Zambia to ban foreigners from owning land

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Jean Kapata
Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Jean Kapata
Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Jean Kapata
Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Jean Kapata

The Zambian government has proposed to ban the ownership of land by foreigners. The government is also seeking to review existing long term leases and the land in question cannot be disposed of, sold or exchanged without prior consultation with and approval by the government.

In its draft policy unveiled by Lands Minister Jean Kapata, the government hopes to regulate access to land by non-Zambians.

The state wants to restrict ownership of land, both state and customary to Zambians only.

If the policy is adopted, it will only provide for sub-leasing and or renting of land only by non Zambians.

This is the first comprehensive land policy framework since Zambia’s independence.

To date, land policy was in form of Ministerial Statements in Parliament, Presidential pronouncements and the Administrative Circular No 1, 1985 that has guided the system of land allocation and the Lands Act of 1995, the principle land legislation.

This national land policy primarily seeks to promote equitable access to land to all the people of Zambia on state and customary land, for both poor and the wealthy and irrespective of gender.

According to the draft policy, Zambia will replace all leases for 14 and 30 year term with 99 year renewable Leasehold Titles subject to meeting terms and conditions in the lease agreement and the relevant legislation for Zambian citizens only.

The policy will also provide for lease period for investment projects which shall be tied to the period of the licenses and concessions for the planned developments, but shall not exceed 25 years, and shall be renewable subject to terms and conditions set in the license, concession and lease agreement.

The draft policy also seeks to introduce and implement stringent change of land use conditions for both Zambian and non-Zambian owned companies to curb the proliferation of unfinished investment projects, land hoarding and land speculation as well as the indiscriminate disposal of land for profit.

It also seeks to introduce and implement limitations and ceilings on the amount of land allocated for use by a single foreign investor.

“We do not take kindly to this wholesome accusation. Why is no one pointing fingers at government who are at the centre of selling land legally and illegally?”

On the role of chiefs in land administration, the draft policy proposes to clarify and provide regulations and guidelines on the role of Chiefs in customary land administration and the powers of executive authority in allocation and registration of land rights of non-Zambians.

The draft policy notes that chiefs have authority to consent to allocation of land to individuals, families and investors for their use in line with integrated development plan and ensure equitable allocation of land between men and women in their operational areas.

On Wednesday, Chiefs under the House of Chiefs walked out of a draft policy validation meeting called the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources on Wednesday after they felt that the draft policy does not adequately cater for their interests.

House of Chiefs Chairperson Chief Ngabwe who made a brief statement on behalf of five chiefs from each of the ten provinces stated that there is no chiefdom without land.

Senior Chief Nkomeshya Mukamambo II rejected the draft land policy saying there are 288 chiefs in Zambia and only a few of them were picked and cannot speak for all of them.

She described the draft policy as a government document and that she does not want to have anything to do with the process.

Senior Chief Nkomeshya Mukamambo II said government should take back the document and shelve it adding that Government has a lot of money and must call for a meeting for all chiefs.

KK, Chiluba, Levy, Banda and Sata did not have a land policy. Why bring documents which purport to protect the poor yet defending the rich. Do you want to bring conflict? We want a Zambian document and want a conference that will involves 288 chiefs in Zambia.

She said it is not right to discuss such a big document in a few hours suggesting that the validation process should have given three days at a minimum.

Chief Munukwa of Chipata said Chiefs were attending the meeting on behalf of their poor subjects who will be affected by the land policy.

He was also unhappy with accusations that Chiefs are selling land. “We do not take kindly to this wholesome accusation. Why is no one pointing fingers at government who are at the centre of selling land legally and illegally?”

Chief Ngabwe said the Chiefs would not be part of a ploy discriminating citizens.

