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Zambians need to harvest rain water

Economy Zambians need to harvest rain water

Part of the industrial area flooded
File:Part of the industrial area flooded

Zambia Water Forum and Exhibition (ZAWAFE) has called for proper utilisation of rain water.

ZAWAFE Chairperson Imasiku Nyambe observed that water harvesting in Zambia has not been fully exploited.

Speaking to ZANIS in an exclusive interview, Professor Nyambe said with prudent management of rain water, Zambia’s food security can be enhanced both at household and national level.

He explained that the harvested water can be used in the dry season for irrigating crops at household and commercial level.

Prof. Nyambe noted that water harvesting is critical in mitigating effects of climate change.

He said Zambians at household level should take full advantage of the favourable rains the country is receiving by engaging in water harvesting.

Prof Nyambe pointed out that the country’s food security will be more secure if both rain water and harvested water is utilised prudently.

At National level, Prof Nyambe said dams should be constructed that can be used to store rain water which can later be used for other purposes during the dry spell.

He stressed that there is need to take a leaf from countries like South Africa that have been hard hit by climate change.

Prof Nyambe said Zambia should up its efforts in the management of water resources.

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  1. They’d rather buy fire engines… some of the chaps in government need deliverance.

    Inferior education and pathetic upbringing in their early childhood is causing the country to nose dive in a roller coaster.

    • @NSCS, in case you haven’t heard about it this GRZ is 1st to do something about harvesting rainwater by building large dams in old & new farming blocks around the country in line with 7NDP. The one in Chisamba scheduled to be commissioned I believe this year will be one of the largest & will service @ least 8,000 small & large scale farmers throughout the year. Rather than focusing on negatives you can add more value to country by taking advantage of progress each GRZ makes. God Bless Zambia

    • @ The Chosen One… no doubt, that is perfect but my query and worry is that shouldn’t the $42 million had gone to such projects in the selected areas in the first place.

      Most of those fire engines have either overturned or been damaged. The dams would be servicing people right now. The fire engines ain’t…

      That is where the thinking quality and capacity kicks in.

  2. Fully agree with this. Fresh water is such an important resource to the extent that it’s more expensive than oil or petrol in drier regions like middle east. With climate change we’ve started seeing this situation coming closer to home in countries like RSA, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique & Malawi. Our country is so blessed that even in times of draught in the region the heavens open up for us. Let’s not take this for granted. I know GRZ is doing this by building dams @ large scale in major farming blocks but let’s do this everywhere even @ small scale level including in villages & towns. With availability of water throughout the year we’ll become untouchable in the agriculture & forestry sectors. God Bless Zambia!

  3. Yes, I agree. Industrial area (see picture above), kanyama, John Laing, Libala/Kamwala south are the best areas where this water can be harvested. The artificial quarries are full now and I think we should not wait for the dry season to harvest this water.

  4. Both the government and citizens should corporate in mitigating national problems. America was developed and created by individual citizens. Of course the government sometimes has more resources to eradicate certain problems than the community. Let’s us all contribute positively.

  5. A better Zambia begins from a better me and you.

    We all have a role to play to create the Zambia we want.

    Let’s be more positive minded than negative. In every challenge there is an opportunity.

    The challenge of heavy rains and floods is indeed and opportunity for rethinking our infrastructure creation and management.

    We need both private and public efforts to scale up rain water harvesting.

    It’s very corretc to say that we need quality formal and informal education coupled with a superior upbringing.

    We also need adherence to Christian values of love for God and His creation. The love for progress of others must be greater and more important than person progress for any leader at any level. Selfless leadership at any level is key.

    We can create the Zambia…

  6. I appreciate of your efforts to harvest the water we are wasting to the Indian ocean. Please there several methods we can harvest this rain let us no leave to Pros Nyambe. Let us use our head

  7. Why not make every village in Zambia self-sufficient in water and sanitation? Another worthy aim that could easily be achieved with the political will to do so.

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