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ZESCO says the Zambian Grid Code has now been passed into Law


Zesco Managing Director Victor Mundende
Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation ZESCO says the Zambian Grid Code has now been passed into Law.

The Grid Code regulates the reciprocal obligation amongst all the players and also stipulates and guides how the various power entities should behave in providing the service.

ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mundende disclosed that the law entails that system operators will now be put in place one independent Transmission Network Service provider (TNSP), four independent Power Producers (IPPs) and one Independent Distribution Operator, interconnected and operating within one electricity supply industry of Zambia.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mundende who made the remarks during the 50th SAPP official opening meeting at Avani Hotel in Livingstone also stated that most private enterprises continue to participate in the electricity supply industry through power purchase agreements with ZESCO.

“With such diverse supply options, we believe we are on the path to offer “Choice of Supply” for customers as well as facilitate competition amongst the power producers,” he said.

Mr. Mudende also noted that ZESCO has experienced good times when the power pool has been able to support the utility company during generation capacity constraints and adequate transmission capacity.

This year’s SAPP meeting was sponsored by ZESCO and supported by its partners that include Sino Hydro, Standard Chartered Bank, Copperbelt Energy, Maamba Collieries and Itezhi-Tezhi Power Corporation.

And Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale commended SAPP for introducing four products on their competitive market platform that include Month Ahead, Week Ahead, Day Ahead and Hour Ahead Markets.” I was informed that the traded volumes on the competitive markets have been going up since inception and that over USD 70 million was exchanged on this market among the SAPP members in 2016.

Dr.Hamukale implored SAPP and SADC Centre for Renewable Energy SACREE to work together in driving the SADC agenda on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

He further thanked utility companies in the region for providing support to Zambia in facilitating power imports during the power crisis that was caused by the energy deficit and added that Zambia saw and realized the benefit of belonging to the Power Pool and an operational Electricity market.


  1. Minister Edify Hamukale said thanks for “facilitating power imports during the power crisis that was caused by the energy deficit” !!! What is he saying? Does this make any sense?

    That is like saying that hunger is caused by lack of food!

    What he should have said is that the “energy deficit” was caused by POOR PLANNING, INCOMPETENCE and IGNORANCE by the PF Government. Our economy has been crippled by the cancellation of Kafue Gorge lower in 2011 and the intentional release of a WHOLE YEARS water supply from Kariba!

    And Zambian had to pay more than HALF A BILLION DOLLARS a year for these mistakes!

    Blaming “DROUGHT” will not provide the 500,000 jobs Lungu promised. Planning and brains are required, but obviously PF has none of those!

  2. He says there are four suppliers and names then says that ” such diverse” do four entities qualify as such diverse .
    Go visting the real world and then talk. We are insulated and isolated. What you see when you get exposure outside zambia is what has been normal for before we obtained independence. We still talk about BOMA does government know wht the acronym means.

  3. My simple understanding is that instead of everything being done by zesco as at present i.e generation, transmission, distribution and service provider or customer services these will be broken into independent entities all working under Zesco. This will bring efficiency as we will know exactly who to blame for poor performance.

  4. I personally dont to go through this article. What ever the content as long as it doesn’t mention privatization somewhere I consider it useless. ZESCO = Privatisation. People see it.

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