Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo
Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo

Zambia Police has disclosed that it has made steady progress in investigating the murder case in Paradise area in Matero township which occurred in the early hours of yesterday.

Public relations officer, Esther Katongo has since called on members of the public to remain calm as police officers are working round the clock to ensure that the case is concluded without delay.

She further appealed to those with missing relatives to go to Matero Police station or the University Teaching Hospital mortuary to help in identifying the body of the deceased.

Ms. Katongo stated that an update on the progress made in the investigations will soon be given as doing so now may jeopardise the whole process.

She said Zambia Police remains indebted to the members of the public in Lusaka’s Matero Township who have been working hard and in collaboration with the service in crime detection and prevention.

Earlier, Police picked up a body of unidentified male person in Paradise area of Matero Township which was discovered by members of the public without private parts. The male adult had his ears missing and stomach ripped off. The body was found at about 04 30 hours.

Mrs. Katongo further said that a suspect, a male adult aged 29 of the same area who was found washing some blood off his hands has been apprehended and is detained in Police custody.

She says upon searching his home, police found two pairs of trousers and shoes all stained with blood and also found other items yet to be subjected to a forensic investigation to ascertain if they are human parts or tissue.

After word went round, irate members of the public burnt down the house of the suspect and Police officers have been deployed in the area to restore order.

Mrs. Katongo said the body of the deceased is in UTH mortuary awaiting postmortem. She has appealed to members of the public to remain calm and continue being vigilant as Police Command has deployed more officers to police the area.

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  1. Hmmm!! a ritual murder occurred in an area called “Paradise”? I think that area should be renamed immediately.


    • I nearly said sh!thole country….But I wont say sh!thole country to describe the lovely Zambia which is christian nation. All the people in Zambia are god fearing and are peaceful with each other.


    • Chinese killing for body part harvest. If you know the disregard in which Chinese hold black people, you would not have welcomed them in Zambia.



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