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No insecure Politician will shut us up, says Harry Kalaba as he visits hospitalized Kambwili


Harry Kalaba arriving at CFB Hospital on Friday morning

Bahati PF Member of Parliament Harry kalaba has charged that no insecure politician will threaten Zambia’s democracy.

Mr Kalaba said no politician will also mute the many voices calling for change.

Speaking this morning at CFB Hospital when he visited Chishimba Kambwili who is admitted in ICU there, Mr. Kalaba expressed disappointment at the desparation faced by what he called insecure politicians trying to shut up those speaking for the people.

“They will lock up my elder brother Chishimba today,me tomorrow but it wont change anything. We will not stop talking about the injustice,” said Mr. Kalaba.

Mr. Kambwili was last night rushed to CFB under heavily guard by state police after his sugar and Blood pressure rose whilst in custody.

He is still under heavy police guard in ICU and access restricted.

[pullquote]It is unfortunate that President Edgar Lungu wants to perpetuate his stay in power using unorthodox means,” Mr Musenge said.[/pullquote]

And opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema on Thursday visited Mr Kambwili moments after he was detained at Woodlands Police station.

Mr Hichilema encouraged Mr Kambwili to remain strong.

HH at Woodlands Police Station when he went to visit Mr Kambwili

“We just hope that his rights will be respected by giving him bond or bail since his charges are all bailable. These are individual human rights for all and are enshrined in our laws including in the Commonwealth charter,” Mr Hichilema said.

“First it was the UPND members, today it’s NDC, tomorrow it will be each one of us. We, however, wish our brother Chishimba Kambwili God’s strength.”

Meanwhile, opposition NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has claimed that police service acting under instructions from State House are planning to detain Mr. Kambwili at Lilayi Police College.

He said according to intelligence reports, a special holding cell has been prepared for Mr. Kambwili in Lilayi.

Mr Musenge said the initial reports reveals that police plan to confine Mr Kambwili as soon as he is discharged from Hospital.

He claimed that riot police have since been dispatched in three buses to keep vigil in the city centre in lusaka just in case riots break out.

“As NDC, we vehemently condemn the action by State House who have continued muzzling and persecuting Mr. Kambwili. It is unfortunate that President Edgar Lungu wants to perpetuate his stay in power using unorthodox means,” Mr Musenge said.

Harry Kalaba arriving at CfB Hospital on Friday morning
HH at Woodlands Police Station when he went to visit Mr Kambwili
HH at Woodlands Police Station when he went to visit Mr Kambwili


  1. You can see the insecurity written all over him. He can’t even talk properly always mumbling as if he is not a lawyer….

    • Lungu! One day you will pay, mu jele there is no alcohol, so you won’t make friends or have friends kaili you, friends are people you drink with

    • Kambwili please don’t die, please God help us.
      Why State House tabomfwa kanshi. I no longer get furious, I just wonder who the hell has gone wrong…

    • LUNGU has small p.enis syndrome.

      Men with small d.icks are usually jealous & beat up their wives each time they find them talking to any man. They even accuse their wives of sleeping with their bosses.

      It’s a cycle: today it’s Kambwili in jail, tomorrow it’ll be Lungu. Problem is weakling Lungu can’t survive a week in jail.

    • And these are the same guys that used to eat on the same plate…Politics will never be my thing let me continue my own hustles though am not making enough but its content

    • Hakulusa has no strategy above all else he ain’t got no clue what his actions mean. Here he does not understand that if convicted, Hakalusa’s actions would have meant he was an accomplice to supporting all the wrong doing that Kambili would be convicted with.

      And please stop calling him Kambwili … he’s way too big for that. He should be called Chimbwili!! And Kalaba, I had some respect for this kid but now, he is nothing but an attention seeker. Such kind go into oblivion faster than they think.

      What a loser this kid has turned out to be … I regret that he comes from the same province were some of the smartest people of the Zambian Enterprise emanate from him. He is such a bad example of those of us from Liverpool (Luapula ntondo).

