Friday, February 23, 2024

Amos Chanda’s Full Sunday Interview



  1. But you guys uyu Amos is insulting, so annoying.
    Umwaiche Chellah was not insulting, he was just teenagesh, and people forgot him.
    But uyu Amos Chanda,bstarted well, before ifya corruption scandals.
    My Laura Miti obseverd well, bring Emmanuel Mwamba at least tatukana.

  2. The clown is drunk with power, that he thinks can proffer his own opinions in the name of the president! So brash, arrogant and dismissive!! A public officer does not behave this way. He defending what can not be defended. The worst administration since we attained self – governance. A man is known by the company he keeps, if this present is to be measured by the calibre of this man.

  3. he has never distinguished between being a civil servant and being a cadre. he has largely been a cadre to the bone, defending the whirlwind. Power has gone to his head he thinks he is a de facto President too.

  4. People think I am disrespectful when I say you have a punk in state house and he is surrounded and advised by punks. Here is over-whelming evidence that what I say is true. PUNK: a worthless person.

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