“KK, Chiluba, Levy, Banda and Sata did not have a land policy. Why bring documents which purport to protect the poor yet defending the rich. Do you want to bring conflict? We want a Zambian document and want a conference that will involves 288 chiefs in Zambia. Do not want one which discriminates the poor like this PF policy which protects the rich. We reject the document. We do not want one to be part of this scheme. Why uplift a law from a country that is experience conflict and has abolished the Chiefs position,” said Chief Ngabwe.

Lands Minister Jean Kapata was shocked at the position taken by the Chiefs at the meeting but assured them that their role in land administration is well protected as they will be the ones to issue title deeds for customary land.

She called for objective comments and observations and that government expects the policy to go to cabinet for approval.

Ms. Kapata lamented that problems in the land sector are a result of the absence of a comprehensive land adding that government is committed to a comprehensive development of supportive legislation and regulations to operationalise the policy.


    • When you have integrity, nothing else matters and when you don’t have integrity in this life nothing else matters ~ Robert S Mueller

    • South Africa is reversing unfair land distribution, imwe that’s when u are busy selling HUUUGE tracts of prime land & State Assets to tu ma Cho-Cho-Lee & ba mwenye (Lebanese) who are not even allowed to own a 1-metre x 1-metre plot in their OWN COUNTRY.

      This statement is Fake as we all know Lungu is in pockets of AVIC & other tu ma Chinese. It’ll never, never happen as long as Malawian Lungu occupies State House.

    • The issue of land ownership is sensitive clear and present danger needing urgent policy direction. It is an implosive matter that may soon than later spark turmoil for Zambia if overlooked. There is a wholesale of the land in Zambia with impunity. Our the future Generations will have no choice but to either squat in state gazetted concentration camps or fight for it God forbid. Please let’s deal with the land issue now.

    • After PF have sold all the land to the Chinese,, ati now they are PROPOSING to ban foreigner to own,,, really? Lungu is drank again like always

    • The two 1mbeciles above please dont be confused with zwd fake stories with real news. The truth of the matter is no land has been to sold to avic.

    • Why would I want land in Zambia when I live in a Free House provided for by our Government here

      To hell with Zambia land




    • Ati “accusations that Chiefs are selling land. “We do not take kindly to this wholesome accusation. Why is no one pointing fingers at government who are at the centre of selling land legally and illegally?”

      Kapata and Lungu want to licence their stealing and make it lawful! This is really too much! These thieves need to be IN JAIL!

    • @Mushota now enjoying benefits in Glasgow. She says no need for other to get land in Zambia because she is ok! How shallow can you sink- even with a PhD! Go on ba Minister bring it on! Double edge sword we can handle, although this is a flip flop!

    • Land is the most important resource that a country has. There are @ least 3 angles for dealing with it (i) native rights (ii) public or state interest (iii) commercialisation. All these elements need each other for effective land policy. If native interests are emphasised there will be no development. If gov’t interests dominate then we are back to socialism. Overcommercialising land crowds out native & public interests. A good policy will attempt to preserve & balance all 3 elements with ultimate benefit being to the people & not a single politician or chief or businessman. In it’s current form the policy & law look okay. Some chiefs have abused their positions but it is up to gov’t to tighten admin policy as opposed to changing policy & law. God Bless Zambia

    • Great move. It’s good to see you’re waking up now. That’s if you’re serious. If you sell all the land to foreigners you don’t have a country anymore. A country is land. So NO MORE LAND OWNERSHIP BY FOREIGNERS! Maybe give them enough to build ONE house, but that should be it. Here are the predictable ways in which they’ll try and circumvent this ban:
      1. They’ll try and use Zambians as fronts to buy and manage land on their behalf. So
      make sure any Zambian who wants to buy a lot of acres of land is properly vetted. If he
      can’t disclose where he got the money from to buy the land, he shouldn’t be
      allowed to buy it. It means he has some foreigners behind him hiding in the shadows,
      and using him as a front. If it’s established that a Zambian…

