EX-Miners to receive land offer letters this month


Over 1000 Kitwe based ex-miners that were promised farm plots by government in Lufwanyama are set to receive their offer letters this month, association for ex-miners President Taulu Chewe has announced.

Speaking to ZANIS after addressing hundreds of ex-miners in Kitwe, Mr. Chewe said the process of printing offer letters has already started and will be presented to the ex-miners by President Edgar Lungu within this month.

He urged the miners to remain patient as the process is being concluded adding that, they will soon be able to receive the letters and begin their farming activities.

Mr. Taulu urged the ex-miners to make use of the farm plots to grow food for their families and contribute to the national food security by engaging in extensive commercial agriculture activities.

He further commended President Edgar Lungu for empowering the ex-miners with land that will help them generate an income for their livelihood after losing their formal employment.

Last year Government promised to offer 5 hectares farms and residential plots to ex-miners that were retrenched in the mines two years ago.

But some miners have complained that they have waited for too long for the offer letters and were now losing hope that they will ever receive the letters and be shown the pieces of land.

One of the ex-miners, Martin Bwalya, appealed to government to speed up the process so that the ex-miners can settle and start cultivating.

Mr. Bwalya further complained that it is becoming costly for the ex-miners to be represented by the Ex-Miners Association because they were made to pay something towards membership to the association which he said is unsustainable since they were not earning any income.



  1. I hope the are clauses in those title deeds to not sale the land or sublet it or divide it…land should be used solely for agriculture.


    • Spot on Jay jay…

      Unfortunately I have a mate who sits on the committee and already has a number of fellows who are willing to sale the land…
      As much as its a noble gesture by govt., these guys are not farmers; they need training to work the land and some form of startup capital and they will not be getting these…they are desperate and need immediate cash to sort out issues…a number of them will be selling the land 🙁


    • There are so many people who are loosing jobs. Why isn’t the government giving them land as well? This is a bad precedent.


  2. Fantastic move. Maybe soft loans and agricultural training should accompany the allocation of land to kick start their journeys in agro business.


  3. Campaign or not , this is a very recommended thing to do .Government must put a caveat so that these farms are never sold or exchanged for cars. Because sometimes Zambians are slow thinkers and short sighted .


  4. Will this land come with capital because impiya shalipwa. Why is Lungu involved is he the one that made me redundant? He must be a cheat trying to score political gain. Just sit and enjoy your food ukuchila ukutu tumfya. Nkakulasa ilibwe. We are all against you, so vision less chap. After impiya shalipwa elyo ati land.




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