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Lusaka City Council pulls down the controversial Kafue roundabout billboard


Removal of the controversial billboard at Kafue Roundabout
Removal of the controversial billboard at Kafue Roundabout

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has pulled down the controversial Kafue roundabout billboard in an exercise to regulate the placement of billboards in the city.

The Kafue round about billboard is just one of the more than 75 billboards that have been removed in three months for among other reasons being illegally and wrongly mounted in Lusaka.

The agent on the Kafue roundabout billboard did not follow the approved specifications by the local authority and put up a structure contrary to what was approved.

Out of the more than 75 billboards removed, 35 were removed because they were illegally and wrongly mounted on street poles thereby posing a danger to motorists and pedestrians alike.

The Council in January this year embarked on a programme of regulating the placement of billboards in an exercise that is meant to restore sanity in the manner billboards are erected and displayed in the city in line with the Local Government Act Cap 281 of the Laws of Zambia.

12 billboards were removed for obstructing traffic lights and the other 10 were removed for obstructing legally erected billboards.

The latest billboards to be brought down were the two depicting those of Ministers Bowman Lusambo and Margaret Mwanakatwe, respectively.

The two billboards were brought down for lacking identity of the advertiser and being erected without planning permission from the local authority.

The Council wishes to advise advertisers that roundabouts, street poles and road reserves are a property of Lusaka City Council and as such planning permission should be sought before mounting any billboards and correct specifications of approved plans followed.

The Council will continue to remove illegal billboards in the city in an effort to bring sanity Lusaka.

Removal of the controversial billboard at Kafue Roundabout
Removal of the controversial billboard at Kafue Roundabout


  1. Thank You, billboard have become a nuisance in Zambia, they are more than trees now. Vitemeni!
    If you go to CB there are a million billboards with Bowman Lusambo on them.

    • Who allowed that thing to be constructed there in the first place? Is this how ridiculous things have gotten in Zambia now? Wow!!!!!

    • You forced Lusambo to pull down his billboard. How many has he pull down in retaliation? Now he will show you how destruction is done.
      Dismantle things man, fyonaule.

    • These billboards are erected by PF caders that is why they are done with such impunity. The council’s seems to have picked up their ball.s from heaven knows where …the sorry thing is even putting down these billboards is a huge cost we are not hearing of penalties against the “agencies”

    • So much incompetence with this PF administration, it’s absolutely unbelievable. People just do what they think is right because they know the country’s leadership is as clueless as they can be. That’s why people just put up illegal structures everywhere with impunity. This never happens in developed countries where everything is well ordered and managed. Setting up rules and enforcing them is not that hard. Set up clear rules on what people need to do in order to erect billboards in a public place. When the rules are broken, fine the culprits heavily with possible prison time. Otherwise you’ll be the ones wasting the taxpayer’s money trying to take these billboards down. Please get serious. So much incompetence, PF. You all need to get fired.

  2. How did they start in the first place? And how has he managed to wake up from that infamous sleep by the Lusaka Mayor. That billboard was really a disaster eclipsing our national symbol – the noble eagle in its flight. Just who does that??? Some desperate adverts – awe!.
    Disaster mayor – ever in deep sleep only to wake up and fail to see the eagle in its flight at Kafue roundabout!!!.

  3. Lazy Lungu corrupt cadre leadership is the result of all this…even historic sites back in the day people used to take wedding photos there now its a joke…Zambian artists and architects need to challenged to improve that roundabout.

  4. UNIP worked hard on those two roundabouts Kafue and great east round respectively. What happened to the water fountain? MMD mess up every thing Kaunda worked or stood for

  5. Our sleeping mayor has done a good job for once. Somebody tell, why do we pay for parking our cars in town to parkrite? Let’s have this arrangement investigated coz it smells corruption

  6. just confirms how sleepy the council is… can someone construct a structure to roof leve in your back yard and u are not aware of it…??

  7. #4 Jay Jay, among the corrupt a fair majority are members of your clan, they are probably more vicious than any other breed that we have known. So start fighting the corruption within a few metres of your nose than bothering us about the gentleman in state house. Get a life!!

  8. In the west you cannot put up a roadside shack to trade even for a day before its pulled down. But in Zambia they put up one , four …seventy five billboards before the sleeping NCC does anything.

    We’re lazy ,corrupt and incompetent with a high dose of impunity.

  9. One of chilubas and MMDs heinous crimes was to cut down those beautiful trees on Kafue roundabout and replace them with a fountain that does not work……..

    • Wrong. The fountains at the roundabouts, circles if you wish, were erected by UNIP. I remember at one of the MMD rallies in Lusaka in 1990, one Dipak Patel mockingly saying “These people-UNIP, are busy sending water in the sky when the populace have no drinking water”.

  10. Hary Kalaba, Chishimba Kambwili and Bowman Lusambo are on the same page his loyalty to ECL and PF is false only covered by his ministerial post.

  11. No this article is not telling the truth. The stupid billboard for Mwanakatwe is still standing today at woodlands roundabout.
    Can someone pull that down because campaigns are long gone and mwanakatwas election should be nullified.

  12. Yes, pull down the Mwanakatwe bill board at woodlands round about. It is now offensive, knowing that she won fraudulently and unfairly.

  13. The late Professor Ali Marui in the groundbreaking 1980s BBC documentary “the Africans” said one of the the problems we face in Africa is us confusing the concepts of modernity and industrialisation and by this he was making reference to the increasing trend of Billboards appearing across African cities. This was something he saw over 30 years ago and we are still having this problem. Billboards are not development people need to realise this!

    It’s it’s pity now that people in Zambia can do things only to their own interests without proper consultations..

    I just hate it…
    To the max…….

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