Minister of Finance Felix Mutati.
Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati

Works and Supply Minister Felix Mutati says government will save US$ 7 million by printing ballot papers for the 2021 general elections locally.
Mr. Mutati told Journalists that domestic printing of ballots will help the government save a lot of money used to print the papers outside the country and there is no need to be sceptical on the decision.

Mr Mutati disclosed that K5.6 million has so far been released for recapitalising Government Printers.

He says there is need to focus on the viability and sustainability of the Government Printers.

Mr Mutati says the goal of printing ballot papers locally is a component of what the Government Printers needs to do.

He said Government Printers can begin to contribute to the treasury once revived.

Last month, President Edgar Lungu announced that Government Printers has the capacity to print ballot papers and he will ensure the local printing of ballots for the upcoming general elections.

But the opposition UPND has maintained that the PF can’t be trust to print ballot papers locally.

UPND Chairperson for Elections and Mobilisation Sylvia Masebo said from past experience, the PF cannot be trusted with printing of ballot papers in Zambia because there is no distinct and visible independence of Government from the Party.

Ms. Masebo said this means all Government departments are compromised and answer to the whims of the PF as a political party.

“Currently the Country is governed without the tenets of democracy and the respect for the rule of law. This cannot therefore instil any confidence in the electoral process and the likehood of conflict and dispute is ever present if due respect for consensus and consultation for all stakeholders is not observed by the PF,” Ms. Masebo observed.

She said the last electoral process was messy with the voters’ registration riddled with so many flaws and inclusions of foreigners who had been issued with NRC’s and voters’ cards to enable Lungu win the election by hook or by crook.

“According to the International corruption index, the levels of corruption in Zambia have increased. Amnesty International have also indicated a worsening trend of political intolerance and gross abuse of human rights by the PF. How can then such a corrupt and intolerant Government grant itself the responsibility of printing ballot papers?”

She said the case of printing of ballot papers is a very serious election issue that requires wide and exhaustive consultations of all stakeholders.

“The UPND and the people of Zambia will do all within its power to ensure the next election will be free, fair, credible and devoid of any intimidation. We will not allow the PF hijack and rig the process like they did in the last election and we will not allow the printing of ballot papers by a Government that is riddled with corruption and has no regard for dissenting views,” she said.

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  1. Mr. Mutati, you can raise this $ 7 million easily.
    Just recover difference paid to the corrupt supplier of 42 red painted wheelbarrows and you will also have enough spare cash for financing your Boss resumption of foreign travel.
    Easy enough?


    • The same.. Amount will be poured into campaigns and some usual afro electoral mathematics, that’s what some people refer to as “the difference is the same”.


  2. Wow thanks PF. How nice of you to think of cost saving. Just like you did with the 42million dollar scania ‘fire trucks’ and the overpriced ambulances….and oh let’s not forget the billion dollar road.


  3. There is no doubt in mind that for the PF to decide to print ballot papers locally smells a rat. Mark my words a mechanism has been put in place to once again rig the elections. The influx of these Chinese nationals in the is not by fluke. Amongst these Chinese nationals are computers experts who will be stationed at some location & will hack in poor ECZ’s election system to ensure that Edgar Corruption Lungula becomes victorious. With the levels of Corruption & theft you think these guys will just let go power that easily knowing the consequences standing ahead. The will fight tooth & mail to ensure that they rig the elections for their safety. This is the time all opposition must come together, speak the same language & focus on one common thing and that is to ensure that elections are…


  4. lmwe pulizi. UPENDI simply wants excuse to dispute results.

    You captured a truck with premarked ballots from SA. now govt says lets print locally you say NO

    Now. what do you want. you wanted hh to print ballot papers???

    To all peaciful zambians. this upendi lets forget it and move on. IT will never rule

    Kalaba will form a good oppostion and certainly one day his party will rule

    Dont forget Masebo was arrested for single sourcin hearses and she speaks from a corrupt point of view


  5. These upendi leaders are not dull as you may think. They ve sensed that hh will lose again.

    To be frank there is NO WIND OF CHANGE. its only in SP

    HH wants an excuse ati bandibida so that his followers allow him to stand again in 2026 hopin pf will be weak


  6. Why didn’t Mutati and PF think of saving money in 2016 when they went for the exorbitant bidder in Dubai. Why Now???


  7. Saving 7 million dollars is nothing to Zambians becoz tht money will end up in PF pockets, so why save it let jst waste ad print the ballot papers whr we print, printing here is a recipe to rig the election. PF hv failed to delieve to the Zambians ad now they want to force thmself, if this happened the will b FIRE. We are tired ad we wont give u another 5yrs, never unless we dont think. Jst leave us in peace not in pieces.


  8. Am in support with the Minister of finance because this will motivate Zambian government printers and also we will change the statement “Make for Zambia and Make in Zambia.”


  9. Am in support with the Minister of finance because this will motivate Zambian government printers and also we will change the statement “Make for Zambia and Make in Zambia.”



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