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Zambia officially bans Zodwa


Controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu
Controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu

Zambia has officially announced that South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu is not welcome to perform in the country.

National Arts Council Director Maanka Chipindi said the dancer has been banned because dancing on stage without wearing panties was against public interest.

The Association says allowing Zodwa to perform in Zambia will be against the country’s national values.

In a letter to the promoter of the event, Sunset Sound Production, the Association stated that Zodwa’s invitation to Zambia will if granted, be against public interest.

The Association has since advised the promoters to appeal the decision to the Ministry of Tourism within 21 days if aggrieved with the decision.

But the Promoters of the event have protested against the decision by the National Arts Council of Zambia to bar Zodwa.
They have since appealed the decision to the Minister of Tourism and Arts who is away in Germany attending the Berlin Tourism Expo.


  1. Zambians are two faced what’s the difference with the traditional dancers from eastern province. Just let her come.

    • That Zodwa lady should be ashamed of herself. She was even daring the Zambian government. Whom does she think she is. Block her access into Zambia indefinitely.

    • This country is funny when there was more morality in government Tshala Muana was never banned from performing in Zambia despite several protests from women about her exposing thighs!
      Today with a highly corrupt and morally bankrupt government Zodwa is banned how things have changed !

    • ‘Minister of Tourism and Arts who is away in Germany attending the Berlin Tourism Expo.’
      Hopefully, she is keeping away from the Nude beaches.

    • Those Eastern Dancers do not do so to seduce; they are 70 year grannies providing traditional diversity. This Zodwa is a prostitute with a goal to manipulate, seduce and entice a fruit you will not even it but only dream of. The laws a clear, 5 years inorisonment – section 177 of the Penal Code.

    • @ Bemba Man, I agree with you. What people don’t know about Zodwa is that she is very religious. She is actually a mentor in her Church and she has been key to the deliverance of so many of her colleagues.

    • Corruption is more deadly than a girl dancing, Why not burn corruption, Zambians, But they watch P.orn in hiding, hahahahaha.

    • When chanda said upnd have embraced gayism policy and their participation to that meeting has now confirmed what they believe in. Just read the comments of all pro opposition and see how grieved they’re about banning of a lesbian to come and show her cat live.

    • What public interest, if people have paid to watch? Stop being Holly than thou in a country full of corruption and political brutality. What is worse between buying a fire tender for a million dollar to a ticket of no significance in dollar terms…. Get a life.

    • Thank God! All the way from RSA to come and seduce Zambians young and old with nakedness? What kind of entertainment is this? Who does that apart from Lucifer? This is pure evil & cannot be normal especially in our beloved country. I’m so happy Zambia is standing by its values as cherished over time and as now enshrined in our constitution. God Bless Zambia

  2. That Zodwa lady should be ashamed of herself. She was even daring the Zambian government. Whom does she think she is.

  3. Did they do a count to deduce that its against Public interest…National Arts Council is being used by that Minister Of Religion!!

    • Indeed, based on What did they figure out public interest against?
      If anything, many people were looking forward given the declared holiday.

      The reason is basically that they want to clear the negative public interest against the declared holiday, which many people connected it to Zodwa performance. Cleaning up the mess, no other reason. Public interest was against the holiday, not Zodwa performance.

  4. Ba PF, there you are again. Banning Zodwa. Can anyone who has never seen what Zodwa was going to show us complain here please. The banning is not democratic and it tempers with Fundamental human rights and freedoms at the least. Zodwa is a mother and I am sure she doesn’t mind her son appreciating where he came from. Which pubic interest are we referring to. You cant disappoint a woman at the time the world is cerebrating women’s day.

  5. She is a cheap prostitute not worthy our sight in
    Zambia, keep that thing far away even from our boarders

    • I dont know about her being cheap as her charges just to perform is no joke but at least Zodwa has natural hair and proud of it unlike majority of Zambian women who wear those Brazilian nonsense on top of their heads even flicking their hair as if its real…very unattractive!!

    • A prostitute, bena Zambia, is a woman who sleeps with men for money. Understandably, Zodwa only dances for money, just like women who dance for the president at the airport. The only difference is that they don’t say whether they wear undergarments or not.

    • You seem to think timbuktu is place of less importance as the white man wants you to think…our ancestors scripts are there of studies of medicine, space, naval navigation etc is there.
      Study about self!!

    • Jay Jay, there is little interest in us to know who we truly are. Our friends, Africans in the diaspora, have made strides to bring our correct history to light.

      Africans at home would rather recite and perpetuate the put-down lies of the colonial masters.

    • Pimbilimano – this reference of Timbuktu started a long time ago by White people trying to put the place down as a dusty nowhere …yet if you look into our African history you will find that Oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, America’s first billionaire, ranked seventh. But the richest man in history, according to Money, is Mansa Musa, the king of Timbuktu, who lived between 1280 and 1337. Timbuktu was the largest producer of gold at a time when gold was in huge demand.
      It pains me when some ignorant person makes such references.

