Police arrest a man in form dumping a woman in a drunken state


Police in Lusaka have arrested a 32-year-old man in connection with the case of a 34-year-old woman who was dumped in a drunken state in Libala Waterworks area from a moving Toyota Runx registration number BAG 4456.

Zambia Police Assistant Public Relations Officer Godfrey Chilabi said in a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday that the suspect has been charged with Negligent Act contrary to section 237 chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Mr. Chilabi said following the report of the incident to Godfrey Miyanda Police Post on March 15 this year, police instituted investigations which have resulted in the arrest of a suspect.

The Zambia Police Deputy Spokesperson explained that contrary to ritual killing claims, the two met at a drinking place and started drinking together.

However, when the suspect noticed that the woman got excessively drunk, he decided to put her in the said car, drove off and dumped her at some location in water works area.

Mr. Chilabi said it is at this point that a passer-by saw the incident and reported the matter to police at Godfrey Miyanda Police Post.

He dispelled assertions that the woman’s hands and feet were tied in a ritual killing fashion.

Mr. Chilabi said the suspect has remained in police custody and the car has been impounded for further investigations.

Police has since warned members of the public to avoid alcohol abuse and be cautious with the people they interact with during drinking sprees.

Last week on Thursday, a woman was reportedly dumped by three men in Waterworks area from a moving vehicle in her drunken state.

Following the report, Police from Godfrey Miyanda Police Post picked up the woman and rushed her to Chilenje Hospital where she was admitted and later discharged.

On Friday, when delivering his State of the Nation Address to Parliament, President Edgar Lungu bemoaned the alcohol abuse and high drinking culture among Zambians.

The President said government has started promoting good morals and ethics by introducing codes of conduct in the public.


  1. Zambians drink too much alcohol because there aren’t many activities to participate in. Our parks are in a terrible state, we don’t have proper recreational facilities- look at what the mines in the Copperbelt have done to the sport complexes – they are completely rundown. Even in the villages its worse, Chibuku has become a god to most of the active youth who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow.
    Alcohol abuse is the number one threat to this nation’s social well being.

    • @2020 version we don’t even have parks anymore because we don’t appreciate them in the first place. The most shocking one is the embassy park which was turned into a burial site. Its a shame.we don’t plan properly. We are realitive and not proactive. Pali embassy park chalinkalipa sana because that’s were I has my first kiss. So apa nomba ni junta fye.

    • School playgrounds have been turned into market places by ba kungula. One Copperbelt mayor gave himself a plot in 2006 on place meant for recreation facilities.

    • 2020vision you are trying but failing to justify the unjustifiable. We all live in the same country with few recreation facilities but we don’t go out throwing women from moving vehicles.

  2. We have a play park at long aces just behind a bus stop,but what do we see empty seats and swings the chaps are at kalahari and horse shoe hammering junta

  3. The idea of selling alcohol in bottles has changed nothing because alcohol is too cheap. This junta must just come to an end forget about economic consequences. Let do it now before its too late

  4. I support the assertion that youths are abusing alcohol let’s not politicise this issue it’s a n emergency that needs find a solution
    I respect the view and understanding of ba kateka that’s the heart for the people you are taking lead of ignor what fools are posting for as long as the concern is in the right direction and timely.

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