    • Contineued)… has collaborated with foreigners to buy land, both him/her and the foreigners should lose
      the land with possible prison time. Get tough!
      2. Foreigners will begin to marry Zambians, so they can use them to buy land. So make
      sure that even a Zambian married to a foreigner cannot co- own land with his/ her
      foreigner spouse. No foreigner would want to risk putting the land in their Zambian
      partner’s name alone, in case of divorce. So that’ll prevent foreigners from marrying
      Zambians so they can access land.
      3. Stop granting citizenship to foreigners if you’re already doing that. Permanent
      Residence is enough for foreigners to stay in the country and do their business. In
      China, it’s virtually impossible for a…

    • (Continued)… foreigner to be granted citizenship. If you grant citizenship to foreigners, they’ll use it to buy
      land, and if you refuse them they’ll sue. So look into that critically. If you grant citizenship to
      foreigners with the benefits of owning land and voting, they’ll use that loophole to own land, and vote
      against Zambian interests. Africa is the future now, and you’ll see more and more foreigners
      pouring into Africa. Be on guard.
      4. Foreigners will use corrupt politicians to fight this ban and even to buy land illegally.
      Stiffen the penalty for people like this. Any Zambian official caught selling land
      illegally to foreigners should face prison time of a minimum 20 years behind bars.
      5. Ban chiefs from selling land without…

    • (Continued)… government approval. Most chiefs in the country
      are not sophisticated enough to be doing direct land negotiations with foreigners.
      Chiefs should get special permission from the government to sell land. Even when
      they’re selling it to a Zambian, the government should vet all the parties involved and,
      after making sure that there is no illegal stuff going on, make the final approval. No
      disrespect intended, but most chiefs are not exposed enough to understand the land
      grabbing by foreigners that’s affecting Africa today.
      6. Begin to review all the land transactions with foreigners that have already taken place.
      It’s time to adjust some, cancel others and take the land back.
      Lastly, wake up Zambia! Wake up…

    • (Continued)… Africa! Africa is the only place were a black person can have a true sense of belonging and self worth. Which means, if you let foreigners take over the continent, you’ll have nowhere else to go. You’ll become destitute on your own continent. Get smart!

    • Edgar C LUNGU and the PF must realise that this isn’t the usual politics at play. It is more sensitive than treason! LAND IS THE SOURCE OF ALL CONFLICT EVER RECORDED IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. PF should not bury their heads into sand thinking its business as usual. STEAL, LOOT and PLUNDER all else but not LAND!!!!!!!!!

    • The problem with the PF govt is that they are a dirty corrupt govt so even when they are doing something that has genuine intentions people still have concerns like the Chiefs…when you look around they are the ones in the forefront; cadres grabbing land without papers, PF SG Davis is on record for encouraging Councillors to share land, they are already about to go into a deal with AVIC in exchanging a large chunk of land in Mumbwa for NRDC public land. Put your house in order first!!
      Its like an Arms Merchant talking about Global Arms control …surely who would take him serious?


  2. I would to think this was a deliberate ploy by this govt again, ask for submissions but put non in the draft policy? They knew beforehand chiefs would walk away, and govt is capitalizing on it, delayed land policy means they can continue selling to the Chinese and can give an excuse that the chiefs refused participation.

  3. Chief Nkomesha is just ranting. She has lamentably failed to resolve wrangles in her so called subchief UNDA UNDA for such a long time. She is one of the most greedy chiefs i have ever known.

  4. I’ve just finished reading a document on how important land is to the poor villagers. Land is the only thing a poor Zambian can be assured of owning. Chiefs who are giving large tracts of their land either to government or foreign developers must first think of their subjects. My forefathers used to cultivate cassava at a place called Icipundu, but I was shocked when I visited the village in 2005 to find that the place had been given to some foreigners and now people had to travel 10km to the new “farming ” block. You can imagine an old man walking that distance, work and walk back to the village everyday.

