KCCM- Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines CEO Pius Kasolo confers with during the Zambia- South Africa Business forum

Zambia consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings (ZCCM_IH) has embarked on the programme to revitalize the Kapiri Glass Manufacturing Company 2008 Limited.

ZCCM_IH Executive Director Pius Kasolo says his company has a mandate of industrializing the country.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Peter Mwiinde yesterday, Dr.Kasolo said he was in the district to check on the Kapiri Glass Manufacturing Company (KGM) site.

He explained that his company has made strides so far of industrializing the county, citing the installation of 300 megawatt power station in mamba as a step in the right direction.

Dr.Kasolo who also conducted a tour of the KGM affirmed that experts from Austria will soon be in the district to test the equipment.

He pointed out that the experts will give a report after two weeks of conducting the feasibility study, stating that the ZCCM Investment Holdings will study the report.

The ZCCM _IH executive Director further said the plant once revamped will create jobs for the local people.

And Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Peter Mwiinde explained that revamping KGM will be a redemption of people from Job scarcity in the district.

Mr. Mwiinde said the enthusiasm shown by ZCCM Investment Holdings gives sure hope of job creation in the district.

When Kapiri Glass Manufacturing Company 2008 limited is resuscitated, it will create more than 250 jobs for the local people.

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    • Xex or prostitution the only industry left in this ghost town kapiri. Please dont hesitate to revamp KGP soon. The problem with xex industry is that it is directly proportional to employment. The higher the employment level the more prostitution in the town and therefore less take home money.


  1. KGP was once a “model” company in the Zimco group during the Mashano /Kapufi era. With coming of South African breweries, all coke,fanta,mosi ,etc bottles which were all initial ly supplied by KGP started being imported from RSA!!! At the stroke of a pen we lost over 80% of sales volume to RSA. Penza and Chilubas policies killed the bottle plant. Gvt needs to put heavy tax on imported bottles which are heavily subsidized in origin country ..a lot more. There are Zambian experts who know glass…Kasolo don’t just run to Australian etc. Shop around Zambia first


  2. Another politically arranged rhetoric from the paya farmer group.
    We have heard of such promises before but no action.



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