President Lungu's daughter Tasila, shares a light moment with Fiwale pupils shortly before she presented the shoes donated by Anchor of Hope Charities, an american NGO providing new shoes to underprivileged and vulnerable children in Zambia.
The Zambia National Education Coalition has revealed that over 800,000 children are out of school across the country.

Speaking during the launch of the Community Action for Out of School Children Project commissioned by the Zambia Open Community School, ZANEC Chairperson Kabika Kakunta said it is painful to note that the country has over 800, 000 children who are out of school.

Mr Kakunta said the project launched brings new hope for out of school children.

He has called upon the ZANEC member organisations that will be successfully awarded resources to implement the project and to carry out the planned activities in an exemplary manner that will allow for results.

Mr Kakunta also urged the member organisations to ensure prudent use and accountability for all resources to be provided in the course of implementation.

He said it is hopeful that this strategy that ZOCS has undertaken will result in a reduction of the number of out of school children.

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  1. General Educational policy is standing accused. General Education policy needs to reform the existing practices in order to create a win-win situation in the country. Identify stakeholders: public and private players. The private players include Church bodies and other charities. With maximum pragmatism, the solution to universal education is just around the corner. Existing schools could be authorized to enroll more during transition.


  2. Makasa Kasonde : I suspect you have never been to any government-run school lately. I would advise that you visit one when it is in session and after that you will be speaking from an informed position. It seems you are only concerned about children being in school and not about what they learn or whether they learn at all while in school.



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