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Keith Mukata sentenced to death by hanging for murder, girlfriend acquitted

Headlines Keith Mukata sentenced to death by hanging for murder, girlfriend acquitted

Chilanga member of Parliament Keith Mukata
Chilanga member of Parliament Keith Mukata

Chilanga UPND Member of Parliament Keith Mukata has been found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to death by hanging while his girlfriend Charmaine has been acquitted.

Lusaka High Court Judge Susan Wanjelani convicted Mukata and acquitted Charmaine today when she delivered judgement in the matter where the two were accused of murdering Namakau Kalila Kwenda, a security guard at Mukata’s law firm.

Justice Wanjelani ruled that the fact that three cartridges were found inside the gate confirms that the deceased was shot by a person face to face.

She said it is established that the wound was caused by a gunshot from Mukata but the question is whether there was any malice forethought.

Seven witnesses were called and the two accused were placed on defence.

Mukata gave evidence while Charmaine opted to remain silent.

The defence argued that there was no direct evidence linking the accused to the murder and that it was dereliction of duty for the police as plates in which the gun is said to have been found was not produced as evidence and that the BMW was not taken to the scene for crime reconstruction.

Justice Wanjelani said it is common cause that the deceased was facing his killer at close range and that she finds that the deceased could not have been killed by a gunshot from outside the gate but from inside.


    • UPND will still cry foul play sentence. Justice has been down for the victims family. No one wishes anyone to go to prison if they are innocent. Keith killed that poor security gard.

    • I stand corrected, I wrongly predicted that he would be acquitted due to lack of organisation by the prosecution.

      If this is the judgement so be it, this is a form of justice for the victim’s family.

      A lesson to everyone here, try not to take anything for granted life is beautiful but it can also be treacherous.

      He will however appeal and he might get the acquittal on appeal.

    • @ Independent 1.3

      Thanks for the awareness.

      Yep! Now I recall that walk and how UPND castigated him.

      It appears he is in no-mans-land…! though it appears he was to jump I to PF. Maybe it’s the murder case that derailed him to join PF.

      Justice should always happen to every one, whether you are PF or UPND

    • All this is to dribble the general population…Lungu is involved,he told the Judge to sentence him to death and guess what will happen at the end of the day…Keith walks out of Jail smiling after being pardoned by Lungu..this is how pathetic our Justice system is. The Lady has been acquitted already because and it would look very suspicious if Lungu Pardoned both of them.
      Jail is for the poor

    • Is charged with a criminal offence and he is still an MP. Now this is a joke. He is sentenced to death and still MP. Another joke.
      So at he will pay bail .

    • All you guys Jumping up and down praising the Justice system i want to see your faces again when Lungu sets him free. This is Premeditated conviction and and we all know the end result.Keith will be a free Man…practicing Law and serving as an MP and this is Zambia for you…Keith is Lungu’ s and PF’s friend

    • Iwee c1kala xfactor or whatever you call yourself, the time Mukata was committing this crime he was not UPND, he had crossed the floor to Lungu’s PF.

    • What are the gun laws in Zambia? Why does every politician own a gun now? If you own a gun at one point you WILL use it.

  1. The fact that he didn’t fire his gun once means the ingredient of malice aforethought has been proven just like Justice Musumali found in the case of The People vs Kambarage Kaunda. Illicit sex is bad, the wages of sin have remained the same despite inflation!

    • That z a assumption judging, maybe we asked these questions…..
      Did the they take those bullets for analysis and confirmed?

  2. That z a assumption judging, maybe we asked these questions…..
    Did the they take those bullets for analysis and confirmed?

    • What analysis?
      The deceased had 3 bullet wounds, 3 shell casings were also found, ballistics confirmed the gun had been fired recently and the bullets matched the gun. What other science do you want?

  3. Adulterers take note…so why should Chilanga people be punished…this guy should have been suspended and by elections held.

  4. The story doesn t make sense. in as much as they say the guard was shot within the fence and face to face, nothing is said whether the bullets came from Keith Mukata s gun. LT please explain properly and could someone else not have been within the premises with Keith and his girlfriend/ But justice has been served.

    • The judgement is flawed. The Pathologists submission varied with the Police report that in itself raises eyebrows. I rather it goes to the Supreme Court…..

    • I think Keith’s wife is involved in that shooting. Keith had what reason to shoot his guard? In Zambia we don’t know how to investigate always wanting to close cases fast.

    • Hmm after reading his mitigation in the Times of Zambia there is no doubt he killed his guard. Dear Zambians quit alcohol if it leads you to have a split personality. A few hours after pampering his guard he turns around to kill him, I mean who does that

    • It is the reporting that is bad. We are not told plenty of things like the events that led to the murder. How the murder occurred must be in the court records but the reporter chose to ignore it. Why the person was killed is often recounted in a court case. The prosecutor obviously speculated on this in court but the reporter was probably sitting next to Lusaka mayor, Wilson Kalumba and the two were lost in sleep.

  5. This case has been handled quickly.In Zambia most murder cases take abnormally long.what things did the prosecutor do differently for the case to be closed this quickly. this is the speed that Zambians expect and I hope this is not a one off issue. Congratulations to every one involved.

