PF/UPND members celebrate youth day in harmony in Mufumbwe

PF UPND pact youths greeting, in style, the President Rupiah Banda during the march past marking the 2010 Youth Day along the Independence Avenue. by J.MANDELA

Mufumbwe United Party for National Development (UPND) District Party Secretary Kelvin Mahipu has commended the Patriotic Front (PF) members for the tolerance exhibited during this year’s youth day celebrations.

Mr. Mahipu said the act of tolerance and brotherhood shown between the two political parties in the district should be encouraged adding that, politics of violence has never developed a country anywhere in the world.

He urged all political parties in the country to fight each other through party ideologies and not violence.

And PF North-Western Provincial Youth Vice Chairperson Herod Zholomi has described the move by UPND members to take part in the commemoration of this year’s youth day as progressive.

Mr. Zholomi said it is important for people to put aside their political affiliation and participate in events such as youth day and women day celebrations as they can be opportunities for peace building and developmental discussions.

He encouraged the UPND members in the district to ensure that they participate in all future events.

The duo was speaking to ZANIS in Mufumbwe yesterday after the commemoration of this year’s youth day.


    • YES, I knew it the youths of Zambia tolerate each other and understand that opinions may differ. Zambian youths are have the capacity to engage in meaningful debate and can tolerate divergent views. It’s people like Lungu with no caliber or potential for anything that divide the youth across the country for their selfish interests, most times even causing deaths. This is no strange because people who lack self confidence use this approach to hide their weaknesses. These sponsorship of thuggery is also intended to divert people’s attention from the thieving and corrupt activities Lungu and his minions are engaged in. They will soon be exposed. After all he is a foreigner and the truth is starting to come out!

    • I am also impressed too though it has to do with what @1.1 has said. Without politics, people will always live in harmony with each other. They depend on each other for small things like salt, cooking oil and charcoal.

    • Because this is so rare, it should have been given front page and lead story status in all media houses that know the definition of news. But because what passes for media houses are really me-too operations that report losses despite dominating the full-page advertising market. Well done Mufumbwe, twasanta bingi, as my Kaonde brothers would say.

    • The sowers of discord and acrimony are seated in Lusaka where they lead luxurious full of pretense lives! Those in outlying areas understand coexistence among those with divergent views better for at the end of the day they are just one people leading humble lives of the mostly deprived of Lusaka comforts! Send cadres from cities to these outlying areas all mayhem breaks loose!

  1. As our job-less youths are tearing each other, Chinese have infiltrated Kagem Emerald restricted zone and are laughing at us. Kaizer is flashing a Rolex in a night-club & bought another brand new Range Rover.


  3. Well done youths of Mufumbwe. Don’t listen the negativities preached by your senior members. When fights breakout between PF and UPND, ECL and his family nor HH and his family are in the forefront fighting each other. Shame them by uniting as youths. Thumbs up to you.

  4. Well done the youth of Zambia!
    It’s high time you stop doing your Kawalala leaders dirty bidding, dicing with death, whilst they are safe drinking Champagne on flights, as you wallow in abject poverty drinking filthy Cholera infested Chibuku.
    They also never share their proceeds from,42 Wheelbarrow, Ambulance, & Mukula scams.
    KEEP IT UP!!

  5. WHO ARE U TO BE IMPRESED WHEN A FOREIGNER CALLED MR ZHOLOMI (we dont have such surnames in Zambia) as if its a hammer meal spare part

  6. Mumfumbwe UPND and PF youths you have shown the other uncivilised youths in other areas like eastern, Lusaka and Kabwe that politics of violence have no place in our generation. I want to hear from top leadership of both parties what they have to say about what happened in Mumfumbwe.

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