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SACCORD urges President Lungu, HH to emulate Kenyatta, Odinga

Headlines SACCORD urges President Lungu, HH to emulate Kenyatta, Odinga

President Lungu greets UPND president Hakainde Hichilema during the memorial service of the Late President Michael Chilufya Sata at St Ignatius Catholic Church in Lusaka
President Lungu greets UPND president Hakainde Hichilema during the memorial service of the Late President Michael Chilufya Sata at St Ignatius Catholic Church in Lusaka

Southern Africa Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) Executive Director Boniface Cheembe says Africa is looking at how Zambia will reciprocate following the reconciliation between Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Kenya’s president and opposition leader have promised to begin a process of reconciliation following last year’s bitterly contested election.

Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga called each other “brothers” during a surprise joint TV address.

Mr. Cheembe tells QTV News via telephone that the two Kenyan leaders have not waited upon external forces for them to consider reconciling as brothers saying Zambia should emulate that bold decision exhibited by the two Kenyan leaders.

He is also hopeful that the dialogue process that is spearhead by Commonwealth Special Envoy Professor Ibrahim Gambari will bring positive change in the country.

He says there is need for all stakeholders to support this process as it is wholly owned by Zambians.


  1. The problem here is HH period. Rhaila Odinga realised that you can’t fight the impossible and came to terms with reality, why HH can’t behave the same leaves much to wonder.

  2. HH is being selfish by putting his political interests above the interests of the country.Even Odinga has realized that his country comes 1st before his own ambitions.

  3. There is no reason that should make Democrats and Republicans to reconcile. They have their differences and quarrels but they know how to move forward.

    When things went wrong in Kenya it was a song for HH as an example of what could happen in Zambia as well. Can we hear him now support their reconciliation efforts and let himself also follow the example. But KATWISHI.

  4. HH is the man you don’t know What he is made of just wait and see. things are worse than ever i don’t know the kind of country you are living in because 90% of us Zambians speak out of hatred and not merit grounds. May God forgive you. Because you don’t have a clue for our future Zambia………

  5. one minister in Mauritius in 1990s was found secretly telling his colleagues that power is sweater than being on top of a woman .So this is about being power hungry. Reason why it has to take external forces for then to dialogue .I think its best that the British come back and colonize us cz we have failed to rule our selves .I would rather be a British slave than a Chinese one .

  6. Am really surprise frm the comments made on HH, how could he be clueless whn those in power are more thn.The PF ad its leaders hv nothing for the Zambians. HH at now is not answerable of anything bt those ruling this country, y blame him sure, for wht?

  7. If the issue of reconciliation was just between President Lungu and HH, this could be done even done even today.
    Both President Lungu and HH are matured Gentlemen. They are more than keen to resolve the issue quietly, through Dialogue and in a Brotherly Atmosphere.
    But it is the people,with vested interests, that President Lungu has allowed to be around him, who are the architects of the problem and are the biggest stumbling block to the entire process.
    It will be recalled that, Late President Sata’s incongruent and Divisive Leadership Style and Omniscient Attitude, left the PF Party Fragmented, Collapsed Economy, and he deposited the Country into the lap of the Zambian Intelligence / OP.
    In his last days, Sata and the PF government had become very unpopular. In fact , had Sata…

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