      We are usually free spirits but this is…

  2. Imwe please, Kambwili is a Corrupt Kawalala, who embezzled State coffers.
    Only difference is Jona himself a dishonest Kawalala is shielding other Kawalala’s, BUT their day will soon come.
    Stop glorifying Chimbwili, who now preaches righteousness just because he was stopped from dipping his long fat fingers into the National cookie jar.

    • Are you surprised? Zambians don’t have principles. I’m sure if Kambwili was still minister, the same people were going to be shouting for his prosecution. Politics may be about numbers but in most cases it’s those numbers that soil an otherwise clean political party. Just remember how mwenya Musenge was labeled a thief, a smuggler and other names. But just because he’s broken from PF he’s suddenly cleansed himself. Bring these chaps in government and your cries of corruption will continue until the second advent.

    • We never glorify Kambwili, there nothing special about him, except he is one of us.
      We are saying STOP breaking and tear gassing in HH house.
      Why arrest and imprison Mwalileta for going into opposition? He nearly died too.
      @ Ndanje, if Kambwili nga afwa ukamulya umubishi.

    • @Nostradamus, I don’t expect such utterances from a person like you. I don’t know you personally but from your postings I’ve phantomed as a person of decent attitude. Maybe as people accuse us that the people from Luapula lose all friendship when their relative dies. By the way if Kambwili knows that he’s physically he not stress himself.

    • Hello !!! @nostradamus is right, ,,if kambwili is a kawalala and lungu is kawalala, why does lungu want to kill kambwili? ?If they are the same. ..Edgar is my friend. .. On this I wont support him

    • @2.3
      Kambwili needs to calm down but I guess the corruption probe on his plate is extremely heavy and shows no signs of letting up.
      Nevertheless your timely advise is medically sound.

    • Before any “stones” are thrown – I have read what ‘sent’ him over to ICU. I am just trying to figure out what it is about our police/justice processes that disregard ALL conditions and human basics of whoever is taken into custody…

  3. Mr Kalaba if you think there’s a politician who’s not insecure, then you’re in the wrong room. Try the grave yard and probably you may find one. All politicians are insecure and that’s why they have bodyguards, spies and other things. It doesn’t matter whether you are in America or China, the fears are the same.

    • It depends on the context it’s expressed. Just for the sake of myself and interested readers can you tell us what Kalaba means by insecure? If you don’t know, then it’s pointless.

    • @Ndanje, now waya ku Kalaba. But I we chikkala wachilamo, uletekanya first. Efyo bamiponwena.
      Kalaba was a decent teacher at St. Clements, don’t just start attacking everyone.

    • Is that all you can offer. He was a teacher at St Clements so was I teacher before I changed to mining. It doesn’t mean I have all the knowledge. If you think insulting me will put me off you’re wasting your time. Kalaba just like Edgar is just like an ordinary person like you and me and as such cannot add anything to me. If Kalaba wants to be president, that’s his funeral not mine.

    • @Ndanje Khakis you really are displaying your ignorance! In Denmark and the Netherlands there are many politicians that ride their bicycles to Parliament! WITH NO BODYGUARDS AT ALL! Including the Prime Minister.

      Google – Netherlands Prime Minister Uses BICYCLE to work in the Hague, no convoys, no chase car, zero, just a bicycle

      And there is the President of Uruguay that drives his old VW Beetle himself – Google this –

      Uruguay’s Jose Mujica gets $1m offer for his VW Beetle – BBC News

    • I know about these countries and how a prime minister was shot dead in a cinema hall because he had no bodyguards. I’m not ignorant my friend. Talking of ignorance ask why is it that POTUS from a very advanced country needs hundreds of bodyguards? Tell me which African countries moves without guards. Don’t support for the sake of supporting.

    • @Ndanje khakis

      You are extremely correct. Don’t worry YOURSELF trying to convince the stone-heads and bone-heads. Recently double h mourned his bodyguard we know not what he did to him. Let them show you which politician is not insecure.