  5. It cuts both ways – you risk sending the wrong signals to foreign investors and corrupting the lands registry with mediocrity + corruption since there won’t be foreign owners applying pressure on you to perform to int’l levels of openness and integrity.

  6. These chiefs should also realize that they did not come with land in this country. They also need to be educated that every Zambian is entitled to land. The population keeps growing everyday and so does the need for land. One day whether they like it or not they will have to give up the land, for one reason or another.

  7. If the land Policy is about abolishing ownership of land to foreigners, you have got my vote.

    Ndola is the worst example. All good land is owned by Congolese, Somalians and Lebanese.

    • Me too. Show me a Zambian who owns a plot in China …..none. Why should Chinese own land here? That’s how Sikatana differ end with Levy when then President offered land to Chinese and Sikatana started asking about getting land in China. Let them rent and no right to sell. Too little very late but at least you have started doing what you are elected to do. Chinese be warned…one day you will definitely go back, against your fooooolish wished

  8. Yeah no land to foreigners.we need to protect our own land.Why selling land to Avic.Does ba lungu love this country

    • Chinese are more Zambian than we the real Zambians. Does this go for them also because any available or precious land is given to them. Avic is the new Zambian.



  10. This should be applauded by every reasonable thinking Zambian. It must be operational before it is too late. Otherwise once the Chinese plant their feet down you cannot uproot them. They don’t care about protesters they would just shoot anyone who dares. Anyone in doubt please come to Canada and US to see how the Native Americans lost their land . Land is the ONLY thing a poor man can claim to be his security. Otherwise they are as good as a dead man. Bravo PF.

  11. She is talking about some dodgy draft policy. You need law passed in Parliament where it becomes an offence for someone to sell land to a foreigner. Penalty including forfeiture of the said land and property not some dodgy documents disguised as as policy. Let it be law of the land.

  12. You re talking for future it doesn’t hold water. We would take u seriously if u said with immediate effect. Your statement sounds like u want to protect foreigners who have already paid u. Make reversals and u shall be taken seriously

  13. These foreigners when given land they fence it. My mother in the village was taken to court for picking mushrooms and masuku in previously communal and traditional land. Un be known to her , the PF/Chief had sold the whole land to foreigners. Still worse they had to go round adding ( avoiding the now private property) another 50-60km to the journey. The whole sale selling of land is discriminating the poor people . Let us not treat our people like dogs when we formulate policies around land. I agree with the HOUSE OF CHIEFS. You can not endorse a big documents within three days. integrated planning means all stakeholders must participate. The Chilolos and/or indunas should be part of this process. Jean akapata must resign for showing such insolence and disrespect to the House of…

  14. PF thieves do too little too late!! All they are good at is stealing and knee – jerk reactions in a bid for damage control. At central government level you have been selling land to Chinamen like vitumbuwa and suddenly you now wake up to stop the practice!! The land is our heritage it should never have been for sale in the first place. Many nations have gone to war over land, others have been re – colonised because they opened the door to sale. This government has been giving it away on a silver platter when our forefathers died to retain sovereignty over this very land. Pf must stop the rot forthwith!!

    • The problem didn’t start with PF. Just check how much land a certain president acquired for himself and relatives as he pretended to fight corruption. Even socialist Unip failed (land act of 1970). Unip failed to address the colonial land administration which distinguished land allocation to the natives and to the foreigners. This was in spite of amending the constitution and pronouncements on land in 1969.

  15. A study has shown that land administration system in Zambia suffers from a range of serious challenges which need attention so as to make life meaningful to the vulnerable Zambians who are in the majority. Currently there are a lot of gaps ranging from unclear, non transparent and corrupt land administration procedures to lack of qualified manpower at both national and district levels. What is sad is that successive governments have never come up with a specific policy to put an end to the ambiguities surrounding land administration. Even members of vocal NGOs are culprits when it comes to land acquisition. Traditional leaders have not been spared from this scourge.

