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Zamtel to champion digital transformation-CEO


Zamtel CEO Sydney Mupeta speaking during a Cocktail party hosted for delegates attending the Second Regional African Conference in Lusaka
Zamtel CEO Sydney Mupeta speaking during a Cocktail party hosted for delegates attending the Second Regional African Conference in Lusaka

State owned enterprise Zamtel says it is positioning itself to become an Integrated Digital Service Provider that will integrate all sectors of the Zambian economy.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta said Zamtel will provide digital services by way of forging strong partnerships with industry players.
Mr. Mupeta said Zamtel will start off as a “Driver of Digital Transformation” by way of moving to open architecture through the deployment of cloud-based virtualized and Software Defined Networks with open Application programming interfaces (APIs).

He said Zamtel’s deliberate choice of open architecture is meant to support easy integration of partners which will inspire growth through digital transformation across all sectors of the economy.

Mr. Mupeta was speaking on Wednesday evening during a welcome cocktail for delegates attending the Second Regional African International Telecommunication Society Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel.

The two day conference is being held under the theme “Communications and Applications for All-The ICT thrust Transforming Business, Competition, Policy, and Regulation.”

“The Journey towards digital transformation is just starting and this Conference could not have picked a better theme. For us at Zamtel, it’s a question of once beaten, twice shy. This time, we are taking digital transformation head on! We are embracing the future and bringing scale to all our partners across different sectors of the economy,” Mr. Mupeta said.

He observed that the global network has introduced opportunities and challenges for telecom operators such as the coming of Over-The-Top (OTT) players that offer diverse applications and content, such as WhatsApp and Skype, directly to consumers.

Mr. Mupeta said this is leading to a decline in revenues from traditional telecom services such as voice and messaging.

“The OTT Disruption, is pretty similar to the Mobility Disruption of the early 1990s that we experienced as Zamtel. OTTs do not come with legacy issues, no in-country taxes and regulatory fees, and no investment in networks. Granted, OTTs are eating into telecom revenues and becoming stronger, however it is our considered view as Zamtel that even though OTT services, are substitutes to traditional services, they still need telecom operator-networks to access the customer,” he stated.

He added, “Monetizing OTTs will require service awareness which most Telco’s can do to some extent and in general the need to undergo “Digital Transformation”. This transformation has already started and the case-in-point is vertical integration into the financial sector through Mobile Money Service.”

Mr. Mupeta said Mobile Money is one of the first successful vertical integrations and it is expected to champion a cashless society through end-to-end electronic payment methods.

“Zamtel is championing cashless transactions and we expect to create winning partnerships with other industry players. Existing Players may see this as a threat, but this should be viewed as an opportunity to maximize value for all players in the financial ecosystem. Current trends are showing that Telco’s will continue to contribute “Scale” through Mobility and associated Financial Inclusion which will maximize value for every player in the expanded ecosystem,” he said.

And International Telecommunication Society Chairperson Dr Stephen Schmidt said the conference is important as it accords an opportunity for telecom players, governments and the academia to share knowledge on the recent advancements taking place in the global telecoms market.

International Telecommunications Society Chairman Dr Stephen Schmidt speaking during a Cocktail party hosted for delegates attending the Second Regional African Conference
International Telecommunications Society Chairman Dr Stephen Schmidt speaking during a Cocktail party hosted for delegates attending the Second Regional African Conference


  1. Welcome to the real world Zamtel. The wheel invented a long time ago when you were slumbering. Flowery words as to what you should have done long ago are too late. Just catch up.

    • What’s so special about “digital” in Zambia kanshi? It’s just how it now on Earth, like cars. Primary school teachers in Mununga have cars and WhatsApp, that’s new living.
      Stealing from “digital migration”.

    • @Nubian Princess; How does a Computer literate person look? Don’t judge the book by its cover?? Anyways, ZAMTEL are way behind, they have a lot of opportunities but have failed. Wrong management due to political influence.

  2. Only if MTN and Airtel go to sleep….other wise with your age long bueacracy your competitors have already planned ahead of you.

