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Murder convict Keith Mukata appeals

Headlines Murder convict Keith Mukata appeals

Chilanga member of Parliament Keith Mukata
Chilanga member of Parliament Keith Mukata

UPND Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata has filed in a notice of appeal against his conviction.

This is according to a notice of appeal filed in the Court of Appeal Holden at Lusaka Criminal Jurisdiction.

Lusaka High Court Judge Susan Wanjelani yesterday sentenced Mukata to death after finding him guilty of first degree murder.

“… On the following grounds, the learned trial judge erred in Law and fact when she convicted me without my supporting evidence on record to support such a conviction in.

“The learned trial judge erred in Law and fact when she convicted me based on circumstantial evidence which had more than one inference to drawn therefrom. Other grounds to be included upon perusal and review of the entire judgments,” the notice read in part.

However, Mukata’s coaccused Charmaine Musonda was acquitted on all charges of murder.

In this matter, Mukata was convicted for one count of murder.


    • Musonda Kateula you just read UPND and you swiftly post a comment ..it shows how forgetful the Zambian voters are, Keith Mukata is detested by his party MP comrades like CK is detested by Dora, Bowman & Jean Kapata.

    • Problem with that Keith he is using the PF corruption tactics of “where is EVIDENCE”.
      Fight for manslaughter “accidental”. What a fool.

    • He will be acquitted.

      Pay attention and learn.

      Mukata fed millions of people in his constituency, he looked after families, and served his constituency with dignity.

      I am sorry for the family that have lost their beloved one but I think he should be pardoned on humanitarian grounds,

      I am pretty sure he regrets pulling the trigger.

      I am sorry to the family that lost their beloved one and I pray they pull through.

      BUT We ALL make mistakes the bible talks about forgiveness

      Forgive us the wrongs we have done, as we forgive the wrongs that others have done to us. (Matthew 6:12)



    • Even educated lawyers want to use “where is EVIDENCE” tactics. Even though Mutaka left PF, but he still a junk. Rubbish PF culture.

    • The tragedy of African politics the mere fact that a watchman is dead on his premises and he mukata was found holding a gun in unclear circumstances is enough reason for him to resign the losers are the family of the Guard the people of chilanga and the entire nation! Sometimes you miss Kaunda for his principles and decisiveness he never took nonsense from anyone.
      Never mind whether he pulled the trigger or not and dont you start that bullsh!t of where is the evidence or he is innocent till proven guilty blah blah blah.
      We will never develop at this rate.

    • This guy should actually go down with Lungu for killing some Zambians with cholera IN A RECKLESS LUNGU STYLE, by stealing instead of the stolen money going towards sanitation in and around the country. I would even be fair with Lungu for him to go for MANSLAUGHTER because he knew not what he was doing (as the bible says). After all the plunder and manslaughter then he will say let us have national prayers. He is sick!

    • The standard is “BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT.” This sounds more or less like child’s play, not law.

    • @Nostradamus
      Kekeke, this boy stop reading law books after becoming a lawyer,,, he became addicted to drinking and dancing like,,,,,,

    • That’s likened to asking whether the PF Secretary General attended BUFFOON CK’s court case to show support for him because he has a PF seat in Parliament….You easily forget that Mukata is the UPND MP who decided to embarrass his party by remaining in parliament when all other UPND MPs walked out to avoid being addressed by Lazy Lungu this time last year in March.

    • That’s what your White man’s Bible tells the docile slaves to do…yet the Slave owners did exactly the opposite to the slaves wives!!

  1. What worries me is that Mukata doesn’t seem to regret what he did, he has no remorse. Further, why did the DPP allow Charmaine to be tried when there was no evidence linking her to the murder? Even laymen can deduce that the fatal bullets were not fired by 2 or more people. It was expected that none of the 2 would testify against the other because there was an intimate relationship between them. Were I the investigations officer I could’ve examined their parts as well.

  2. Have the parliamentary rules changed? Why is he still MP for Chilanga? Is this another Masumba episode of guilty only until the rulers say so before parliamentary rules kick in? Kwena ee…

    • That is what happens when you have a vague constitution …its just a great injustice to the people of Chilanga; imagine which employer would continue paying you when you are facing such charges of manslaughter!!

  3. First degree murder, how do you appeal such a sentence? Mukata grew big headed just like his fellow tweets in UPND forgetting that killing, murdering or causing death to someone intentionally calls for the maximum sentence and that death. He can just regret his action but the sentence remains, he killed an innocent person!

  4. So he still has money to pay his lawyers? I just PF won’t interfere with this case so that this time around the judge can give him a life with no parole.

  5. Yes he has appealed to the supreme court and will be given a lighter sentence and in no time will be pardoned by the President. It is only us commoners who serve the sentence to the maximum

    • These are wasted years…Even caught with a smoking gun anything is possible in this govt of filthy criminals with no morals…so long as Lazy Lungu in State House Keith will walk even be included on this years Labour Day Presidential Pardon!!!

  6. I thought the animalia kingdom party would be commending on their member! They are not! They are avoiding it and bringing in animal kingdom comments from a chronic loser party! What low IQs these losers have!

    • Sharon or Victor post something different today like your Kaponya Hubby is taking you out on to candle lit dinner or the weather is wonderful!!

    • Really laughable ..People like Sharon are now being sent to our Embassies to work as administrators and Press Attachés by PF…in all honesty how did an individual like this find herself or himself in USA if its not by a small magic aircraft!!

  7. Mutaka was the first Mp for UPND to recognise President Lungu upon opening Parliament.This was when other UPND Mps refused to do so and had to walk out leaving empty seats.Chances are if his appeal fails ….the case will be man slaughter or pardoned.Remember Concourt ruled against fromer Ministers to refund emmoluments they were paid while occupying govt offices up to now no one has made any refund.

    • Does it matter if the guy is UPND or PF? Fun that all UPND want to disown him. Whèther he walked out or remained is immaterial. Let us discuss the real matter. He has charged of murder. And he has appealed that is the crux of the matter.

  8. If Mukata claims that the evidence is circumstantial, then is he able to identify the murderer since there were only three people at the crime scene at the time the crime was committed and one of them is dead? Therefore, either Mukata killed the guard or his girlfriend did. The murder weapon was found in his hands I hear. I am not sure but the grounds of appeal sound weak.



    • Yes we liked him too,but we’ve all forgotten the poor guard and his family.Judge Susan must be double honored for giving justice to the dead man and family..
      Emotions aside what happened? What did the guard stumble upon? Why use a firearm so easily?

  10. Only three people know what really happened that fateful night.Hon, his companion and the deceased. The Hon gave contradictory statements and then tried to create a doubt on the cartridges found. Musonda remained mute and of course the late had no voice but the evidence spoke for him

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