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Rest! Chanda, Rest!

Columns Rest! Chanda, Rest!

File:Stand up for Zambia producer Chanda Chimba (III) captured when collecting footage for his series that has launched scathing attacks on PF leader Michael Sata.

By Field Ruwe

The young heart has lulled; yet so bravely
Rest! Chanda the brave one, rest! Thy country doth bow
Her lonely heart cheers; as we mourn thee
Deeds so daring thou hast done
War you raged; soul you bore
Loved you were; despised you were
Whipped and bound; yet so steadfast
To be heroic is to be courageous
To be courageous is to pay the hero’s price
Troubled no more; a monument now
You’ve met your most fate;
To be an ally of God!
And never to be forgotten
Rest! Chanda, rest!


  1. Not my hero he made me hate ZNBC and MMD so please let’s not lie. He never was a Zambian hero. The best I can say is may and I repeat may his soul rest in peace. Remember the word,(may).

    • These people have no shame at all..I have no respect for them DEAD OR ALIVE (Including you Field Ruwe), if my friend was doing something unprofessional I would pull them to one side and have a word. What Chanda Chimbwi was producing about Sata may have been right but was very biased and very unprofessional that he had to run away when PF won the election.
      “To be courageous is to pay the hero’s price” states Field Ruwe …utter nonsense, there was nothing courageous about what Chimbwi was doing given that he was funded by taxpayers and misusing State Media to discredit a taxpayer. Just another naive fooooool who was used by Politicians for their gain.

  2. Field Ruwe decides to show his head….your friend was producing nonsense for RB like you were doing on here when old man Sata was President, at least under Sata there was leadership now there is no leadership just koswes and monkeys running the show stealing with impunity.

  3. No need to lambast Ruwe like that. Remember, like all of us, he is entitled to his opinion about the late Chimba. Whether we agree with him or not, fact is we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    • Yes, He is entitled to an opinion also note this is public online publication not his personal Facebook page so he was not expecting a Pulitzer Prize when he posted his drivel …its because of utterly useless shameless characters like Field, Membe and Chimbwi who have brought shame to media profession…no wonder Junior reporters of today are producing half-baked claptrap… I mean what is there to be proud about Chanda Chimbwi, all that work the boy was churning out for his boss RB only for PF to end up with the very MMD ministers they detested and mentored by RB.
      Field Ruwe shame on you…I detest deceitful shameless morons!!

  4. Chanda used to mock Sata when Sata was evidently sick and going through a very trying time, physically. Therefore, I personally do not have any good parting or farewell sentiments about this little tramp called chanda chimba. God has a way of making one pay for their sins, and for sure chanda has his share of pain as he died a very painful death. Fear God in whatever it is that you do!!!

  5. Field ruwe, glorifying a sack of sh!!!!!!!!T. The wages of his sins were a couple of cancerous balls and ultimately death.

  6. in fact, the story of Chanda chimba, is really about the the big heart of sata. Sata is the real hero here. When pf won the election, Chimba went into hiding because pf supporters wanted to lynch him. Sata begged and pleaded with his cadres to leave Chanda chimba alone, because of his unprofessional conduct, no one will ever give him a job and hunger will kill him in the end. Today, field ruwe is defending this unproffionalism. Mr. Ruwe you have just demonstrated that chimba was not alone in the nation of jerks.

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