  3. The Zamtel CEO MAY HAVE THE DESIRE AND WILL TO DO LIKEWISE, BUT the CORRUPTION, LACK OF VISION AND LACK OF PATRIOTISM in current may just leave ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL IDEAS AS MERE PIPE DREAMS!! How does explain that when we have such a vision as articulated by the CEO, important ICT projects like SMART ZAMBIA, RTSA Systems are being given to foreigners by-passing our own national asset, Zamtel?!

  4. Sell 50% stake in Zamtel to investors, then you will see real growth and innovation. The country badly needs foreign capital injection, but you continue basking in so called State owned enterprise status for nothing.

    • An outside investor will not tolerate 10 people working in the an office with 3 people filing papers, stamping them, one making tea and buying groceries for staff when needed….that office would trimmed down to 4 staff.

  5. This is one major downside of appointing and propping up a CEO from a technical background like Sydney Mupeta…this guy will merely push through technological advances without concern if it one fails as this is his only strength, these companies like Zamtel need CEO from a business background from outside the company only interested in balance sheet.

    • Simply look at Sydney Mupeta’s CV on Linkedin …this man is a Technical man who has never run a company of this size. He is learning on the job at great cost to the taxpayer.

    • At least Sidney is daily inspiring young Zambians that they can reach the highest heights. Jay Jay, it must hurt you that you abandoned your country to become a second class citizen wiping bottoms while Sidney is the pride of many Zambians as CEO…sorry, boi, I feel for you. Under Sidney, Zamtel has been turning profits while the best you can do is troll him under a fake name on LT knowing that those white folks will never appreciate you while Sidney will remain in the hearts of many Zambians…kwekwekwekwekwekwe….

    • Zambian Citizen – we have already been down this road and I will not even attempt…nothing I explain to you now will make any difference as you are as thick as roller meal porridge. I highly doubt you even have a passport or know how to properly use the internet as you are not clued up on many issues.
      I doubt you have even read the article…typical PF folly!!

    • I mean you are the selfsame chap who has never seen a proper Ambulance before…really think a Mercedes Ambulance can cost $280K. Honestly what would anyone explain to you apart from Mentor Sunday Chanda and Online Workshop supervisor.

    • Don’t change the subject, iwe kolwe. You were trying to expose Sidney Mupeta as someone not deserving this appointment. You even put his cv on a LinkedIn, no?? But if any Zambian compares you to Sidney, he will always be remembered as the young Zambian achiever who is there amongst the exemplary. You, a worthless troll who hides behind fake names and cleans white bottoms for a living. Pathetic human being. Give room for Sidney to work and we shall all judge him on his achievements. Aku pipa fye abasungu, kapoli!!!

  6. This is a speech taken from a text book “ Integrated Circuits analysis and architecture” by Hawkings White , Oxford Univerisity press publication on the topic DYNAMICS OF DIGITAL MIGRATION AND ARCHITECTURE, pages 67-120.

  7. Jay Jay seems to be leading a life of misery and frustration. I mean, where do you find the time to comment on every article even responding to your own articles. These are the chaps who thought going abroad would give them greater opportunities than back home only to hit a brick wall. Palast nomba it’s comments 24/7 on Lusaka times. Kkkkkkkkkkk Lazy Scumbag

  8. Any attempts to weaken the existing robust financial system must be rejected. It is not about plastic money replacing hard cash. The ATM card is user friendly. It is accepted and it does a great job. For the the mobile cash transfer system to be user friendly, there is need to complement hard cash and checks. The choice depends on the customer. Using mobile phones to conduct financial transactions is not a bad idea. You can send money to any mobile phone to any other mobile. You can send money from mobile phone to bank account. You can send money from bank account to mobile phone. This is great idea! What is needed is to operate and maintain a reliable and sustainable financial system. More important, the choice of mobile operators must be open and monopoly must be rejected. You are…

    • More important, the choice of mobile operators must be open and monopoly must be rejected. You are welcome to Mobile Baking Zambia, Select your Mobile Banking Provider!

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