Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Vincent Mwale says there is a lot of potential that exists between Zambia and Singapore in many sectors such as trade and investment.

Mr. Mwale said it is important that the two countries continue to interact and exchange views on bilateral and international issues of interest.

The minister said this when a delegation from the Foreign Affairs of Singapore paid a courtesy call on him in Lusaka today.

Mr. Mwale proposed the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a mechanism for political consultation.

He said the two countries should explore the conclusion of a General Cooperation Agreement which will promote economic, social, technical and cultural cooperation between the two countries which will benefit both countries.

Mr. Mwale noted that the Agreement will be the basis for cooperation in specific areas such as trade, investment, tourism, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development and human resource development.

He explained that Zambia can learn a lot of things from Singapore which may greatly benefit the country as Singapore has performed better in human resource development.

Mr. Mwale added that the importance of human resources development is recognized in the Zambia’ Seventh National Development (SNDP) plan under the priority focus area of enhanced Human Development Improvement.

With regards to trade and investment, the minister said Zambia and Singapore are trading partners with the trade balance in Zambia’s favour due to the export of copper to Singapore.

He however stated that there is room for improvement as the volume of bilateral trade is minimal and encouraged the country to undertake a trade and investment promotion Mission to Zambia to explore areas of Potential interest to Singaporean companies.

Mr. Mwale reaffirmed government’s commitment to enhanced relations and cooperation of mutual benefit with Singapore.

And Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa Director General Jonathan Tow stated that his government is ready to share the technical and systems skills that Singapore has learnt and acquired over the years.

The delegation is scheduled to meet with the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry during their visit where issues of fostering trade and investment linkages with companies in Singapore will be discussed.

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  1. Mr. Mwale, if your Boss attempts to do in Singapore what is doing here, he will be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for at least 25 years in Changi prison.

    On the other hand, that Jerk on your left, will be made bankrupt for the rest of his miserable life for malicious defamation and deception.

    You must agree that is better to stick with fellow corrupt criminals like Kabila, Museveni and Xi?


    • And I hear Singapore runs one of the cleanest administrations in the world. Crime and corruption is almost zero. When you just point a gun at someone you are sentenced to death!…………


  2. By the way, can you please clarify why the members of Singapore delegation are not in the picture?

    Did they refuse to have picture taken with the members of the corrupt regime?


  3. I expected the acting minister of foreign affairs to be flanked by the ministry’s public relations officer?? But it is the state house spokesman almost everywhere?………



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