Government urged to do more to help youths

youths who converged in Lusaka for a two day forum
FILE: Youths who converged in Lusaka for a two day forum

youths who converged in Lusaka for a two day forum
Youths who converged in Lusaka for a two day forum

Mansa Catholic Diocese Bishop Patrick Chisanga has observed that more needs to be done if challenges which youths in the country are faced with are to be addressed.

Bishop Chisanga said the future of any country depends on the younger generation and that it is important that the welfare of the youths in the country is looked after well.

In an interview with ZANIS in Mansa, Bishop Chisanga noted that government has put in place a number of policies aimed at ensuring that youths in the country have a brighter future but that, more still needs to be done especially for youths in rural areas.

Bishop Chisanga observed that many youths who have completed school in rural areas and waiting to go to colleges or universities are suffering and that there is need for government to pay particular attention to such youths as some cannot even afford to go for their tertiary education.

He indicated that the status core among youths in the country has resulted in youths living a frustrated life which leads them into involving themselves in bad vices like reckless beer drinking.

The Bishop said there is need to come up with a policy that allows youths who complete their secondary education get into tertiary level stating that doing so will guarantee the country of an educated generation which is a prerequisite for development

He further stated that it is gratifying that government is trying its best in ensuring that most youths have access to education through student’s loans but that more still needs to be done if every youth is to get to tertiary level of education.

The Bishop noted that imparting skills that allows students who complete their tertiary education to do their own business will be key as not everyone can be employed.

Bishop Chisanga who said this ahead of the International Youths Day which falls tomorrow has since called for action in dealing with issues that affect youths and that there is no time for just talking.