PF youths happy with ‘black mountain’ handover process

Black Mountain, in Kitwe.
Black Mountain, in Kitwe.

Black Mountain, in Kitwe.
Black Mountain, in Kitwe.

Patriotic Front youths in Kitwe say they are happy with the progress made in the process of ensuring that they commence mining activities at the Copper sludge dumpsite commonly known as the black mountain in Kitwe following the handover of 10 per cent of the facility to the youths by government.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kitwe today, PF Kitwe District youth Chairman Mukudzo Kaboba said the process is progressing well and the youths are waiting patiently because they want to operate in an orderly and safe environment that will also be monitored by the Mine Safety department.

Mr Kaboba added that the youths were in the process of forming cooperatives through which they will operate under.

He further stated that the Mines Safety Department was also on course on working on the modalities to ensure safety of the miners when the mining operations begin.

He said the youths were eager to begin mining operations so that they begin earning an income for them to start supporting their families.

And Mr. Kaboba has stated that youths are also looking forward to a government authority to allow them to begin operations at the copper sludge dumpsites in Mufulira, Chingola and Luanshya.

Recently, Government handed over 10 per cent of the black mountain to the youths and the small scale miners popularly known as Jerabos to begin mining activities.

The mining activities have not yet commenced as government under the Ministry of Mines is still working on modalities to legalize the mining activities and to also ensure the safety of the miners.


  1. Jerabos are not “Youths”. Unless there are 2 groups in Kitwe, the Jerabos (illegal miners) who went to meet Edgar at State house, and PF Youths.
    Are PF Youths now Jerabos?
    State house or PF Secretariat need explain clearly.
    Sounds like Jerabos are screwed, PF IlundaChalo LTD wins.

    • It is clear that if you are not a member of the PF, you cannot benefit from the “black mountain”. So much for national unity in ECL’s Zambia

  2. People must start thinking beyond mining. If you great great grand father was miner, you should be more than a miner. come on guys, you support your family and country by growing your brain muscle. Move on!

    • As a matter of facts, farming could be more than mining as the market for food home and abroad is readily available. DRC is looking for food. So, the govt should encourage this so called jerabos to start engaging into big scale farming.

  3. These so called youths are hard core thugs, period. And if not careful these thugs are a time bomb which PF will fail to tame. Better to deal with genuine youths than trying to appease these criminals.


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