  4. Is this the Multiparty Democracy our fathers fought for in the 1990’s? To me it’s like we are slowly going back to one party state, ECL should stand up and correct things before the nations bursts with anger.
    People are not happy with what is happening, does it mean anyone in the opposition is now the enemy of the nation. So many harassments to the Zambian people who strongly oppose the wrongs the current party in power is exercising.
    We all clearly know that the job of the opposition is to challenge the party in power for the things they think will erode development of the nation, alas in our nation it’s different now.
    News coming from Kawambwa is that Mwenya Musenge and some NDC members are detained at police station that side after they were found interviewing those who are vying…

  5. And this is Harry Kalaba who resigned from PF cabinet citing corruption-ka?ACC is trying to fight corruption found in Kambwili but Kalaba and HH who claim to hate corruption are busy supporting Kambwili-amazing!!!SO WHAT DOES HARRY KALABA OR HH STAND FOR?according to then one is only corrupt when he is still working with president Edgar Lungu?ZAMBIANS PLEASE SEE HOW EVIL THESE POLITICIANS ARE!!!thats why i miss Mr Sata and Levy Mwanawasa who never changed goal posts anyhow!!The current politicians cannot be trusted!!HH WILL EVER BE AN U-5 POLITICIAN!!!as for Kambwili,let him face the ACC.faking his health wont solve anything!!

    • Njinbu and Mega, There is a descent way to fight corruption. Not witchhunt! we have many ministers cited for corruption. Remind me again when they last smelled heavy presence of police and ACC at their residence, arrest or any thing of a sort?
      We dont wait for a person to leave govt before we can start investigations. Mind you, everybody is innocent until proved guilty by the courts of law.

    • HH and Kalaba are NOT giving Chimbwili support for his corrupt activities – what they are saying is whether a person is corrupt or not, he/she should be treated humanely. He should not just be arrested when he differs with Lungu. There are many corrupt officials in govt at the moment but they are never arrested. The moment they differ with “authority” you start harassing them – which is wrong

    • Why do Zambian politicians have to be arrested in a dramatic manner? If this Chimbwili (by the way, I don’t like the guy’s mentality) has finally been seen to be corrupt, just take him to court. Why all this drama? It smells of something else.

  6. You can only insult the government when your hands are clean. Let kambwili be cleared by the courts of law. How do we fight corruption if we continue defending corrupt leaders simply bcoz they are in opposition? Whether opposition or government, corrupt politicians must face the law..!

    • What “Courts of Law”?

      Lungu and his fellow thieves have managed to turn the Zambian Judiciary into Courts of lawlessness. You only have to look at the Ugandan in the computer room at ECZ and the Petition to see that!

      With all the scandals by this PF government, how many cases of corruption have been brought? How many convictions has the ACC made?

      Has any corrupt MINISTER ever seen the inside of a courtroom, except for contesting their seat?

    • Ba Dora … muli chikopo sana imwe. As if you are not learned at law? Courts deal with evidence and none of your cohorts have managed to produce actual actionable proof to take the alleged corrupt culprit.

      So do yourself a favor, don’t just be blinded with your hatred having lost your husband and now you covert another woman’s husband and want him at State House.

      Please Ba Dora!!!

  7. I thought its you,Harry Kalaba,who said Guy Scott should not push you very far.What has changed now?You were very emotional such that you pushed Guy Scott out of PF.Guy Scott told us the consequences of voting the sitting president.But you,Harry and Kambwili,were so vocal.The last person I will have respect for is Harry Kalaba because he was too emotional for nothing.It is a big shame that we have leaders who cannot trace their sentiments that divided the nation.

    • Your forgetting that you’re being emotional too. There you have it Kalaba, you are going nowhere. This I can’t take away from this particular comment. The political path is bleak for poor HK. You have bad judgement.