  16. The moment chiefs involved themselves in politicking, they lost my respect, Nkomesha is attached to masebo too much, Ngabwe is does not hide is political support for the opposition! others are pf, serious division among our chiefs! This policy is long overdue, all prudent and patroitic zambians must support it! ownership of land by foreigners is bad, in kenya there is less land even for kenyans themselves, china and other countries, if ownership of land by these foreigners is left unchecked, they will take up the whole land that look very docile in zed! these same chiefs become very excited when issuing land to outsiders, others why oppose such a move? Ms Kapata pliz give the commission of Lands the powers to preside of land issues in zambia and cage ur cadres, completely remove them…

    • That’s why KK didn’t beat about the bush but appointed these chiefs as members of central committee in charge of their provinces or district governors of the towns they’re based in. He knew that much as these chiefs pretend to be neutral, they still remain human beings with ambitious greed.

  17. This is an interesting ‘damage control’ move. Say what you want about Chiefs but Jean Kapata got her procedures wrong. Chiefs are not like any other stakeholders on land issue. They control most land. GRZ will have to take it slow with Chiefs and explain clearly what the policy is. If I were Jean Kapata, I would trade carefully and diplomatically with Chiefs.

  18. I like what the land policy proposes so far – leasehold for foreigners and title for Zambians. This has to apply retrospectively. Galaunia is busy profiting off land that was given to him by KK. This land should have been grabbed by the government and distributed to Zambians with the usual service charges. All Chinese, Lebanese, Indian and South African nationals that own land should hand it back. Those with investments must have a leasehold of 10 -25 years only, renewable if the investment if profitable.

    Chiefs must only recommend people to own land. The government must have the final say. There are too many chiefs in this country. It’s time to start abolishing some of these chiefdoms by developing villages into towns or cities.

  19. About time.
    But what we need more than policy, however, are clear laws in this regard.
    The current law where foreigners can own land under certain exceptions (e.g in the name of investment) has loopholes and has been open to wanton abuse.


  21. This law was supposed to be implemented way back, its long overdue. Large chunks of land is owned by foreigners. This needs to be corrected. Go to our neighbors, eg Namibia, foreigners can not own land unless they are serious investors and there are guidelines set for them. A foreigner who owns land, cannot resale it to anyone unless HE/SHE first offers it to the govt. See what happened to Zim and now SA. PF, this is what u were supposed to do long time ago.

  22. The pronouncement by the labor Minister that as they inspect companies for unnecessary foreign labor one should not walk alone there is good thought and must be supported. Otherwise someone shall be rich overnight through corrupt avenues because the guys are panicking to be recommended as necessary. Am sure the inspectors in their investigations shall enter the computers to see what sort of works the guys do as opposed to the funny tittles that they claim to be. We need the jobs.

  23. I think every country must be governed by laws and these laws must involve every stake holder when developing them. When you see people walk out of a law making forum without having concluded the process, you know there are some hidden motives. Let the government force them to make individual submissions so that a way forward is concluded. Foreigners must have land on please for a renewable period while Zambians to have title. Even the costs applied to the two when applying and levies must be totally different. You can’t have an investor buying at the same price as a local

  24. Let Chiefs and Citizens of Zambia, participate in the formulation of the Land Policy.
    Let us have a Land Policy which will advantage the Citizens of Zambia, and Stand a Test of Time.
    Meanwhile, land given to Foreigners, should be repossessed and given to indigenous Zambians.

  25. My children will be half white Scotland and black Zambian (unfortunately)

    What about them Please?

    I am worried



  26. PF is not consistent with most sectors that contribute to the economic basket through massive job creation.These sectors are highly benefial to the Zambian masses such as land, health, tourism, mining and agriculture. Talking about land is critical it requires government to strategically formulate and revitalize land policy to make chiefs aware about the snugs that are associated with selling land to aliens and also to unscrupulous zambian elements who are profiting from the practice. the cheifs given the oppotunity and mandate to sell land not all have the integrity and wisdom to understand the implications when aliens take our land.They are not even aware about the economic value of their so called customery land. Some land are reach in mineral resources which can benefit the poor…

  27. Someone was asked what he would prefer between a job and a piece of land. He chose land and when asked for a reason he said he can easily create a job for himself but one cannot create land.

