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Police used excessive force to arrest HH and five others-Amnesty International

Headlines Police used excessive force to arrest HH and five others-Amnesty International

Hakainde Hichilema with visiting Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty
Hakainde Hichilema with visiting Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty

The latest State of World’s Human Rights Report shows that police in Zambia used excessive force to arrest opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and five others.

The report released last week details human rights abuses across the world for the period 2017 to 2018.

The report recounts that on 8 April, Hakainde Hichilema and other UPND members namely Lastone Mulilandumba, Muleya Haachenda, Wallace Chakwa, Pretorius Haloba and Hamusonde Hamaleka were arrested and charged with treason and disobeying a lawful order following an earlier incident in which Hakainde Hichilema’s motorcade refused to give way to President Lungu’s convoy.

It says Police raided Hakainde Hichilema’s house without a warrant, using tear gas against him and his family and that on 28 April, Mr Hichilema’s wife, Mutinta, was threatened with arrest after she reported the police’s use of excessive force.
The report notes that no charges had been brought against the police in connection with the incident by the end of 2017 but that on 15 August 2017, the Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew all charges against Hakainde Hichilema and the other UPND members.

The report also states that the Public Order Act was used to repress the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, particularly against critical civil society activists and opposition political party leaders.

“Police used excessive force against peaceful protesters while ignoring violence by ruling party loyalists against civil society activists. The authorities cracked down on critics, including human rights defenders, journalists and opposition political party members. The Public Order Act was used to repress rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly. The police used unnecessary and excessive force against peaceful protesters and failed to address violence by groups close to the government,” the report reads.

Amnesty also observes that the space for civil society, human rights defenders, journalists and opposition political parties was increasingly restricted in Zambia under the period under review.

“The authorities continued to use the Public Order Act to prevent political parties and civil society organizations from gathering. Section 5(4) of the Act provided that anyone those intending to assemble or convene a public meeting or demonstration were required to give the police seven days’ notice. However, the police interpreted the law as imposing a requirement to obtain prior authorization for any public assembly to proceed.”

It states, “On 24 August, police dispersed a prayer meeting convened to welcome Hakainde Hichilema’s release from Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison in Kabwe city where he had been held for four months on charges of treason, which were dropped. On 10 January, UK lawyer Oliver Holland was arrested and charged under the Public Order Act with unlawful assembly for meeting with a community in Chingola city who was challenging in court environmental pollution allegedly caused by a mining company. He was released the same day and charges against him were dropped; however, he was later charged with conduct likely to breach the peace and ordered to pay a USD5 fine.”

“In April, police stopped a UPND rally in Kanyama Township in the capital, Lusaka, on “security” grounds. Although the UPND had notified the police in advance of the rally, they unlawfully dispersed the rally, shooting 20 year old Stephen Kalipa, one of the protesters. He died later from gunshot wounds at the hospital. An investigation was opened, but no one had been arrested in connection with the incident by the end of the year. The police claimed that he died of knife stab wounds at the hands of an unidentified assailant,” it says.

It added, “On 23 June, police arrested senior UPND officials on charges of unlawful assembly alleging that they held a press briefing at the UPND’s secretariat offices without obtaining prior authorization. On 29 September, police arrested six human rights defenders who gathered outside Parliament and protested peacefully against the government’s purchase, at the inflated cost of USD42 million, of 42 fire engines; they were charged with refusing to obey police orders. The protesters were beaten during the protest by members of the ruling Patriotic Front.”

On Freedom of Expression, the report notes that security forces and political activists affiliated with the Patriotic Front subjected media workers, political activists and others who criticized the government to harassment and intimidation.

“Staff of the Law Association of Zambia were harassed and intimidated because of their work in defence of human rights. On 3 March, for example, Patriotic Front loyalists stormed the Association’s offices demanding the resignation of its president, Linda Kasonde,” it says.

“Later the same month, the Association joined a High Court petition to prevent the liquidation of Post Newspapers, known to be highly critical of the government, in proceedings in which the Zambia Revenue Authority, among others, sought the company’s liquidation, alleging that it had failed to pay taxes,” it read.

2On 3 August, police arrested Saviour Chishimba, president of the United Progressive People party on defamation charges after he criticized President Lungu for declaring a threatened state of emergency. Saviour Chishimba was detained Amnesty International Report 2017/18 405 for seven days, without being brought before a judge; he was released without charge. In October, the Independent Broadcasting Authority summoned Prime Television Zambia’s management to answer allegations that they had violated the provisions of their broadcasting licence when they covered a story about the UPND’s parliamentary candidate for Kalulushi town, Everisto Mwalilino, who had accused government officials of electoral corruption.”
The report also notes that the judiciary came under verbal attack from President Lungu.

