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Muvi TV suffers Reporters exodus

General News Muvi TV suffers Reporters exodus

Privately owned Muvi TV has seen a number of influential Journalists leave the popular television station citing lack of motivation.

About five experienced Journalists among them News Editor Melody Mwala have left Muvi TV to join Prime TV after the station started delaying payment of their salaries.

Others who have left included award winning Journalist Mwape Kumwenda, Eastern Province Correspondent Oswald Yambani, Western Province Correspondent Lloyd Kapusa and Northern Province Correspondent Njenje Chizu.

The other Reporter to have left is their Copperbelt based Correspondent Mike Mubanga.

The Reporters have all since reported for duties at Prime TV.

Muvi TV sources indicated that the privately owned TV station is undergoing a serious financial crisis which has seen workers suffer delayed payment of their salaries.

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  1. This is good and health, there must be competition among companies for talented people. Next move will be to increase pay and return the remaining highly talented. remember this “Zambia is beautiful only if we Zambians make it beautiful. No foreigner will develop Zambia but Zambians.”

  2. May be no wonder that time Dr Nevers Sekwila Munba was ambushed by Nakachinda during the Assignment Programme.It was reported that MUVItv was paid by the RB/MUTATI PROJECT to disturb and embarrass Dr Mumba the legitimate MMD President.Because of these same financial problems at the Station.

  3. The starting of the fall-out.Don’t be allowed to be used to do evil.God is judge.This time around God is judging for those who do evil-either by themselves or sent/used .God will judge.

  4. Its no longer z movi tv it was. Result many clients have gone to prime tv where news is worthy watching.

  5. When media is used by politicians, integrity is thrown out of the window. Soon the realities of business start to bite as large part of the public shun the biased news and revenues of these media houses fall sharply. Fred M’membe felt this phenomenon with his post newspaper and now Nyirenda is next. Sad for Nyirenda, he has undone a good business he had worked hard to build, should have stuck to ethics: politics temunobe!!

    • Talking of Mmembe. I wonder why when Mr Sata gave several cabinet and party portfolios to Edgar, he didn’t oppose it. But when it appeared after the death of Mr Sata, that Edgar was going to succeed him, Mmembe turned knives on him…calling him all sorts of things.

  6. Very good competition there. If only we had this competition among other sectors and industries, no worker could go unpaid. At the moment its seems like a normal thing for workers to go months without pay especially with Zambian companies while the bosses lavish in expensive cars. They do that with impunity knowing the workers have no where else go but to stick around for that flimsy pay after 60 – 90 days. But if we had a vibrant business environment in Zambia where employees are empowered to leave one job and join the other, every employer will make sure he invests and does the best for his employees.

  7. Prime News on Thursday evening news reported that 108 teachers at Kabulonga boys who are of the Tonga tribe have been transferred or retired in national interest. I’m not questioning the number, but how come one tribe can have such a huge number of teachers at a single school? I questioned the mental capacity of the news editor, because even a 7 year old can tell that this political propaganda and very amateurish.

  8. Every oneis commenting on the pay issue by private media here, but if i recollectstaff at znbc and other governmsnt parastatals are not being paid in an orderly manner.. muvitv relies on advertising when an economy is in crisis the money available for advertising is diminished because demand is diminished by diminished discretionary income.
    Economics is like a pyramid if the base isn’t solid then the whole structure will crumble

    • It’s a free world. If A Znbc employee is ready to go for months without pay but he still doesn’t leave for another employer, it’s his choice.

    • @Masalamuso: The reduced advertising revenue is due to the media house being politically inclined. It has nothing to do with economy. Remember, GRZ is a massive advertiser. Companies that work with GRZ also advertise. So if you choose to scandalise the GRZ, how will they use your station or newspaper and give you that much needed revenue??? Fred learnt the hard way. Nyirenda also went the same path, if upnd had won, Muvi would be massive and Nyirenda rich and influential. But if you play politics, it’s win or lose. He lost!!

  9. You have just told everybody why the economg is not functioning, because of the incessant interference of giving contacts to politcal cadres/allies. Then you have income in a narrow band so consumtion is limittedso then production is limited thanks for telling us that that is how the pro poor givernment operates. Tell me why parastals waot for wages when we have increased direct and indirect taxation. Can you or ndanjr differentiate between advertising and propaganda. What is happening be it when any party is in power is detrimental to the majority of the population. Justify in your own mind however you want, but the poor are suffering and the income stream is being focussed on a narrower and narrower band. Think don’t accuse me of a political bias. Zambia progressing is what…

    • …no, no…yaba…it is the media houses that make that mistake of becoming political. Why not just publish the truth as it happens??? Why become biased toward government or opposition??? People buy newspapers or will subscribe to a channel that tells the truth, FULL STOP!! It has nothing to do with the economy. GRZ advertises tenders, notices etc a lot. If you are gong to be attacking its CEO, the president, how do you get business???

  10. To keep the best employees you need to pay them well,too bad for movi tv all the award winning reporters are gone just two have remained mwaka and charity mtonga-mrs HH. I KNOW THEY WILL PICK UP BUT IT WILL TAKE TIME ,US WHO HAVE FOLLOWED MUVI WHEN IT WAS JUST A RECORDING STUDIO AT NAMUNUNGA THERE NEAR NEW SOWETO THEY WERE RUNNING A PROGRAM CALLED MR MUVI AT ZNBC WITH SAGA WHOM WE DONT SEE THIS TIME

    • Its Muvi and not Movi. Why is Charity Mrs HH? Muvi was at WEFA next to Namununga and Saga is working at ZNBC

  11. MUVI TV wow never heard of such even the so called famous Journalists hmm.. famous where ? never heard of them on international scene, do they know christain amampour?? Maureen nkandu? even a TV station only in SHTC SHOLE COUNTRY can a TV stattion be given such a name.

  12. For Muvi TV to survive their channel of choice should be on GoTv and Topstar or at least Kwese and Zuku. They lost viewership because they wanted to compete with MultiChoice’s DStv.
    They should have been competing with GoTv and Topstar. For now they need to re-imagine Digital Tv and Home entertainment.
    Anywho this is what happens when you say no to innovation. Businesses fail when management is stuck in trying to settle past scores. Your HR dept should still have my CV.

  13. What do you mean by “influential journalists “?
    Privately owned Muvi TV has seen a number of influential Journalists…

  14. The problem at muvi is a punishment from God because most managers do not respect workers’ rights and too much sex among employees and relatives who are uneducated picked from the streets, bush and villages

  15. The owner of Muvi TV made a big mistake by campaigning for a loser HH just like Fred M’membe did before 2015 and 2016 elections instead of being neutral.BOMA NI BOMA!!No company in Zambia can defeat Govnt.now those are the results because PF Govnt stopped giving Muvi TV business as it became anti-Govnt!!
    Its high time our local media stopped being anti Govnt but report objectively!!

  16. the newsroom now remains with dull chaps like kennedy phiri, alexander who go in the field begging for money

  17. As usually is when you realize you are being taken for a ride and nothing in it for yourself. The company itself is not BAD but the MANAGERS. In short BAD MANAGERS.

  18. @22 JAZZY You are right thus WHY you are happy to remain their because now you dont face competition from beautiful girls, but stop giving for free i hope u shall be promoted now that i left MUVI because the man u know him wanted to see my precious woman hood but i refused now he brags that he sees your womanhood Good luck

  19. Problem with Steve Nyirenda he frustrates educated journalists and likes to be surrounded by those who cannot find jobs anywhere like Kennedy and Mabvuto Phiri.These two guys i’m told they even carry his bags

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