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Nasty C performs at sold out Castle Lite Unlocks concert



Nasty C

The Castle Lite Road to Unlocks concert event was held on Saturday, 10th March 2018 at Levy Mall where local artists warmed the stage for Nasty C, the highly sought after and Hip Hop star from South Africa. It was a musical spectacle with jaw-dropping performances by local artists Krytic, Chef 187, Urban Hype, DJ V Jeezy & DJ Kuks.

Castle Lite consumers were given a first-hand experience of the Castle Lite Unlocks campaign which is also running in other countries in the SADC region such as Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland. The Zambian market was selected as the very first to host the event on the roster and the crowd of over 1,000 attendants were not disappointed with the talent that the Castle Lite Unlocks stage had to offer.

“Road to Castle Lite Unlocks is a celebration of local and international talent in a progressive and memorable way. The Castle Lite brand encourages the integration of African talent and we are thrilled to see so many people support hip-hop music in this country and beyond” said Thelma Kaonga, Castle Lite Brand Manager.

The event was well attended with celebrities such as Cleo Ice Queen, Bombshell, El Mukuka and Petersen. Pictures of the event can be found on the Castle Lite Zambia Facebook page.

Pictures from the event

Cleo Ice Queen
Chef 187
Shadaya & Grace Rumsey
fans enjoying the concert
Fan enjoying the concert
Cleo Ice Queen (left)
El Mukuka (left) Abel Chungu Musukwa (right)
Castle Lite Unlocked concert
Fan enjoying the concert
Fan enjoying the concert
Nasty C
fans enjoying the concert
fans enjoying the concert
fans enjoying the concert


  1. This was a good showcase , but next time gents let try and have a local Zambian as the headline act. Try Chef187 ,jay rox , slap dee any of those can pull masive crowds.

  2. Issa no for me. Apart from maybe ba Bombshell, everbody else looks unkempt and greasy. Level of celebs in Zambia is laughable. I’ve seen a few in these pics and you never know they’re TV or radio stars. Most look like mechanics off duty.

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