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Zambia Police warns against cyber crime

General News Zambia Police warns against cyber crime

Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo
Zambia Police says it shall not tolerate any individuals who are engaged in Cyber-Crimes.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says the police service has noticed a rise in cybercrimes in the country due to social media.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday, Ms. Katongo stated that the internet is an ever growing platform hence causing a rise in the cases of cyber-crime.

“ The police service is working hard this year towards punishing any individual caught engaging in such activities, “Ms. Katongo said.

Ms. Katongo explained that many people have become victims of cyber-crime because many do not take time in reporting such cases to the police.

She urged every individual engaged in committing the crime to withdraw before they face the law and victims of such crimes to report the cases to the nearest police station.

Recently, home affairs minister Steven Kampyongo said during the annual ball held in Lusaka that the Zambia police will not condone any acts of cyber- crime criminality this year.

The minister made clear that the Zambia police service will this year work hard in order to fight cyber-crimes.

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  1. Zambians generally are a docile people who in so many ways do not know/ understand or are absolutely ignorant of their human rights and this is the sole reason why the people who find themselves in the leadership of the country always take the citizens for a ride and consider them slaves of those who are in power. And truly, that is the norm in Zambia where the Zambian citizens instead of being the masters to the government of the day, they are now treated as slaves. I do not know, may be it’ s only God the creator who is going to redeem these docile people because going by what is happening right now under the Edgar Lungu administration, the end result to multitudes of Zambians is going to be a severe disaster.

  2. Can the police tell the people what they mean by cyber crime. What constitutes cyber crime? People need to know so that they are not caught up with the law.

  3. They will be using pre-colonial and early 19th Century laws to effect cyber crime arrests. If you think this is funny just look at the law on reflectors on cars. Ugly things that have nothing to do with the modern state of motor cars on the roads! Disgusting!! Just watch how they will use the Witchcraft Act to arrest a hacker by twisting it into knots of unknown proportions.

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