The Teaching Service Commission has directed that all outstanding cases in the teaching fraternity In the Copperbelt Province must be processed and submitted to the commission by the end of this month.

Speaking in Ndola today at a meeting with school administrators, commission chairperson Stanley Mhango said all outstanding cases must be passed to the next level for processing at provincial level.

Mr. Mhango disclosed that the code of ethics for teachers has been developed and would soon be distributed to the whole country.

He has since urged all teachers to adhere to the code of ethics.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mhango observed that there were few females in decision making positions in the teaching fraternity in the Copperbelt province.

He said, according to statistics, female headed institutions performed better compared to male headed ones noting that women are capable of being managers as well.

The Teaching Service Commission Chairperson added that women with disabilities should also be considered for decision making positions.

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    • I agree. He was speaking from a point of dullness. Leadership is a gift for both male and female.


    • I Wont even read the article but I know that women are better at bringing up children. They instinctively know what a child needs


  1. He must be UPND supporter. Always making dull and sub standard contributions.
    Which statistics?


  2. Don’t just talk bambo, give us the names of those schools headed by females. You are lying between your teeth.



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