    • Use your head, if the guy fraudulently obtain citizenship and you strip him of it, what follows next? PID and automatically loses all rights and property. If UK where you are squatting decide to deport you will they give you time to wind up your businesses? Don’t ask if a dog is dressed or not.

  28. masses not even politicians understand the implications. Some of these ministers were involed in these malpracteces and sold most land for a song to these aliens.Shame!

  29. Yambani na maChinese madam. Now where is the document so we can read? It’s true land policy should be adjusted to benefit all Zambians but to blame foreigners is not a solution but appealing to childish feelings (nsanje)

  30. You are proposinvto replace 14 year and 30 year leases with 99 leaseholds. ,maybe i am dumb but how does that help zambians retain ownership of our land zambians wake up we are being raped.

  31. UPND MPs have assured Godfridah Sumaili that if she allows Zodwa in the country they will drop the impeachment motion

  32. This will be difficult, you will find all those foreigners have bought Zambian citizenship , most can not even speak any Zambian let alone English…like the Indians and Lebanese who are over running Zambia.

    • If he’s become a citizen it doesn’t mean the citizenship can’t be revoked together with the land title.

    • And what criteria will you use to reposes that land ?? Not born in Zambia ? Lived 20 years or less ? Lived 5 years or less ?

  33. Consistent land policy is difficult to impliment due to political, legal and administrative obstacles. As a consequence much of the land that is used by owners is not privately owned with full property rights protection. During the industrial revolution by most deveped states, land reform programes were effected and were given priority because they knew the economic benefits and costs associated with legally land ownership they did away with customery or balanced the powers with those who were indegenous owners without proper documentation.Are we going to compersate land sold to these aliens cheaply as they bought. The question is not anserd with a full yes because these aliens they understand more to it than the chiefs we have. Hence lets speed up the process of land reforms to suit our…

  34. poor Zambians who don’t even know the implications. Chinese have benefited greatly to the Zambian land acquisition they even get huge loans from china banks because they give our land as collateral and most of the land they bought for a song. Land ownership creates long term benefits if you did not know shame. To eliminate legal ownership of customary land to Zambians reduce limitations of customary titling. Change of government also creates unnecessary obstacles due to selfish motives by some politicians who come up with misplaced land policies to sue their political agendas.

    • Sorry it’s not only the Chinese who have grabbed land in Zambia. Soon after Mugabe took land from the whites and when South Africa got black rule many whites either migrated to Australia or African countries such as Zambia. Let’s not look at who is office because the problem started a long time ago. The Chinese are relatively new comers. Just go to Mkushi and you’ll see what I am talking about.

  35. Ndanje khakis what you say should be implemented, ayatollah you are misbehaving think for the nation not your your narrow minded political beliefs. .zambia for better than than one zambia one nation when we are losing our past and our future. Zambia is worth being zambian but not for foreigners. Yes we need funding but not at losing our nation and identity, we can find a way to progress as pipo and as a nation. Small steps become big strides. Zambians believe. We are a christian nation baeec on belief. Our major funder is not a christian nation. Reflect

    • I expressed my views on land policy on the story of chiefs walking out on Jean, and I think what I said is enough. I can’t contribute on everything

  36. Hh head, where is avic mentioned, guilt causes strange responses, so does being paid as an”impartial” blogg

  37. There is no Zambian Law that allows anyone to own land as all land in Zambia is under leasehold tenure with govt being the owner and all of us “rent” for a period of up to 99 years. So I am confused that “ownership” is being discussed. Unless they want to change the law to freehold exclusively for Zambians and leasehold for foreigners.

