Copperbelt transporters hike bus fares

A Passenger Bus with Registration Number B286 AZN was spotted over taking by crossing an unbroken line along Choma - Monze road
A Passenger Bus

A Passenger Bus with Registration Number B286 AZN was spotted over taking by crossing an unbroken line along Choma - Monze road
A Passenger Bus
Bus Fares for public service transport on the Copperbelt have been increased by two Kwacha for all inter-mine routes, effective March 1, 2018.

The Bus and Taxi Owners Association of Zambia has also increased bus fares for local routes by 50 Ngwee.

The Association Chairperson Amis Daudi says the hike comes in the wake of recent upward adjustment in fuel prices by the Energy Regulation Board.

Mr. Daudi has also announced that the bus fares for long distance have been increased by ten percent.

Mr. Daudi says the decision to increase the fares was arrived at after engagements with various stakeholders and the transport sector.

He told ZNBC News in an interview that bus fares have not been increased in the past two years despite upward adjustments in fuel pump prices.


  1. Uko, Dununa Reverse in motion, “Ubomba mwibala, alya mwibala, lelo tabalila kumo nembuto, mukalapila bamambala, mwe bena Zambia. We were telling you, the Edgar Lungu administration does not mean well for this country and you called us names, see now what is happening. Almost everything, everywhere be it in the Mines, Agriculture, education etc is falling apart, who is going to redeem you ? That’ s why God the Creator created you in His own image, to discern things in the correct way but you are failing to do that. So, where is the substance of your Dununa Reverse ? Ena nabanankwe balesampa, balelya, lwenu.

    • Blame game mentality. Why do we always like complaining instead of working hard to improve our personal status which in turn change the national status. Elections were held in 2016,now is the time to work and work hard.The people you think will improve the economy have no idea on how a country is run,but only know how amass wealth for themselves. Look at the government which came after FTJ,it destroyed the emerging middle class,oppressed works,self employment was trampled on and had to say.This was revealed the real PF came into power.However,PF has transformed itself into apf.

  2. In zambia many things are not alright. It’s not true that every time fuel goes , prizes should also go up.

    This is a sign of a weak government. Its a pity that people are concentrating on the opposition propaganda that Lungu is a thieve but the fact about Lungu is that he is too weak to be a leader.

    PF could win 2019 elections if the change Lungu and put up a strong man. Lungu is too weak and is not a politician

  3. Since when did the Supreme Leader Edgar Lungu become a weak president bwana DJ7 and who told you so ?

    • He is a weak leader who can not even bring together his own PF party. When you see the under-performance of most of his ministers,the misappropriation of funds by his civil servants, the rampant corruption in government and his entire civil service thats proof of a weak leader. His employees as it were, are not afraid to indulge in all sorts of activities because they know their boss is weak and clueless. A president who ‘gets surprised’ at abandoned projects when his got ministers to be on top of those projects,thats a weak leader. DJ7 is very correct, this man is not even fit to be a politician, do you see how much controversy he brings when he speaks off script,his just not a public speak even! Simply put,he won via a sympathy vote!

  4. People of zambia we should first study our economy of micro and macroeconomics and other forces out side our nation before coming condeming our Leaders. there are things even the president cannot do. for example who controls the prices at the international market of fuel or copper. this prices are not in our national market they are controlled outside our market control price. therefore the president can do nothing. since 1964 to date we have failed to manage our economy. Let us work hard on our microeconomics before we blame anything.

  5. I hate people who have shallow mind and reason like gbm the vice administration for upnd. Provide real resolutions unlike complaining everytime Govt comes up with something. Your preferred person doesn’t mean is a preferred person for every Zambian,NO! He’s just relevant to you cos that’s your preferred choice and we respect your decision? Keep on being bitter but forget about your choice kissing State House in 2021. ECL for your own information,has the majority Zambians that support him and that’s an disputed fact.

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