“On 2 November, President Lungu warned judges against blocking him from running for President in 2021. In November, on a trip to Solwezi, he warned judges against following Kenyan judges who, in September, had ruled to annul the results of Kenya’s presidential elections.”

“The government verbally attacked the judiciary, which undermined the independence of the institution. At the same time, there was a growing public perception of the judiciary as a polarized institution in which some judges were not politically independent. In September, while on a visit to South Africa, Hakainde Hichilema accused the judiciary of corruption and of being under the control of the President,” it noted.



    • If I were Lungu, I wouldn’t harass HH after the money he’s stolen & likelihood of being prosecuted after 2021.

      HH has repeatedly said he won’t arrest Lungu & his fellow PF thieves but after several harassments, fake treason charges, I definitely has changed his mind.

      Lungu is a weakling who can’t survive even 1 week in jail.

    • This looks very desperate on the part of PF, Who charges someone 5 dollars of breach of peace,,,kekekekekeke! Lungu and PF,

    • They didn’t have an option really did they ?

      He is a public nuisance. A rogue who doesn’t understand his trade.

      Lock him up and throw the keys away.



      The problem with these Amnesty guys is that physics is not a key subject in their field. If they studied a bit of physics then they would know that FOR EVERY EXCESSIVE ACTION you expect a VERY EXCESSIVE REACTION.
      Blocking presidential motorcade was VERY EXCESSIVF ACTION.

    • – OLYMPIC Swimming pool is being sold to Lebanese
      – Longacres Lodge & curio market are being sold to Chinese
      – Indeni is being advertized & will be bought by friends to Chigabenga occupying State House


    • And so??? Would Hakalusa Hagain been alive today if blocked Trump’s motorcade????

      Amnesty my As********!!!!!!

    • Our Cia are very professional for your own information, they make sure the streets are well cleared-swept and entrances are blocked. I guess you can’t see that from rural Tennese.
      I once blocked vice president Biden motorcade when i drove into the street -Mass avenue from a private house and nothing happened to me, not even a ticket.

    • Ba New Yorker … at our Cia!!! Ala bwafya bane. Since when did the CIA start sweeping roads for the presidential motorcade???

      It has always been the Secret Service bane, please bring facts not this nonsense. Ati rural Tennese!!! What the heck is that. There’s no place called rural Tennese in America. Eko mwikala?

      And finally, how f000lishly contradictory is your remark. First you tell that your “Cia” whatever the heck that is is very efficient and then you tell but despite their efficiency you once blocked VP Biden’s motorcade?

      What do you we are???? Stuipit id10ts or something??? You guys are beyond redemption … mule ikalafye ukucilo ku sabaila. Muleilangafye ubu tutu

    • “What do you we are???? Stuipit id10ts or something???”, I give you the Benefit of the doubt for this one!

  2. “Excessive force” was used on HH by the police true but for a reason.

    HH too used excessive force by not surrendering himself to the police.

    The question is: who wins in this stand up situation?

    HH was trying to stay in power and also to remain relevant to his supporters.

    Amnesty international please be objective in your evaluation. U the people causing wars in countries because u seem to take sides. Be objective please!

    • He is 45 and still been kept by his aging mum, right now he is asking for a coin from his mother, so that he can go and drink junta.

    • The problem with UPND supporters is that u have no brains honestly. Learn to raise your reasoning not your insults. HH will never rule and 2021 is his end of the road. Trust me on this one. We waiting for him.

    • Treson is HEAVY charge which is in this case a DEATH SENTENCE.. now then if it was a TRESON charge why didn;t the police shoot him on the spot?

  3. there was no need for amnesty to say that… We already knew as Zambians, how do police go and beat innocent workers and gas a home, where they know consists of innocent people who did not even go to the ceremony?? Atleast have a decency to leave kids and family out of certain things. Anyway only time will tell, with people like kalaba forming there own party…. Why shud i waste my vote on people who have wasted my money to persue they own political agenda… They are gone 2021, and even if they bounce back, it will be a pleasure to know that i dint go waste my time standing in the sun the whole day to cast a vote for thieves

  4. What about the unarmed black teenagers that are killed by Amercian police? Where is your report on the police in the USA?

    • Good… @ Linkman! TI in my opinion are sh1t!

      Where are they when white police in America are committing those murders?

      TI are waaankers! That is how Lumumba got assassinated by CIA of America whilst the world watched on their arm chairs.

      TI is irrelevant in my eyes as long as they cherry pick what to report.

      The only way they are doing this is to receive funding and stay in employment!

    • Chase Amnesty international away from Zambia. We are not interested in their racist reports. They have never helped us and will never, so they should just leave us alone. We are more democratic than countries where some of these amnesty crooks writing these reports come from.