    • @Yabby
      You are right on point. It’s about time for Zambian government to introduce Freeholds to indigenous populations. I’m not sure if we can’t call Leasehold Tenancies of land to indigenous populations a Human Rights Abuse.

      Also, with the penchant of Relaying on Aid, Borrowing, one day if we can’t pay our debts to the Western funders we’ll wake up to find they have leveraged their loans against our Land! 😉

  38. Frankly, land acquisition in Zambia is a very corrupt practice. @0 or so years ago, Chief Mukuni was in the for e front of selling off a piece of land that was INTERNATIONALLY marked as a heritage site. He got so incensed with one ZNBC reporter who was advocating the sale of the land , that her life was even threatened!. Come to Ministry of Lands and those people responsible for allocating ‘ Farms” , worse. Councils, everyone knows. I wish you the very best Ms Jean Kapata and congratulate you and the PF party for AT LAST identifying a very pressing problem.

  39. Ndaje Khakis has had a field day, what he hasn’t mentioned is that the great leader whom some say led the corruption fight was involved in the illegal sharing of UNZA land when he served as Veep and MP for Chifubu. Chibwe killed Zulu at Parley motel over land, and both were MMD MPs

    • Thanks Ayatollah. ..for me the issue is very close to my heart. People can talk about lack of jobs I don’t care because land can give me everything from home, food , money and even a grave to be buried in. Our umbilical cords are buried in the ground and that’s a symbol of the connection between man and land. You can talk politics it will pass but not the issue of land.

  40. The Chief called Chiwala in Ndola has sold thousands of hectares of Land to Dan got and some Indians. People in a village where beaten by other Zambians employed by a certain foreign company to evacuate them for the land where they have lived for decades. These same Chiefs are selling land to Zambians at very exorbitant prices which they are supposed to get for free. Visit the Chiefs as someone who is looking for Land and here what exaggerated prices they will tell you.

    • This is the reason why we Zambians are dancing to the rythim of these aliens most of the chiefs are highly backward and still think its normal to sell land for their selfish desire. Land is a long term asset that appreciates in value at a very high rate due to our economic valatility. Chinese know this very well thats why Zambia has fallen prey to these chinese business empires coming in the name of aid to africa.

  41. This is like the proverbial, shutting the Stable doors, after the Horse has bolted!

    It’s about time PF put in adequate laws to prevent Land being sold, allocated and leased to foreigners. Why it ever happened in the first place is a mystery; and the reason for it is only known by PF.

    Chiefs should be under the government umbrella with NO Land allocation duties. Customary Law should only be for the upholding of Tribal Traditions and Practice to protect our Identities and History. Chiefs should only be Figure Heads who contribute to policy but not have Powers over Land. Too many cooks spoil the broth. One entry and exit point through government alone.

    • As for 99 year leases for foreigners; that is unacceptable given the fact time and changes of government would mean no one President over the constitutional 2 terms will live that long( considering Older Age of Presidents in Zambia), enough to see through the conduct of the often foreign miscreants that hog land and prevent indigenous populations from righteous ownership.

      I suggest 10 Years so that there is appraisals of the use of the land every new administration or election year. Also making it easy to get rid of criminal misconduct on a regular enough basis to keep foreigners on their toes.

  42. maybe with an exception of Chinese, the rest will be banned. We owe the Chinese too much nkongole to deny them land. The minister is just paying lip service and trying to be relevant, which has backfired with the bold statements coming from the chiefs. Let’s see where this goes…

  43. In my opinion, they should let foreigners buy some land but at 5X the price a Zambian national would pay and make it affordable for the average Zambian because most foreigners who are looking to buy land in Zambia can afford it.

    • You are missing the point. High cost of land is one of the reasons Zambians cannot own land. A simple Zambian cannot keep up with the intricacies of land acquisition starting with producing a bank statement which must be healthy to complicated legal procedures.

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