Attract more tourists – ZTA challenged


Government has challenged the Zambia Tourism Agency (ZTA) to claim a fair share of the 1.2 billion outward-bound visitors that leave their countries annually.

Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda disclosed that Zambia should aim at increasing the number of visitors from the current levels of a million pay year.

Mr. Banda said given the opportunity in the tourism sector, it is time to put into action President Lungu’s challenge to the Ministry, following government decision to elevate the Ministry from the social sector to the economic sector.

He however, noted that Zambia sold herself well at the just ended 2018 International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Germany which was from 6th and 11th of March, 2018.

Mr. Banda disclosed that Zambia managed to become convention and culture partner.

He also stated that Zambia is well received by the world at the travel showpiece as evidenced by the large turnout at meetings held to focus on the country.

The Minister further stated that the response was over whelming where the week long travel show attracted 10,000 exhibitors from 180 countries with an estimated 100,000 visitors on a daily basis.

This is according to a statement issued in Lusaka today by First Secretary for Press in Berlin, Germany Kellys Kaunda.



  1. Seriously how long are you going to challenge these guys? Did the hit target for 2017? They failed to hit target in 2016…lets have a performance rated work ethic, this should be embedded in their contracts…why is Tanzania and Kenya doing well Zambia always lagging behind with excuses….always going to these International Tourism milk-rounds and running up allowances and shopping without shame.
    Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda wants to attract tourists yet the hotel rates in Lusaka are the same as London, something is wrong there…clean up your city and services then charge 5 star prices.


  2. Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda has been in Germany now for more than a week doing what? How can a minster be abroad that long …let’s be serious…where is the leadership to put a cap on this?


  3. With Zimbabwe crawling back to normalcy, we shall soon go back to our poor second to our neighbour. I have talked to tour operators and the impression I get is that there is no proper dialogue in this industry.


  4. You cannot attract tourist to Zambia because one of the questions on the immigration card is ‘ Are you wearing any knickers? ‘ . Imagine a female tourist being asked that question upon landing at KKIA.


  5. Instead of spending money on conventios and talkfests use that money for a well presented tourism campaign featuring local attractions and local artists ,including our wildlife. Spend money to make money
    What follow up is done after these talkfests. Lets educate our tourist staff, improve their attiude, stop police roadblocks targeting the ma zungu, and give value for money. Our rates are high in regard to what is provided.
    Employment is rhe roadmap out of our poverty trap. Remember these tourists come from middle class countries so their expectations might be highr than ours. ZTA expose some of our tourism WORKERS to the outside world.


  6. Mr. Banda please do not kid yourself by claiming Zambia sold herself. What economic gains did you bring into the economy? Did you create jobs? What empowerment initiatives have you provided women? What have you done with conferences which abroad earn millions of dollars? Stop pretending and just claim you have failed the tourism sector. No skills, no training, no education and no nothing. We as an organization come come up with at least 50 ways of generating revenue for this sector. It is easy to attract organizations abroad to come and invest in Zambia. Only a person with a degree who has spent between 4-6 years can easily do this. You are the wrong person for this sector. Edgar Changwa Lungu please hire competent people.




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