Kambwili storms out of the interrogation room at the Anti Corruption Commission

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili has stormed out of the interrogation room at the Anti Corruption Commission where he was summoned for questioning.

And the ACC has recorded a warn and caution statement from Mr Kambwili.

Speaking to Journalists after storming out of the interrogation room, Mr. Kambwili said he is a diabetic patient and could not stay any longer at the ACC.

Mr. Kambwili says the ACC finished questioning him around 12hours wondering why he was being kept longer without eating, hence his decision to leave.

Meanwhile, ACC Corporate Affairs Manager Jonathan Siame says the commission is disappointed with Mr. Kambwili’s conduct.

Mr. Siame says the Roan Lawmaker could have found other means of excusing himself from the meeting instead of storming out.

He says Mr. Kambwili was being questioned in relation to ongoing corruption investigations without giving further details.


  1. The storming out is of no consequence, what follows a warn and caution is an arrest. So they’ll now seize him by the balls then he’ll squeal like a pig. Why does Kambwili walk like that? At first I used to suspect that he had just undergone an MC, now it seems he went for enlargement. And why go with a horde of cadres to cause confusion at ACC offices?

    • I always storm out of any Zambian meeting, even church.
      Example: The same catholic global Sunday program lasts 75 minutes in America. India 65 minutes. Zambia 125 minutes.

  2. This is laughable from January last year still looking for a case to charge kambwili. It’s like people at ACC are being paid for doing nothing. 2021 is not far to ve the ACC disband

  3. If you are difficult with the law, the law always has an upper hand and various tools at its disposal.
    Nomba imwe ba Consultant, how are you going to consult to Musenge with diabetes such a poor state of health.? Can we put such an unhealthy person in state house? Do we vote for a national funeral? I don’t think so.

  4. Ati Consultant. This scatter head is just another disaster. Total disrespect for the law.
    Just squeeze his balls now that he is daring the boma. But he could know a lot about the PF inner circle thats why he insults them like hell. Who can say nyo – no one. No one has dared to challenge this gundugundu.

  5. So why is this sick man-Kambwili fighting to be president when he is a funeral in waiting?Yes,we will all die.but we need fit leaders!!
    Zambians have no time to vote for a sick person like CK.if voted into office,could Kambwili manage to sit at African Union or UN for more than 8hrs?Big no!!So please Zambian voters,open your eyes!!KAMBWILI HAS TOLD YOU OPENLY THAT HE IS A VERY SICK MAN WHO COULD DROP DEAD ANYTIME SOON (THOUGH GOD FORBID)!!
    ACC should also not waste our time.why cant they just set Kambwili free if he has no case to answer?POLITICS OF WITCH HUNTING SHOULD COME TO AND END!!

  6. If Hon. Kambwili really wants to be Republican President of Zambia, he better organise some stray remnant monkeys still extant in Mporokoso and appeal to Chimpanzees at Chimfushi to vote for him in 2021. He is not fit to preside over the welfare of humans or Homo sapiens.

  7. LT CK Presented himself for questioning up to 12hrs what more did u expect when ur questions were exhausted and u kept him pa bench whilst u went muka room to discuss even me i do the same to officers who dont give clear guidance on how long the process goess

  8. Very good, overweight and leading sedentary lifestyles are some of the risk factors of developing Type 2 diabetes. So my brothers and sisiters, please find time to excercise. If you live closer to your workplace consider taking a walk, it is beneficial to your health. In Zambia, obesity is a sign of being rich, Lmao!! Sory President Kambwili for your T2D. If you consider loosing weight, eat a healthy diet such as fruits, vegetables, and engaging in physical activities, that T2D will be cured.

  9. I have heard of allegations of corrupt ministers in PF but have never been summoned, why is ACC only selectively summoning people with different views to PF

  10. ACC are fishing for corruption allegations on CK….if they had anything solid he would not have been allowed to do the damage he has done to lungus already fraudulent presidency.

    Ck is guilty of awarding him self contracts through cohesion and bullying…..he used to tell the mine owners that they are decampaining sata and pf by not awarding his company contracts.

    If that is a crime just charge him…..

  11. He stormed out on impulse because he couldn’t stand being interviewed by “juniors “. After realizing he’d made a mistake he came up with the excuse of being diabetic.

  12. Unless you have suffered from diabetes before you can’t appreciate the logic behind storming out of stressfully mubo jumbo kind of nudging around straightforward misplaced investigation or interrogation when you know it is orchestrated and ending up to no good.kambwili you did well!

  13. These are the same guys who called the other sick and thought he was not going to last and had started arranging for another funeral before God said YES. Since you cannot stay long without EATING, you could have taken packed meal with you. Beshiba eko ufumine NOT eko uleya. I hope my bemba nsoselo is correct. They can keep you under pressure for the hole day if it so requires. Next time please keep the doors locked and finish off your questioning. This should not be a series unlimited by time.

  14. Plz let’s put all things in the hands of our Almighty God people of this country why are you always promoting evils like insult plz may you all know that insult can never build insult is always destroy some of you mushaminamofye instead of being blessed plz ala ififintu mukufisha but the word of God will stand still so stop being against each other and insult each other that’s my comment

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