    • Black prisoners are killed in prisons everyday and the police wardens claim they men have short necks hence they die – DOH
      No charge given

  5. Useless expired issue….ngawatumpa kukupomponsha so thathat next time you behave well. How do European and American police handle terrorism suspects? What does so called Amnesty group say about it or Immigrants killed on the sea by whites? Mwefipuba mweee

    • And what are you doing on the seas? Don’t you know there boarders on those waters, they are not free for all, bigger question is why do you leave your lands?

    • @ Divide & Rule… very good observation… and what is HH doing blocking the motorcade?
      The road is not free for all once the president is on it.

      The bigger question is ECL is president…

      You see that is the argument

  6. And all in all, Amnesty conveniently omits the ethnic violence in Namwala that happened just after August 2016 elections where non tongas were attacked, displaced and their houses burnt; The upnd Kanyama riots and violence which resulted in the murder of innocent people and upnd political opponent.WHEN DID AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL BECOME A upnd MOUTHPIECE AND SUPPORTER???

    • Even Charles Tailor had his brainwashed supporters until he ended up in the Hague alone. He is locked up while the cheerleaders like you are free. Despotic leaders are full of misguided fanatics and parasites who like ticks will stick on the animal till its death.

    • You are very right when you say, “…Despotic leaders are full of misguided fanatics and parasites who like ticks will stick on the animal till its death…”
      hh abrogated the upnd constitution when he has held on to power-the upnd constitution gives its leader a mandate of 10 years/2 terms. He is in his 12th year!! hh has never gone to a convention since 2006 and the followers blindly ignore this reality, Canicius Banda tried to bring up this fundamental matter but he was quickly FLUSHED OUT!!! A true dictator in the making this kainde!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amnest, what amnest? Stup1d institutions who only talk about Africa! What about the white brutality on blacks we see day in day out, what about the oppression and “hell on earth” in Syria, where is the so called Amnest International. Africa mus delink from some of these organisations and lets see if they will exist.
    HH has been demeaming President Lungu from time immemorial, why hasnt they released any report?

  8. Was he harmed? The fellow had barricaded himself in his house, refused to hand himself over to the police. He was flushed out by tear gas..elsewhere he should have been shot.

  9. We all know that police used excessive force. This is not something we are hearing for the first time. We saw it for ourselves

    • We understand that police use excessive force.

      We have seen it in University students. Why haven’t they reported that?

      We have seen Trump verbally attcking everyone including the immigrants, women and the cripple… we have seen corruption in America from Trump’s associates, why aren’t they producing their nice thick reports? why are they concentrated on Africa?

    • @ Dimba… listen or read the quality of your advice.

      …. and that is how opposition and government is run.

      Either you read and ignore, or you put facts across. I have mentioned corruption in America, and listen to your suggestion. Laughable really…

      Show me where TI has talked about corruption that involves Trump’s aide.


  10. Of course that’s what brutal regimes aka Zambia,North Korea ,Uganda ,Sudan always do – they intimidate the opposition rather than simply enforce laws.

  11. If excessive force was used against h.h, why not? My friends at Amnesty your client is an African villager, he is not a French woman who the police can push back without force. This is h.h who wants to defy all laws, Stephen Sackur of BBC called his Mongu escapade as “reckless”, his behaviour uncouth and uncivilised. The British embassy used a more diplomatic term “ill advised”. What I am saying is that police used force appropriate to the situation of arresting an uncivilised politician, tell us how else they could have arrested h.h without using force? Show us any injuries?
    And the arrest and imprisonment was appropriate, does Amnesty know that violence would have broken out in Zambia if h.h. was not tucked away safely in Mukobeko for thise few months? Whether the DPP issued a…

  12. …..And the arrest and imprisonment was appropriate, does Amnesty know that violence would have broken out in Zambia if h.h. was not tucked away safely in Mukobeko for those few months? Whether the DPP issued a nolle is not the issue here, the issue is that the planned volence was quenched before it escalated, h.h was taught manners, and to use civilised means to politic, he was effectively neutralised. Had the police not arrested h.h he would have caused mayhem in Zambia for which he would have been arrested and locked away forever, if not hanged for treason. The whole police action was therefore good for h.h. Also Amnesty must take into account h.h’s situation at the time, he failed to recover from his fifth election hence his irrational acts. In summary the African tribesman could…

  13. ….. In summary the African tribesman could only be controlled by force. Force on one h.h to prevent mayhem for thousands of Zambians was very appropriate, have you heard Americans, British, Norwegians etc complain about that?
    You fool.s at Amnesty, go to Syria and camp there, we dont want to hear about you until you sort out Gouta in Syria…..STUPIT!!!!

  14. ….. In summary the African tribes.man could only be controlled by force. For.ce on one h.h to prevent ma.yhem for thousands of Zambians was very appropriate, have you heard Americans, British, Norwegians etc complain about that?
    You f.ool.s at Amnesty, go to Syria and camp there, we dont want to hear about you until you sort out Gouta in Syria…..STUPIT!!!!

