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Acting President Chama leads Youth Day celebrations


Defence Minister Davies Chama
Defence Minister Davies Chama
Acting President Davies Chama this morning led hundreds of youths in Lusaka commemorating the 2018 Youth Day at the Freedom Statue.

This year’s youth day celebration is being held under the theme “Leveraging opportunities for youth through Information and Communication Technologies”.

Mr. Chama, who is also Defense Minister, laid wreaths at the Freedom Statue in honour of the youths who died in the liberation struggle.

The Defense Minister, who represented President Edgar Lungu at the solemn wreath laying ceremony, arrived at the statue around 09hrs and was received by Cabinet ministers, service chiefs and Patriotic Front (PF) officials.

Mr. Chama later led service chiefs, diplomats accredited to Zambia and youth representatives in laying wreaths at the freedom statue after a gun salute.

The Zambia Army brass band played solemn music during the proceedings.

And Minister of Sports and Youth Development Moses Mawere says the government wants the youths of this country to use ICT responsibly for their own benefit.

Mr. Mawere, in interpreting this year’s theme, says youths should not misuse ICT instead they should use it to develop themselves.

And Member of Parliament for Mansa Central, Dr Chitalu Chilufya has donated 20 laptops valued at 100,000 to Mansa Central and Bahati Constituencies respectively.

The Minister who is in Mansa to commemorate this years Youth day with the young People of his constituency said that he would work to ensure that the youths of the area were top on his empowerment agenda which was in line with the Patriotic Front Government of His Excellency President Edgar C. Lungu to see to it that opportunities are created for young People in the nation through use of ICT.

He stated that for that reason, he was giving out 10 computers to Bahati Constituency and 10 to Mansa Central which would be used to open up business centres which would be another source of employment for the local youths.

He stated that this would provide an opportunity for many youths in the two constituencies to become computer literate and also tech-Savvy apart from the economic gains the Computers would provide through the business centres which would be opened.

Meanwhile, Luapula Province Minister, Hon. Nickson Chilangwa has stated that Government is alive to the challenges that the youths of Luapula Province are facing and that top of the agenda for government was to address Youth Unemployment. He stated that as a Province they were working on gains from the Luapula Expo to empower youths with tools for various business ventures.

He stated that one such gain was the partnership with Zambian breweries PLC which had donated a ratten machine to the youths who make rattan furniture to improve their business.

And the Luapula Province Minister has asked young People to desist from being used as tools of political violence. He stated that being insultious and disrespectful and violent would not provide the young People with the much needed jobs but would only deprive them of opportunities at gainful employment.


  1. 10 laptops to the constituency ! Reason? Empowering youths to start up business centres. Ba Hon, the intention might be good but I doubt how that can work. Those computers will just end up in the home of your cadre youth chairman if not sold out already. Probably you would do better to donate them to one school say St. Clements and next year you do the same to another school. By the way why are you pooping your nose in Bahati constituency ??

    • Shortage of leaders. How can that Chama be left with Instruments of Power??? Why not Mutati?
      The Presidency nabusaluka.

  2. President Chama!! I had to read twice. He reminds me of Winter Kabimba and pretty sure he has the same character traits. Now that he has tasted the seat he will begin entertaining thoughts and scheming on how to get it permanently.

  3. So the Old Hen Veep left for a pointless meeting in USA and Lazy Lungu went to the border to assess a bridge …leaving a leadership void

  4. Ba chama as president. HH is burning with hate. over 20 years no state house but ba chama bai myanga just like that

  5. Like any other President, ours is human so I am much more comfortable with him than indoshi shimbi who want to be President at all costs including ubuloshi.

  6. #6 Shebele Manda you make me laugh.
    But how can you be President if you can’t let your colleagues act when you are absent? But then how can you trust a bemba monkey to act as leader of upndeez given the rules that you set at inception of your own “leadership”?

  7. That guy has no quality or looks to be a President. He needs grooming first like shaving off his beardhead. But cannot say much about him I forgot about ECL and the vice president herself, he might have some chance if he decides to run for the high position. All we need is change

  8. The danger of a monkey acting is what happens if the incumbent is incapacitated one way or another? God forbid the worst! Then you have a monkey acting that refuses to give up the position, now that is really a dilemma of rules!!

  9. I admire Chama for his stubbornness. Right or wrong, I like people who stand their ground regardless of situation. Chama is one such resolute person – love him or hate him. That’s who he is, like Sata. I, nevertheless, no longer like the party he belongs to.


  11. The blood that the man spill in Mulobezi is still very fresh. It will be like a grain of wheat. It will germinate and Chama will fail to hide it. Today at acting. Zambia in the drain.

  12. Thank yoou for spending such amounts of money to buy the computers in order to benefit the youth. It si now up to the youth organizations to see how best they can use the same to grow. Critics shall always be there but such critics like the ones who are just critical for the sake of just saying something are not worth responding to. Our main business is NOT to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at hand. You have the computers, use them to benefit you. Where there is no selfishness in a grouping things work out better for all.

  13. i see nothing wrong with chama acting, we have had people acting on that position with questionable education background from zim-zim.why not chama who is a lawyer?

  14. Is that empowering Zambian surely, computers and in this world where chance of a stone landing and breaking a smart phone if anyone was to throw it is 99%? The big projects, the awarding of lucrative contracts, inclusion of Zambian graduates and those that are able in serious businesses is ignored not of anything but because they are unable to pay under the table payments first. What has really gone wrong with blacks?
    If I were a leader, I would not execute any cheap advice. Hear from within.Bakandile have gone out like the devil looking for someone to devour,deceive so they can eat, build and sent their children to expensive schools. Please ba kateka,i, we love PF.God is the best fountain of advices.

  15. Comment:this youth theme is only there to perpetuate neo colonialist mentality and consumption of western products by poor Zambia. ict have also a thousand negatives worth considering.

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