Zambian Govt officials signing documents with Russia's Rosatom for development of nucear technology in Zambia
FILE: Zambian Govt officials signing documents with Russia’s Rosatom for development of nucear technology in Zambia

The Interim Secretariat on Nuclear Science and Technology Committee has started conducting sensitization on Nuclear Energy in the country.

The committee which is comprises members from various government ministries has started sensitizing ministries before reaching out to the members of the community.

The sensitization started on 6th February 2018 and is expected to be concluded on July 24th this year.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Acting Permanent Secretary Isaac Chipampe has been spearheading the committee and today held the sensitization at the Ministry of General Education.

Speaking at the sensitization meeting, Mr. Chipampe disclosed that the Nuclear Energy Sensitization Programmes will be conducted countrywide and beyound.

And the Ministry of General Education has challenged the Curriculum Development Centre to quickly revise the curriculum and introduce Nuclear Energy programmes in all the schools countrywide.

Ministry of General Education Permanent Secretary Felix Phiri said the there is need to begin teaching pupils in schools about the Nuclear Energy programmes.

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  1. Sometimes its better not to comment on issues you have no idea about.
    Zambia needed to diversify its energy mix long time ago.
    For how long should we be at the mercy of the weather for hydro energy abuli imwe?
    Lets have nuclear energy now.


    • @ flag beyond reproach. We should embark on projects that suit us and our pocket, not just because they are there. The average cost of a nuclear facility is $30 billion. Ethiopia is constructing a hydro facility for $6.0 billion, with capacity to carter for itself and export as well. Zambia has the largest water resources in southern Africa, and we are dreaming nuclear!!


  2. Nuclear energy is the way to …..We have suffered enough with dependence on hydropower generation……our children shouldn’t.



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