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Davies Mwila challenges UPND to stop politicking but focus on development.


Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has challenged the opposition political parties in the Southern Province to stop politicking but to instead focus on development.

Speaking in Choma last night during a district PF fundraising dinner dance, Mr. Mwila said there is no time for politicking because government is now preoccupied with delivering development to the country.

He said government has devised robust strategies that are aimed at strengthening the economy so as to improve living standards of the ordinary Zambians through job creation.

Mr. Mwila said it was therefore important for the opposition political parties to avoid politicking and support initiatives that aim at bringing about the much needed development to the country.

He said the PF government was clear about the need to strengthen the economy and ensure that Zambians benefit from creation of jobs.

Mr. Mwila has since commended the district PF leadership in Choma for embarking on initiatives that will ensure financial independence of the ruling party and eliminate the dependence syndrome

Speaking earlier, Southern Province PF chairman Lawrence Evans implored lower party organs in the region to consider venturing into sustainable income generating ventures so that the ruling party is financially sound ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Evans said it is important for district party organs to engage in business activities that will facilitate generation of income directed towards party mobilization in a more sustained manner.

He said proceeds from fundraising activities should be used in a prudent manner so that the party remains focused on achieving growth at all levels.

Mr. Evans said the return of the PF Secretary General to the Southern province barely two months after his recent successful mobilization tour of districts was as a result of indicators that the ruling party was gaining inroads into the once perceived opposition stronghold.

Meanwhile, Choma district PF chairman Peter Kampamba vowed to recommend the expulsion of party members who will fail to account for proceeds from the fundraising activities saying the ruling party wants to ensure discipline is upheld.

Southern province minister Edify Hamukale, Provincial Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba and District Commissioners from across the province attended the function which also attracted members of the business community.


    • Mwila’s skin is too dark more than normal and that head without hair is a sign this guy is on medication,,, his lips just like wynter kabimba ,,,
      And I just wonder this PF thieves are throwing money of the floor for people to pick

      Don’t not expend your energies trying to persuade these losers about development. They have no developmental agenda. UPNDEAD to focus on development? Bufi yama; Bubela yaya; Ulabeja aisha; Niboza nama maloza malume. UPNDEAD’s agenda is to steal, destroy and kill period. Lucifarian cult-frameworked.

    • Is being dark or fair an issue also? Let Mwila have a hair style that he likes. It is his politics that matter.

  1. How can we tax ourselves into prosperity and development? Where did Mr Mwila, a truck driver by profession, learn about development? Zambia belongs to us all. What affects Zambia affects everybody regardless of political affiliation. It used to be Koswe Mumpoto but now it’s Koswe in our pockets! These taxes you have started heaping on the citizens will see you out of power soon! A responsible SG does not behave like an attack d0g but will advise correctly about the political climate! We really wasted our votes on this chi party! UPND would have done much better but we were blinded by the wako ni wako nonsense!

  2. These are wasted years indeed …how do you challenge an opposition party to stop politicking but focus on development…these dull dingbats in these parties.

  3. Davies Mwila is the one politicking here. He went to Choma for party mobilization and then started talking about HH and UPND. What taxes does HH collect which he can apply on development?

  4. How can UPND focus on development as if they are the ones in power? The duty of opposition is to criticise especially a useless party like PF.

    • This is where you get it all wrong. The duty of the opposition is to offer “checks and balances” not criticism. A useless opposition concentrates on criticisms and always looking for opportunities to criticize the govt.

    • What do you think is checks and balances? If you state that PF is reckless given that the wasted XX million on US trip…all PF have to do is come up with evidence to counter that not merely the whole thing is doctored.

  5. Davies Mwila, do you even understand what you talk about yourself? is UPND the party in government? where are they going to get money for development? You should stop going around using GRZ money because you cannot say it is PF money you are using for campaigns. Each time you open your mouth it is either HH or UPND. tELL US HOW YOUR RULING PARTY IS GOING TO LIFT THE MISERY YOU HAVE IMPOSED ON US. pf HAS NOT DELIVERED ON ANY PROMISE THEY GAVE THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA. ASK SOMEONE INTELLIGENT TO WRITE SPEACHES FOR YOU RATHER THAN THE PRATTLE YOU SPEW.

  6. Mwila should understand why his party is governing. Development programs are not driven by Opposition parties as theirs is to raise checks and balances flags on PF through politicking. It is incumbent on PF the party in government to counter them by showing tangible achievements of the PF development driven agenda than to throw a challenge! Every time PF is talking about “ghost” strategies and initiatives but not pointing at actual results “apo babomba nangu balipakati ukubomba!” It is absurd for Mwila to insinuate that opposition focus on development when they control no resources and when its not the opposition party policies being implemented! Is Mwila saying his party has no policy in place being implemented for the opposition to come to their rescue?

  7. PF won elections and are in power. So it is PF’s responsibility to focus on development. That is what the people expect of it’s government. When UPND wins elections and get in government then we can talk about that.

  8. Guys, which development can DAVIES MWILA talk about and praise the PF for ? Every time I try to tune to DEADNBC TV, the only province they talk about is Muchinga and Chinsali almost all the time, the government has done this and that in Muchinga or Chinsali. The question is what about the other provinces, don’ t they deserve to be developed ?
    Further, just forgive such people like Davies Mwila ‘cos he is deficient in so many things. His degree of understanding certain things is as shallow as that of a new born baby. He’ s still an infant in the head and he speaks out of excitement may be because he never dreamed that at once time he was going to serve in government. It came by surprise and up to now he cannot believe it.

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