  8. Kambwili should value his health more. He knows very well he’s diabetic and hypertensive and day in day out he goes about fighting political battles meant to get him into State House in 2021. All this does is stress him further worsening his condition. Kambwili and Kalaba should have known better a long time ago how “corrupt” PF is and how ‘insecure” ECL is when they were one of his most ardent vuvuzelas.

    In saying that, I am in no way excusing the politisation of court cases to the extent were even where bail can be given it is denied. Let Kambwili have his die in court without denying him basic human rights.

    • “Chuuldren” is trying to gain political mileage using Kambwili, knowing very well that Zambians will not put a sick person in State House. These chaps are busy sympathising with each other while hiding their selfish intentions.

    • @melu, shows how little you know about Luapula. Lundas are not in the majority. In fact they are a minority. People on the valley are ruled by Lunda chiefs like Kashiba, Lubunda, Kambwili, Lukwesa up to the Mwata himself but they are mainly abena Chishinga. Outside the valley you large tribes like Abena Ngumbo, abaUshi, abaUnga. The Lundas in fact a colonial power and their language is only spoken by Kazembe and those within royal confines.

  9. Ba Lungu will run away.Already you have no support in southern,northwatern & western.Now things are going bad that u can’t even control yoself because ba Lungu u have just lost luapula,cb,nothern,lusaka,muchinga and central.U think we can vote for u ?Kwena u cheat yoself.We voted for PF bcoz of kambwili and kalaba.Imwe ba lungu u don’t even know how to express yoself.Kambwili made pipo understand PF.He campained for you alone CB .U lost kuli HH and today u turn against kambwili.If he dies ukamona imwe.U don’t know bemba pipo well.U gonna cry ka tata iwe.U think we are happy for letting MMD taking over Sata found?wait and c.We have already telling our pipo ati ka tata imwe temutu.

  10. Ba Lungu will run away.Already you have no support in southern,northwatern & western.Now things are going bad that u can’t even control yoself because ba Lungu u have just lost luapula,cb,nothern,lusaka,muchinga and central.U think we can vote for u ?Kwena u cheat yoself.We voted for PF bcoz of kambwili and kalaba.Imwe ba lungu u don’t even know how to express yoself.Kambwili made pipo understand PF.He campained for you alone in CB .U lost kuli HH and today u turn against kambwili.If he dies ukamona imwe.U don’t know bemba pipo well.U gonna cry ka tata iwe.U think we are happy for letting MMD taking over Sata ‘s party?wait and c.We have already started telling our pipo ati ka tata ku state house imwe temutu

    • I am Bemba/Tonga but I know Chishimba is a thief who when in government used his position to get government and mine contracts. Why would any normal thinking person turn a blind eye to someone who is stealing just because you come from the same area with the thief?? I have a problem with any one being persecuted because of political affiliation but a thief is a thief whether in opposition or the ruling party. Some of us who know Chishimba have heard him complain at how ECL hated him while he was serving as minister and eventually fired him and Chisanga formed his party to get back at Edgar. Chishimba is so full of hatred that he has neglected his own health and the health of his own wife who has breast cancer to divide the votes. Have you seen Chishimba campaign anywhere else apart from…

  11. The ACC is a useless political tool for Edgar. Has Edgar been investigated for the wealth he has accumulated in a short time like this? What about Kaizer Zulu? Any investigations on the procurement of ambulances, inflated 1billion USD road constructions, Fire tenders? If this was a government fighting corruption, we would have seen the ACCA move in and clear the air. For now there is nothing the ACC is doing a political tool. It is not a long time ago when Kaizer threatened Kambwili that he was going to rot in jail and We know that Kaizer controls the police and intelligent. Kambwili has not become a hero to anyone but it is how things are being done and the way the law is being applied.

  12. President Lungu thought the presidency is as easy as drinking ‘water’. I pity him for lack of good advisors, he is actually stuck in a political quagmire of political misfortunes. Zambians are very angry and hungry. In the civilized world, political opponents in prisons only happen in Zambia. He has eyes he can’t, he has ears he can’t listen. Nevertheless, tribalism is worse than corruption. If Edgar Luungu is all there is, he should win the next general election.

