51 Solar Mill operators trained in central province

Solar Powered Milling Plant
Solar Powered Milling Plant
Solar Powered Milling Plant
Solar Powered Milling Plant

Government has embarked on a training of 51 Solar Milling plant operators under the Presidential Initiative in central province.

The 51 trainees who are attending the training are from the host District Mkushi, Luano and Serenje.

The participants are a combination of three representatives from 17 co-operatives respectively.

In his opening remarks, Mkushi District Commissioner Luka Mwamba said this was an important event as it would herald the start of a new chapter in the operations of beneficiary co-operatives.

He said this would enable co-operatives to add value to their maize, sorghum and millet and selling at a higher price.

Mr. Mwamba explained that this will increase and broaden the income base of beneficiary co-operative societies which relied on selling raw materials.

“The presidential solar milling plants initiative exemplifies the President of Zambia and government’s resolve to economically empower co-operatives and simultaneously members of co-operatives”, he said.

He implored the trainees to take the training seriously so they can be equipped with the technical know-how required to operate solar milling plants.


  1. Presidential Initiative bought 2000 solar hammer mills …how was this company that supplied sourced? this is all corruption and to top it up this account is not even audited by the AG’s office. These are all waste of money who will pay all these operators …where does all this money go to? How much has been raised?

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