  6. Hypocritical. Go to bars in Hillbrow, randburg, Durban etc. they are full of Zambian prostitutes. Then Zambians can say they don’t want prostitutes. Nonsense. That is why this country does not develop: false sense of self. Ati we are a Christian nation Kwisa!

    • Exactly my point. To me Zodwa is a hero who deserves an award for being natural. I propose a nobel prize for her courage to remain natural and frank with life.

    • Go to Hillbtow my friend. The penal Code section 177 is very clear on this matter. Those who drafted it 50 years ago had better foresight and moral values than you do

    • True.
      Ati “christian nation” whilst taking over from Nigeria as the newest corruption H.Q’s on the continent, with politicians that are deceptive to the bone, busy blocking anyone who raises the 42 wheelbarrow question.

  7. But Nkandu Luo is always walking around wearing very tight outfits meant for children with all her flesh dangling including dundumwezi ninshi yalitintika mayo! She must banned from Zambia too. Dora also must do something about her bokossi, soon it will be the size of an elephant, alah!

  8. performing is an art form. “ART”
    these fools make it sound like she gets on the stage all nude. she gets on the stage and performs. she’s a creative artist. of course there are some who may not like her performances, and that’s perfectly fine. but there’s nothing that she’s doing wrong. it’s not like when she comes to Zambia, all Zambians will be forced to go watch her perform. those who don’t want to see her don’t have to go.

    a person (man or woman) is free to decide what s/he wears or not wear.
    my beautiful wife often times when we go out doesn’t wear underwear. go to social events in Lusaka and see how many women don’t have underwear on. what are you gonna do, arrest them

    she’s not walking on the streets naked. she’s on the stage performing. have these guys…

  9. Is she banned from visiting Zambia or performing in Zambia? What is the reason for declaring her a prohibited immigrant? For not wearing knickers? It is criminal offence not to wear underwear? How many Zambians are going about without knickers? A few years ago even Dora Siliya could not afford a pair of knickers now she is a millionaire. Wearing knickers is a choice not prescribed by law! There are MPs who go without underwear in Parliament and are not punished.

    • Absolutely. In my primary school class 35 years ago, no one in my class had a pant, including our pupil teacher and a few other female teachers. We saw this often times when we got soaked by the rains.

    • If she had time and ZP were professional entity …I doubt they would arrest her on what charges ..dancing in a private function which court entertain such a case!!

    • Those of you who are grieved tell your wives or girlfriends to dance for you nuude and pay bedroom entry fees. What zodwa has is not different from what your spouses have. Only under5s are excited about this issue i wonder why.

  10. All of you are wrong. All those with valid tickets please make your way to Dundumwezi where Zodwa will now perform and the government may not reach her.

  11. By the way where is Pilato now? Already turned into a flat tyre? Used and discarded like a condo.m by upndeez?

  12. The Promoters of the event have protested against the decision by the National Arts Council of Zambia to bar Zodwa.
    They have since appealed the decision to the Minister of Tourism and Arts who is away in Germany attending the Berlin Tourism Expo.
    They should protest in courts not with the ministry

  13. Morality where. People are dying in hospital because your corruption denies them simple medicine. Children can’t access a decent education and food is a luxury. Apply legal energies to important issues.

  14. “……dancing on stage without wearing panties was against public interest”
    This can only be true if no one shows interest in attending the even.

    Zambians like sitting up way high this morality throne when in reality some wicked things are done by the same people. The same people who drive by secondary schools picking up under age students impose morality laws which themselves don’t follow.

  15. We see naked mad people, both men and women, in streets of Zambia.
    We see naked dogs, male and female, in our country.

    Do we, honestly, have to import a mad woman from South Africa to come and show her nakedness in Zambia?
    All sane persons are ashamed of nakedness, starting from the first woman. Read Genesis 3; 10-11.

    We might be sinners but still more, our country is a Christian Nation. Let us not encourage sinning.

  16. It is not surprising that UPND bloggers are in the forefront expressing grievance when the news of banning Zodwa Wabantu came to their attention. What kind of DNA does this opposition party contain? What is the genetic make up of the Organisation that was reported to sponsor Zodwa’s display of immoral dances in Zambia? What clusters of genes is inherent into some Zambians who were itching to feature at Zodwa’s heart-breaking dances? Apparently, the Zambian Govt has not made any comments on this saga – and yet UPND supporters are firing misguided missiles at the PF Govt. God forbid.

  17. Zodwa could be allowed to perform under certain conditions. First, she can promise to wear her pants during the Zambian tour for the sake of her Zambian fans. Second, Zodwa can perform at late hours as Adult Entertainment. During late hours, kids and other protected members of the public are in bed. Third, Zodwa can perform in a special venue. Such special venue can be chosen taking into account the convenience of the fans and the public, including location and access. Four, the gate charges must be high, in order pay for the private security approved by the Government.

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