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Fired Minister refutes allegations that he does not visit his constituency

Headlines Fired Minister refutes allegations that he does not visit his constituency

Minister of Water and Sanitation Loyd Kaziya
Minister of
Water and Sanitation Loyd Kaziya

Fired Former Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection and Matero Member of Parliament (MP) Lloyd Kaziya says the accusations from Matero residents that the MP does not visit the area are false.

Mr. Kaziya said he is based in Matero constituency and does not understand why the residents are accusing him of not being available.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Kaziya stated that he is always available at his office.

He noted that if Matero residents have any sort of complaint, they are welcome to visit his office and make known their matters.

Mr. Kaziya also made clear that he is aware of the problems being faced in the area like ritual killings and poor drainage system and is working hard in alleviate the concerns.

He added that he does not need to be seen by the residents roaming around the streets of Matero but what was important is that he provides their every need.

Mr. Kaziya however urged the residents to stop accusing him of neglecting them because they know where to find him if any problem arises.

Recently residents of Matero were complaining on a named radio station accusing the law maker of neglecting the electorates alleging that he does not visit the area to see what challenges they are facing.

The residents further accused their MP saying he has not set foot in the area since he was elected as Matero Member of Parliament.



    • Kaziya is a proper failure that has no clue of how to improve Matero.

      Potholes that have become fish ponds what a real let down this is, and these are the scenes we are seeing all over Zambia, the govt should concentrate on proper road construction and repair in all urban areas high and low density in the cities because this situation is getting out of hand!

  2. The complainants know where to find Kaziya. The radio station is even further away than the constituency office is. Do not take pride in belittling others when you have better avenues to sort out issues. I thought the Ndola situation involving Mr. Lusambo was lesson enough. The MP was the one to be summoned and not the radio station DJ.

  3. Most of these Ministers are useless just like the Michael Sat said. Why are our compounds full of pot holes if they really claim to be working. Most areas in Zambia whether it’s Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe etc have potholes that swallow cars and when u are driving through even funeral vehicle carrying a corpse moves faster. You drive on these roads it’s like you are riding a Camel or an Elephant. And there are many other issues. The truth is these ministers are there for themselves not for people.

  4. Before they are elected they plead with people and once they are there you see how big headed and arrogant they are. The most unfortunate thing is that they know they can buy their cotes with a few packets of Chibuku and some chitenge material. That’s how stupid some Zambians can be. You drink the Chibuku only one day and the chap will enjoy on your behalf a couple of years. The money he spent on Chibuku will be gotten back just in a day. Can we wake up please!!!!!!

  5. Lloyd Kazhiya Mulenga does not work or seen in Matero.this is the Gospel truth.ECL did very well to fire this useless and incompetent MP.yes he won because people just vote for any PF candidate in PF strongholds.in 2021,PF should not adopt this useless man.am sure he has failed due to his poor education background as he cant even express himself using proper English!!Kazhiya does not understand the role of an MP in a constituency.Miles Sampa was by far a hard working Matero MP and it is a pity that due to his desperation to be a PF or Zambian president,he messed up himself before 2016 elections.but since he is back in PF,please adopt Miles Sampa in Matero for 2021.Kazhiya shall be a one term MP only because nobody will vote for him in Matero if re-adopted by PF in 2021.

  6. Njimbu insulting on of you own, never heard off. Mile sampa is eyeing the big office I don’t think he wants to be an MP, you see even ECL is scared to give him a job

  7. Kafulafuta MP never seen since voted into office.busy ukulya mwibala forgetting your employers.2021 is coming.

  8. “Ritual Killings”.. wake up! That’s a lazy excuse by police who cant investigate. Organ harvesting is a big business,.

  9. It is true you do not visit your electorates. You managed to visit them when you were begging for their votes. We have never heard him talk about the ritual killings, cholera, water shortages and other challenges which the residents of this constituency are facing. Sometimes we go without water for days, but he is just ziii. What have you done for the people who voted for you, point. This chap is behaving like Miles Sampa who never showed his face in parliament after the demise of our late President Mr. M.C. Sata (MHSRIEP) claiming that he was still mourning the death of his uncle. Meanwhile Mr. Sata’s children even Gerald the youngest had moved on. He had to be summoned to parliament to give reasons why he was not attending the sessions for a long time, yet he was being paid. I only…

  10. Zambia a Christian nation and very few understands simple truth in psalms 146:3-6.
    It says :Do not put your trust in the son of man in whom there is no salvation ? just work hard and try better your lives instead of too much trusting a simple earthling man …

  11. Mr MP

    It is not true that u don’t visit your constituency but what is true is that someone wants your position.

    What that someone is saying is that u should go out and let that person be the MP. They are making a political statement against u.

    Be wise

  12. Using caders to harass and brutalize other opposition candidates has far reaching consequences for the development of Zambia , sometimes because of this violence and brutalisation the best candidates are sidelined and you end up with hopeless thiefs who think that only saying ” you know where to find me ” is enough….

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