Namachila said the suspects are not in possession of a licence or certificate to deal in fire arms or ammunitions.

He said the suspects are in police custody and will appear in court soon.

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  1. Bizarre occurrences in UPND strongholds. The quantities are quite shocking, they may have come from DRC because Angola is relatively peaceful. Kasongo is a very common name in Congo, I am interested in knowing the source


  2. What they seized was pellets from the shot shells, the ones they mentioned are the pellet size inside a shotshell and in most shot shell there are up to 50-75 pellets per shotshell so they really only have less than 20 shot gun shells (bullets) not really a big event



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