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Power cuts being experienced in Lusaka are not as a result of load shedding-ZESCO

Headlines Power cuts being experienced in Lusaka are not as a result...

ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata checking the building in New Kasama that has encroached in the ZESCO pole line

ZESCO Public Relations Officer Henry Kapata says the power cuts being experienced in some parts of Lusaka are not as a result of loadsheding.

Mr. Kapata said some parts of Lusaka like Chilenje, Chalala, and Kamwala have been experiencing some power cuts due to the faults caused by the current season.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Kapata said the mentioned areas are not experiencing load sheding but only electrical faults due to the current weather.

He however said that ZESCO is having challenges in fixing the faults because the fixing of electricity faults is not done during the rainy season.

Mr. Kapata noted ZESCO sends messages on mobile phones to residents if the faults are caused by the company to inform them about the inconvenience.

He however mentioned that there is enough water that will ensure the constant supply of electricity to the nation.

Recently there has been concerns from some residents of Lusaka assuming that the power cuts were load shedding.


  1. This comedian Henry Kapata has always something to blame apart from ZESCO’s incompetence and inefficiency…we used to have faults and power cuts during KK’s time due to rain and they were fixed within 2 hours and 4 hrs if a tree fell on a line.
    This company has become to big it needs to be unbundled let them only deal with generation and maybe distribution privatize retail side of it.

    • NONSENSE, we get rains, it’s an issue NO rains there is a problem with water levels. It’s so pathetic to have unqualified people running these state institutions. Zesco should be sold because it has become a company of PF cadres.

  2. Hazabwela Hagain to speak Hanegatives! O sorry I mean the chief government spokesman, O sorry the Chief tribalist party spokesman.

    • There is nothing of substance you contribute apart from bootlicking Lazy Lungu and calling out your silly HH!!

  3. ZESCO is a great company! Many of the engineers and technicians I know from there are brilliant! Keep on doing your great work ZESCO! Animalia kingdom cannot be pleased by anyone except Under Five Clinic who they worship.

    • Sharon/Victor So its a good company because many Engineers you know are there? Even though its a loss making entity!!

  4. Mr Kapata here in my area (Nipa), it’s a must we must lose power once a week from 11 to 14hrs for the past 3 weeks. So your explanation doesn’t hold any water. If you don’t fix faults then why does the power get restored.spining all the time, you should be honest sir.

  5. From my clan’s perspective, ZESCO can become a good entity if it changes its name to HaZESCO and is replaced by a new management from Namwala United.

  6. Ba Sharon grow up. Read the title before exposing your limited thinking capacity, do you get paid to be tribal all the time.

  7. “….because the fixing of electricity faults is not done during the rainy season”

    So just wait until the end of the rainy season. If the faults occur at the beginning of the rainy season, wait for at least five to six months before they can be fixed. If it rains all year…..

    • Its laughable ..in UK high voltage cables are underground if the is is a fault they move in dig erect a tent and start working…these lazy foools will look for any excuse as they are not accountable to the customer

  8. Sharon experiences mind blowing orgasms at the mention of HH or anything beginning with ‘Ha’ or ‘tribe’.

  9. Silly excuses ,Zesco is just another badly run government entity with fraudsters and thieves amongst its employees and management.

  10. Sharon why u obsessed with upnd, is that all your dream of night and day. You should save that energy and advice your party, less than two years they are cash strapped no one wants to borrow them money and now they are taxing people to death, selling institutions they never built, increasing whatever they can causing more suffering with their cluelessness.

  11. Zesco is broke and never repairs thing property just patch it up so thats why the the power is always on the blink, time to spend the money and fix the system.

  12. In America,whether it rains, snows, they still fix faults, but
    In Zambia it’s the opposite, sure it’s third world. Wake up Zambia

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