  13. @Luapula Fish;this is how you tongas cheat yourselves!!YOUR POOR BEMBA ABOVE CONFIRMS THAT YOU ARE ONE OF THE BANTUSTANS AND NOT BEMBA!!get it from me who is from the North;in bembaland we dont follow politicians blindly on tribal 2015 and 2016 bembas such as Eliars Chipimo,Nevers Mumba,Nawakwi,Dr Chishimba,etc stood but lost terribly to an Easterner Edgar Lungu!!GBM,Miles Sampa,Lupando Mwape,Mulenga Sata,Mutale Nalumango,etc cheated your Kainde that they will win Northern votes for HH in 2016,BUT STILL THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!
    PEOPLE THERE VOTE FOR PF AND NOT INDIVINDUALS SUCH AS KAMBWILI OR KALABA.if ECL didnt stand on PF,he could have lost!!EVEN YOUR HH ON PF CAN WIN IN THE NORTH!!this must sink onto your sick mind!!

    • @njimbu but who told you that Luapulans are Bemba? Majority of Luapulans are Lunda out true brothers and sisters are in the Lundas from Nprthwestern province not the Bembas from Northern. We forgot otherwise we are Lundas not Bembas so never call a Luapulan Bemba and those who call themselves Bemba but are coming from Luapula are just dull and brainwashed by Bembas.

    • No. PF is the Party of the moment. We are not about to change it, sorry. They are working as expected according to their promises.

    • @melu, shows how little you know about Luapula. Lunda is a small tribe whose language is spoken by Mwata Kazembe and his royal family. All the people from Musonda Falls to Kawambwa are abena Chishinga ruled by Lunda chiefs designated by the Mwata viz Kashiba, Lubunda, Lukwesa, Kambwili.

    • @ Mbili Yakale, like the 500,000 jobs they promised?

      And all they have delivered is stopping the marketeers from earning a living?

      And prevented poor fishermen from feeding their families?

      This “pro-poor” party that are all overnight millionaires just after stealing an election and borrowing billions?


  14. Cage Kambwili. Boma Ni Boma.Kambwili sugar and blood pressure has risen.Wonders shall never end.Let him continue insulting EDGAR on the Anti hill.

    • @Boko Haram, correct Boma ni Boma. Anione anione (kuibonesha pa menso ya banthu) Kambwili knows his condition than anybody, but wants to show the world that he is a “man” who can talk without fear. Can die and the so cold politics will continue………. who will care, only your family will miss you. Take note.

  15. Can you imagine HH sympathyzing with Kambwili? Greed is it’s about. I feel sorry for Kambwili but I wouldn’t go out of my way to cry with him.

  16. When the general public become independent of the politicians then we shall see justice for what it is. These corrupt guys are being rounded up for criminal cases, now just because they have formed a kantemba party they are automatically clean. What a dull way of looking at things. These guys have been paying thieves to protect them. But now they are “celebrities” for being in opposition, these are thieves, corrup to the core. “Kambwili umwaiche wamwenso muleumfwakofye” This chap Kambwili is a coward that is why he is always shouting. He knows the long arm of the law is closing in on him. The desperate HH will jump on anything if it looks like it will make him appear in the news paper late alone state house.

    • As Zambians these thieve just come in different form stealing from us all the time. If all Zambians have to benefit from the God given wealth this country has, we need to drive all these politicians to the sea and let qualified people rule us. We need to re-define who is in charge.

  17. IN THE PHOTO: A sign of dejection. HH seems to say, “I give, Lungu wins.” Don’t mess with Lungu. Boma ni Boma.

  18. The cases are bailable but why are painting our country black am PF but this wrong Ba Edgar you say you are Christian please show it. This year national days of prayer and reconciliation I wont take this unchristian and bad for democracy

    • You guys in one breath you say the president interferes in the work of the police. On another you ask Lungu and intervene by releasing or giving bail to Kambwili. You are confusing us. Kambwili was long fired because of corruption. To day he is a hero!

