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Eddie Mwitwa to take over as LAZ President


Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa is in line to take over from Linda Kasonde as President of the Law Association of Zambia.

Mr. Mwitwa is the only Lawyer whose nomination was received by the Electoral Committee ahead of the forth coming LAZ elections.

The election will be held on 7th April, 2018 at the Avani Victoria Falls Resort in Livingstone.

Until now, Mr Mwitwa was the organisation’s Vice President.

Linda Kasonde, the Association’s first ever first female President has served her full two year term.

She was elected President after beating her fellow contenders Sydney Chisanga and Kafula Mwiche in April 2016.

Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa
Lusaka Lawyer Eddie Mwitwa


    • TRIBALIST @ shooterz! This country is not for Bemba’s only. We are more than 73 tribes in Zambia. Foolish comment from shooterz!

    • Eddie Mwitwa is a brilliant young lawyer who will be equal to the task. This talk about tribe is because most Zambians do not stop to ask why we are called Bantu people. We have a lot in common but this is not usually acknowledged. The education system needs to be changed so that these things are hammered into pupils’ heads at an early age and examined in subjects such as history and civics. UNIP caused this problem in my view but i want to be fair because nation-building is never easy, especially when state-building is confused with nation-building as is the case in Zambia.

    • Mwitwa’s first challenge is to rejuvenate the barring of Lungu from Law practice for denting the reputation of the profession by being a bad model while in State House and before as a thieving lawyer. It’s a big ask but he can do it. Go Mwitwa, go Mwitwa.

  1. Let’s hope he’s as smart as he looks. I give it up to all esteemed lawyers (my dad was one) who undoubtedly show themselves to be sharp, critical thinkers and are ever ready to bring worthwhile solutions to any problem that anyone may have.

  2. Now that there is a Tonga at the helm of LAZ, you will see how PF scum bugs will reduce everting LAZ does to tribal nonsense..what this space…. starting from now and on this thread

    • This one is Mwitwa, a Ng’umbo from Samfwa district Luapula province and not Mweetwa from Southern province.

    • Stop mentioning tribes here. He is a Zambian. He is a Zambian, he went to Matero boys’ and UNZA , he is current vice president of LAZ thats all.

    • I understand that in Masai culture, there is a belief that all cattle in the world belong to the Masai. I sense a bit that in what is being said about Eddie Mwitwa in the sense that some imagine that the name “Mwitwa” can only occur in their tribe. This narrow-mindedness. We are not called Bantu people for nothing , if I can be allowed to repeat that. What language is the word “bantu” itself?

    • Yes, MWITWA (and not MWEETWA) is a very common name among tribes found in parts of Central Province such as the Swakas, Lalas, and others. I had friends whose first name was Mwitwa and others with their last name (sir name) Mwitwa…..and I am from Central Zambia. This name is also somewhat common in the Copperbelt among the Lambas. Going north (Northern, Luapula, and Muchinga provinces,) the name is common up there too.

      And this is the danger of trying to tell one’s tribe based on their name….it is stup!d and shallow. Especially in today’s Zambia where there have been so many decades of intermarriages among ‘tribes’. Well, bloody hell, the name is Zambian and common among Zambians….full stop! So what’s the problem?

  3. Educated UPND Cadre

    He is Mwitwa, Not MWEETWA. And stop thinking on tribal lines please. we are tired of such language.

  4. The indictment on LAZ is how to reconcile it’s dual roles of being the fraternal association and regulator of lawyers. There’s definitely a conflict of interests as those members perceived to be against any serving committee will be threatened with disciplinary action. This tends to stifle any dissent. LAZ must just remain with its regulatory function, lawyers must found another body to serve their interests

  5. These are some of the organisations without any purpose. Deregister LAZ. I don’t see its relevance.

    • Baba, even if INGORANCE is BLISS, surely you should realise that LAZ is not just a common organization like an NGO. LAZ is a creation of our Constitution. You can’t just DEREGESTER it like an Mulongoti’s one-man ‘Parteee’. You will need to amend/change the Constitution to get rid of LAZ. Please!!!!

    • Why are they quacks? Lungu was debarred for fraud you can not put his in the same category as any lawyer… At least there is democracy at LAZ unlike our Politicians who cling on or hide behind vague clauses.

  6. Eddie Mwitwa’s parentage hail from Lundazi district of Kaphaizi village chief Phikamalaza. Eddie himself was born in copper-belt where his parents worked and has not visited his ancestral origin since childhood.
    A Zambian without anything much to do with tribe except a young brilliant layer with traceable origins unlike president Edigar Chagwa Lungu.

  7. The tongas also have the name Mwitwa but it could double i. He could be tonga or ngumbo or luchazi whatever, but I like his face. I do not see any tribalism in his eyes, just pure good nature.

  8. This thread makes sad reading …is this where we have got to where you have to look at a fellow Zambians name before you comment? I mean its clearly stated that he was Veep all this time and you are there having a debate about his tribe…I miss the days when we were growing up when surnames never mattered.

    • If we had another person at state house other than Lungu, this nonsense of tribes would not have been there.

    • Are you sure @Macgyver? Lungu has only been at State House for less than three years, are you telling me this problem just started within this period? Please, even if you have somebody this is simply going overboard with your hate and scapegoating.

