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Villagers attack govt offices after arrest of fishermen

Rural News Villagers attack govt offices after arrest of fishermen


Villagers from Mwense Village in Samfya district mobilised themselves after police arrested 11 fishermen and attacked Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Offices where they broke window panes.

Police in Samfya apprehended 11 fishermen of Mwense village in Chief Kasoma Bangweulu’s chiefdom for illegal fishing and being in possession of fish during the fishing ban period.

Disclosing the matter to ZANIS in Mansa today, Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi says the 11 suspects were apprehended on 12th March 2018 during a routine patrol conducted by a joint team of police and fisheries officers.

The Luapula Province Police Commission revealed that no officer was hurt in the process and the situation has since normalized and police have continued monitoring the situation.

The 11 have since been charged with being in possession with fish during the fish ban contrary to section 18, Cap 200 of the Fisheries Act.

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  1. What are they meant to feed their families, if the ban is enforced then these people be given alternatives.

    • When I livef ku Samfya we knew Mwense village as violent area. No soccer team wanted to with them.
      It’s officials faulty, be selective. It’s like arresting Kambwili, you risky Jarabo descending on Lusaka. Best kubosha first, drop all court cases, give out mining licenses.

    • Mwape, the problem is deep rooted. People abandoned everything for fishing because it was the easiest way to riches.

    • @ Ndanje Khakis, not everyone can go from broke failed tavern owner to State House, and from not enough money to pay the nomination fee to 300 million in just a few years!

    • This is how PF provides Lungus 500,000 jobs?

      By depriving poor villagers of the means to feed themselves?

  2. You are busy fattening yourselves bakolwe, abanenu bafwayeko umunani ati nyo. What type of government is this? Are we cursed or what. Just lift the ban bakoswe mumoto imwe.

  3. Sometimes you have to be cruel to love your child. The ban is supposed to protect the same fishermen who are attacking the police. Having said this I will repeat what I’ve always said…politics have caused most of our problems, and fish depletion is just one these problems. Unip should have continued with the colonial system of protecting rivers from over fishing. But after 24 12 64 everything became amayendele or free to roam anyhow. It’s hard on the fisherman who has invested all his livelihood in fishing if he’s not allowed to fish. But it’s better to suffer for the future generations…make tomorrow better than today. Let’s not bring politics in the issue but let’s give solutions. The reason we’re in this situation is because of political appeasement.

    • This fish ban is NOT TO IMPROVE FISHING!

      It is supposed to be to stop CHOLERA!

      The fish finished breeding in February!

    • It seems Kaunda and crew did not understand some of the laws the colonial government put in place to protect fish stocks and forests. Ba kapenda mabula were hated so much that government almost stopped supporting them. Shamuna shame.

    • Mega, my great uncle who was a fish guard had his house burnt at independence. That’s how he fled the village and settled in Chibuluma Township. Problem is people don’t want to know the background of issues but opt to look at things with political bias.

  4. Most Zambians don’t think beyond their noses. They don’t believe that over fishing is detrimental to the re-production of fish. Look at what humans can do to this planet, today the whole world has lost the last precious white rhino to extinction in Kenya due to poaching. Even though this rhino ” Sudan” has died from natural causes after all it’s relatives have been killed by ruthless poachers who only think of themselves. There are other jobs like farming that these unthinkable fishermen can do, rather than fish out fishes to extinction. Man shall not live on bread alone think wisely.

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