  15. ..And wasnt he hiding in a bunker, why should h.h have a bunker in his house if he intends to be a law abiding citizen? How do you arrest a person who refuses to be arrested and hides in such a place? Teargas has always been successful. Tell us how the Americans arrested the 9/11 suspects? The folly of the Americans developed as they are is that in tge name of democracy they waited for proof of crime and allowed Al Qaeda to kill 1,000+ Americans before arresting the suspects whose motives they should have known. Well in Zambia we are not that gullible, in order to protect our democracy and our people from harm we flush out political criminals with teargas before they actually commit mayhem and send them to Mukobeko for safe keeping. And then release them back into society at a safe time.

  16. Many times Police use force in the US. What are these people talking about. So if they used force so what. Always ready to paint bad picture on Africa forgetting the brutality of the American or even UK police. Just go sleep

  17. AI is applying the classical approach to human rights. AI is saying, allow opposition to organize and canvass. AI is saying, allow Civil Society to criticize government action and inaction. However, government also needs to be allowed to govern the country. AI must bear in mind, the opposition leaders were not murdered. AI must also bear in mind, the Civil Society leaders were not murdered. Rather, they were stopped from radicalizing national politics. When the country catches fire, then AI will bear the blame.

  18. This is not how a report is written. it is not an official report from such a reputable organization. this is politics of blame.

  19. This man talking should concentrate on serious issues such as the high rape cases in India. Those are real human rights abuses. Amnesty International is quick to advise Africans on human rights but didn’t this man see the unjust destruction of Libya?

    • Good point. The real freedom does not exist in India where people are forced to marry people they don’t want and if they refuse they’re burnt alive. Where eating beef attracts a death sentence.

    • I forgot. …just how many politicians have been assassinated in India? And how many of the killers have been convicted?

  20. So what? Who gives a rat’s a$$ about this corporate crook, warlord and privatization thief?
    Use all the force in the world and next time spray teargas on his uncircumcised jenny toes

  21. so what ?if force was used ?how do u deal with terrorist in Europe ?HH acted like a terrorist and he must thank the president for sparring him

  22. for sure if you are enoccent and clear intentions why build a house with tunnels.
    this confirms someone has hidden intentions.

  23. Can someone please avail us the address of amnesty international so that we can write directly to them. That Indian or Bangladeshi man is a upnd mole in that organisation. Why can’t we hear about the human right abuses against black students in India. Amnesty was formed to defend the rights of the weak and marginalized croups of people in the world not powerful businessmen like HH who can assemble a powerful group of 22 eminent layers to defend himself. They should direct their resources on its mandate . that why Trump decided to cut funding to such useless organization which requires immediately reformation or dissolved. If it is serious it should have acknowledge that the government is hosting thousands of refugee who have been displaced in the DRC. It should not be seen to promote…

  24. If this was a credible organization it would have written about the uni students who suffer at the hands of the police, it would’ve written about the masses who were displaced in namwala, it would also have written about other political retards like saviour chishimba, ffd officials who were brutally beaten by upnd thugs for campaigning in southern. In short these are just political wankas who are been used to turnish our country. And why is it that mrs gbm is also missing on their 5tupid list?

    • It was a case of meeting extreme stupidity with a bit of force, thou shalt not block the presidential motorcade. Not even a bunker can save you when Buju mean business

  25. Police always, anywhere use excessive force when a suspect like Chinena, resists arrest despite passionate appeals for surrender.
    Did anyone except the police to start start a bonfire outside his house as they waited?

  26. Even insulting someone during rallies or press briefings is a crime against humanity. This nsamya or mwenye should condemn it too. And how come he’s with exconvict. …is the one who invented him. This guy should have gone to Rwanda or DRC instead of coming here with fantasies.

  27. So what you think without force anything good was going to come out. Rubbish talk. Go to Congo ,Syria ,north Korea and iran. Dont just talk cheap. Even China where you cant even use a gmail

  28. Excessive rhetorics will always meet excessive force. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. To every for there is and equal and opposite force. Simple physics principles! Your client by the name of hechi hechi was the first to use excessive language on his opponents. So where is the problem imwe?
    Disaster Armnesty!

  29. I wish he were still in there! I mean the Three Mansions. A saying says, “For a hyna to exhibit strength, he must have somewhere where he is leaning his butt.”

  30. What do you expect when Lungu’s preferred trade partners are the Chinese, they have one of the worst human rights violators and the only thing Lungu lacks is absolute power but he’s slowly working his way there by i.e banning freedom of speech, press etc which is vital in a democratic country.

    • Africa, so does Zambia needs absolute power with functioning institutions. China has developed because that is what China understands… @absolute power!! Look at where they are? Surpassed UK, Germany and poised to surpass America!

      Africa’s political system need to be reorganised to resemble China! That is what Africa understands… @ absolute power!!

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