      I would somewhat agree with you if said IF WE HAD ANOTHER PERSON LEADING UPND OTHER THAN HH, this nonsense of tribes would be far less. Because quite frankly, this problem has only grown so big and become a problem and danger since HH took over UPND. Not saying it wasn’t there before, but not quite to the same extent. I may be wrong, but that is just my observation and opinion. By the way, just look at the first comment that started all this tribal talk even here. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the political affiliation of the…

    • continue..

      author of the comment…It is all about Tongas vs the rest. Right? That should tell you everything you need to know. It certainly isn’t because of the man sitting in State House right now. And if we the citizens of this Country do not make concerted efforts to purge this vice from our hearts and communities, it will NOT MATTER who sits in State House. The problem will only grow and worse until one day it reaches a boiling point….and the results are gustly to even imagine. For now it sounds like fun and games until it is too late. Examples of societies that have gone down this dangerous road abound….we can lessons from them and avoid catastrophe.

  9. What you will say about Lungu ,how ever you are going to insult him with the waste of your insults ,one thing will not change that his the President of Zambia,he will for ever be remembered as having been President of this republic for the existence of this world before Jesus come,I don’t understand why we insult out leaders,remember some of the things they have done which where not done by past govts will remain even after he is not President.
    Leaders don’t come to sort out all your problems but some of the problems, we will continue developing slowly, slowly, leader after leader,don’t panic my dear fellow Zambians.

  10. Lazy unlike some political parties does not ignore its own constitution hence the departure of Linda Kasonde.

  11. LAZ unlike some political parties does not ignore its own constitution. Hence the departure of Linda Kasonde.

  12. This is the very reason we must address ourselves as Zambians and not by tribe. The tribe tag must be removed on all national documents. You see how others have already gone tribal.

  13. Small minds will talk petty issues like tribalism but big minds bring progressive thoughts on the table.Tribalism will not build the nation.It always deducts progress and brings in regress.Our generation should go beyond issues that are petty like tribalism.

  14. Reading all these tribal sentiments makes me start thinking that I should adopt a number as my sir name. What really surprises me is that when one is outside Zambia but in Africa he/she is just regarded as a Zambian and outside Africa as an African or N***r. Yet down here you are so busy with your tribal thing. Please N***rs stop it.

  15. Well done – hey fellas! Leave the young ZAMBIAN alone and quit the toxic discussion of whether he is a Mwi or a Mwee… Disgusting!

  16. @12.2 Macgyver, don’t try to mislead people. The genesis of the current ugly scourge of tribalism is traced back to 2006 when h.h replaced Mazoka in upndeez. It was clearly stated then and has never been withdrawn that “upndeez shall be headed only a tonga”, “if you can’t speak tonga how will you work with us when we come to power”. Before that time we knew each other as Zambians. Now tell me, was Edgar Lungu anywhere near the politicals cene then in 2006? Who could predict that Edgar would become President of Zamvia in 2015?
    But of course you may be right in your own way, if you mean that you see a mice eating easterner in State House instead of a Zambian.

  17. Welcome Mr. Mwitwa! Please stay clear of the animalia kingdom! Just read above and you will see the contamination of body, soul and spirit from animism.

  18. A party that tells its vice President “This party is for Tongas, and you are not Tonga, so you cannot contest the presidency,” is very low! It will NEVER win a national election!

  19. I am encouraged by the anti tribal sentiments that Zambians are showing now, many people are truly disgusted as we can see from many disgusted comments above. I hope that upndeez are reading the story in fact and in between the lines: tribal politics and tribalism are disgusting in Zambia, go back to the drawing board.

  20. It may be necessary to replace much of your leadership from top including your MPs, if you are to become a force again in Zambian politics like under Mazoka. The current crop knows no other brand of politics. Just look at the face of Nkombo and you will see what I am talking about, look at the way he was pointing his finger into the President’s face at parliament. Mwiimbu? A cultured civilised gentleman in the middle of uncouth uncultured tribal elements. Consider him for President, throw away that GBM. Send h.h back into full time business and dont allow him anywhere near your offices again, just shut the door on him! Take my dose of advice and you will be in power sooner than you think, as early as 2026 or even sooner if the current crop of rulers lose direction or become big headed…

  21. But mu Zambia everything is tribalism.pipo have abandoned the actual discussion nd are pre-occupied with a tribe of someone hoping to find favor.


  23. You are too tribal never to allow any other tribe into power. I am European but will always be proud of my Spanish lingua .

  24. The politics on this rock got messed up by one guy from the south who shocked us all by the manner he took over a party.
    Before that,I had never seen such blatant and brazen tribalism.
    An entire executive was hounded out purely based on tribe and no convention has been held since then.
    Up to today,their leader still thinks what he did was right.His followers still believe what he did was right.The result of such faulty reasoning is almost 20yrs in opposition and no capacity to grow
    The people have said no to that leader 6 times and they are going to demonstrate that fact over and over if need be.
    We don’t reward tribalists with the highest office in the land of 72 tribes.
    Dundumwezi lessons are still fresh on our minds.
    They insulted Sata even when he was ill and wished for his…

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