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Government launches Health Situation room to monitor health information in Zambia

Health Government launches Health Situation room to monitor health information in Zambia

Vice President Inonge Wina confers with Finance Minister
Margaret Mwanakatwe during the official openning of second session of
the twelfth Assembly

Government has yesterday in partnership with UNAIDS launched the Zambia Integrated Health Situation Room (ZIHSR) to enable effective monitoring of health information across the country.

In a speech read for him by Vice President Inonge Wina, President Edgar Lungu noted that the Situation Room will be vital in translating health statistics into easily visualised and user friendly form.

President Lungu added that the integrated health situation room will also attain strategic importance by availing timely access to critical data across all areas of health.

The President further stated that the Situation Room will enable quick feedback on health outcomes at district and community levels as well as identifying challenges to accessing health services.

And President Lungu has noted that HIV and AIDS still remain a source of concern on the health of the Zambian citizenry.

The President said he is however, happy to note that the country has made steady progress towards reaching the target of zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths by 2030.

The Head of State indicated that through collaborations and partnerships with other stakeholders, the country has continued to witness a decline in new infections from 77,500 in 2010 to approximately 46,000 in 2016.

He added that the Anti- Retroviral Therapy programme has steadily grown bringing the current level of approximately 9,000 people on treatment.

The Zambia Integrated Health Situation Room is an interactive electronic platform which enables effective monitoring and analysis of HIV and AIDS, TB, maternal and child health and malaria data among others to facilitate optimal and timely decision making.


  1. There were 46000 new infections in 2016 yet there are only 9000pipo on arvs well welll my president ypu are not looking after your pipo so that means at least 37000 pipo with new infections can be out there infecting others you mean we can only afford arvs for 9000pipo shame
    Mr president please direct some money to health, roads dont control hiv
    Mr amos chanda speak to the speech writer statements like this embarrass the president’s intelligence

    • All is see is a drunk Margaret Mwanakatwe in this picture, a 80yr old Vice president…are these the people to propel us to prosperity?

  2. NO CHOLERA CASES FROM LAKE TANGANYIKA, LUAPULA, or ZAMBEZI and KARIBA, but the poor fishermen there are still prevented from earning a living there.
    Is the Minister going to compensate them for their loss of earnings? Is he going to send them nutritious food to replace their daily source of nutrition? Is he going to treat all the cases of malnutrition and loss of school days in the children?
    So, because of some cases of cholera from Kafue, this Minister thinks we should shut down the whole of Zambias fish production?
    There were some cholera cases on the Copperbelt. Why has he not shut down all the MINES? And there were some farmers with cholera. Why has he not banned farming in Zambia?


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