  6. Njombe yaba kwananga ni nyifwa(the wages of sin is death).Killing a person to cover up your adulterous behaviour,is the worst thing one can do.Adultery gave birth to murder.That is why even that parliamentary motel has been turned into a brothel for these members of parliament.Most of marriages have been wrecked at this parliamentary motel.It is a big shame!!!

  7. is it not jst recent when one jerabo, stubbed a friend, and now he is out and he was at state house during the visit! its all about how much u have, who u know, otherwise some pipo are above the law en that comrades is the truth en reality!

  8. This is a very sad development indeed. such a young vibrant person with so much to live for to end up like this. well, its a lesson to all especially men when they make a bit of money the only thing is to look for side chicks. men spend you hard earned money on constructive things with your families.

  9. Have never heard of one sentenced to death been pardoned here in Zambia. Those that have an example please enlighten us.

  10. Girlfriend acquired,The woman who helped him get into the Crime of Passion. While Mr. Mukata hangs, says a lot in this verdict. Dear men don’t abandon your wives ,especially children just because you have money. Life knows how to throw revenge regardless of your status in society…

  11. Keith is guilty of manslaughter. The charge will be reduced to manslaughter and he shall be pardoned after 2021. Kachuwala and guns do not go hand in hand. His learned counsel Mr Mukata was drunk on the fateful night.

    Justice for the family that lost their beloved one and MHSRIP.

  12. The death sentence has been given to Keith. Soon the Human Rights group will come out with their crap about Keith’s rights, like the deceased had no right to life. Let him hang so that his children are also left fatherless.

  13. I wonder what the bloggers saying he will be pardoned would have said if he was not jailed at all. Everything has been reduced to politics. The nation has developed a narrow view on verything.

  14. As I look up at the sky
    My mind starts tripping, a tear drops my eye
    My body temperature falls………..

    Dear God, I wonder can you save me

  15. HaJealousy Department of HaNegatives cannot comment on HaUPND colleague and judgment! IF it were another party HaTribes would have been all over the place! Too sad for the deceased and family.

  16. What boggles my mind is: why on Earth do well-to-do persons kill a poor man such as Namakau Kalila Kwenda, who merely earned a living as a Security Guard? It is time we appreciated the fact life is precious to all members of the human kind species – whether poor or rich.

  17. We are sorry that this matter has ended this way more especially for his children and family. That said, Keith will be remembered as a politician that deserted his deputy ministerial position in President Edgar Lungu’s government to strengthen the hand of the tribal cabal. Keith was mistaken that UPND was going to win the election with a majority. Now that Keith is officially on death row, only the man he deserted and despised, one Edgar Lungu can release him from his deadly quagmire. Without Edgar Lungu (the man Keith deserted), Keith will be hanged.

  18. Only pipo with a defamated IQ will call ths justice. bamayo ba Luo has failed to give up her seat despite having evidence. And U think Keith can be killed so easily when he’s already in pf? Justice In Zambia has gone to dogs, bet me if u thnk that judgement is final…


  20. Mukata cwale esi wabona bubangoki bwa hao. Muuso cwale niwena waku timela kalamphi kahao ka bupilo ona moneu ombezi mutalahali Namakau moyo wahae. Nyoni, u lukehile namunungu tuwe, u kaiseleze kwa lihele!

  21. Nyoo, u lukehile namunungu tuwe, ukaiseleze kwa lihele kouya kafoo, ite diabuLozi ayoku soma mwa munungu wahao nikuku nyaya mwateni kayuwe!

  22. Zambians: Thy shall not kill and wages of sin is death. Those with guns feel very important on poor people but remember God is in heaven and you are on earth.

  23. @46 DREDZ. Poor guy was with his lover (acquitted) at his office when his wife showed up. In the midst of confusion, he short the guard. That’s one theory.

  24. We need to know the back ground of the story can some bring out facts?
    Why was the guard killed?
    why was Keith angered to an extent of killing?
    what did he want at the office late in the night?
    who ware the witnesses?
    where did the witnesses come from in the night?
    where was his wife when this was happening?
    who reported the matter to the police?
    Why was the Girl friend quite through out?
    Ba LT give us Facts. Exact place of occurrence and time?

  25. It is a fooled judgment in that mukata on appeals gets acquitted coz the prosecution deliberately left the much needed evidence as to whether mukata’s gun did produce supported by a ballistic experts

  26. Love of money from Lungu landed Keith in trouble. Let him go to hell. Elections please and see how tribalism will be shown in Lusaka. People of Chilanga mwalya again. Lungu is coming with cholera to campaign.

  27. Meanwhile I am ready to start servicing Keith’s ex-girl friend. That is life. Will name the child we are going to produce as Manyando

  28. Where are the cadres who are led by this guy? HaDissappeared? HaCadres we need you to say something! He is your Minister in the Department of Hallucinations!

  29. As far as i am aware last known execution was done in 1997 where 8 where put to death for murder and armed robbery, who is aware of any executions lately???i strongly believe he will be commuted and he should be, execution is terrible better give him a lifetime sentence……

  30. Sad indeed for both the deceased guard’s family and the Mukata family.
    Fellow Zambians let’s help one another to stay away from vices and violence.
    We can’t afford to to fight nor kill each other. We need each other in spite of political or tribal affiliation.
    Please let’s support the affected families. They need help.

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