  19. IN THE PHOTO: A sign of dejection. HH seems to say, “I give up, Lungu wins.” Don’t mess with Lungu. Boma ni Boma.

  20. Kambwili is a very weak man, he can’t withstand any pressure. He only looks like Goliath but his soul and body are weak. His trainer must throw in a towel to signal surrender. This is what I meant when I said they will seize him by the balls. An intelligent person avoids such situations, you can’t be a martyr. Those cheering you on don’t love you, they want to make political capital on your dead body. The deals you thought were hidden are coming to light. Change your tactics. There was only one King Cobra, you can’t imitate him. Ukukonkelesha ifinya insofu kuti wailepula umusula

    • Yes he uses his mouth emotionally. His condition requires that he be calm and stressless. Politics is not his portion as things stand. It is a definite fallout.

  21. Call it insecurity or persecution, I think that is how Zambian politics have been trending from the day we returned to multi-party politics in 1991. I mean, flashback: Kaunda was persecuted by Chiluba, Chiluba was later persecuted by “taskforce’ till his death. Mwanawasa was tormented by corrupt cartel and thankfully for the cartel, he died before capturing many of them. Banda was to be persecuted by law enforcement agencies in the pursuit of corrupt elements like his son. Sata tried to correct wrongs but he went with his entire vision to the grave. and then there was presidential byelection…the rest is civics and history.

    • Sure that
      Blows and counterblows characterise the political landscape. Weaklings like HK find the going getting tougher and rougher.

  22. Kambwili deserves no thympath. He thought he was smart, but forgot his corrupt acts. Hope courts will find him guilty and lock him up.
    HH has no principles. Just wait for the courts to do their work. After all it was UPND’s cry to have Kambwili arrested.

    • You don’t mean he is faking sickness. Diabetes mellitus and hypertension are a bad combination. If you have a relative stricken by the dual, it is enough call to be sympathetic.
      Develop a heart.


  24. Do you think PF had illness intel about Kambwili?
    They knew he was just a loud mouth, slapped him and poured water by a ka woman. Now locked up in ICU.
    CASE CLOSED: CK punished for his crimes in PF. No need to kill him.

  25. kambwili wealth or health?bad life styles grow muscle in that body to prevent those diseases. low testetrone beings get such illnesses

  26. Mwefipuba mwe, ba upndeez naba Ndc, bail is granted when you appear in court. As long as Kambwili is in hospital he will remain in detention technically.

  27. Successful thieves always project themselves as Robin Hood. Selling themselves successfully to be doing good yet looting like the colonialists, Mmembe ecetera.

    Thieves who show no remorse like Kambwili should be hang by their Bs!!!

  28. The guilty are afraid. Kambwili is guilty. This man every time he hears of or smells jail, he develops diarrhea. How can you have a leader like this who almost all the time gets his sugar and BP levels rise when he sees a police man coming to his house? If you follow all his questioning by the police he gets sick. What will happen when they finally lock him up? What was he thinking when he was giving fake information to the ACC or the police or stealing government funds. Did he think he was picking money in the street? So Kalaba the young brother thinks Kambwili has a case? Then I will start doubting Kalaba’s capacity too. Kambwili is as corrupt as they can be seen. Kalaba should not play politics!

  29. @1.8 Mumba,
    It’s vile and stinking tribal bigotry to claim that the most intelligent Zambians are from Luapula. I would tell you that you are nothing but stinking thieves, ba tubulu abanyina mumenshi without any shame tufi.kala inwe no buloshi bwenu!

  30. 4.6 Ndanje,
    Why then is it that despite their water tight security African, and Zambian politicians in particular, have the highest mortality rate in the world for any group of people? By the was Olof Palme was a good man & his death was a tragedy. Can’t say the same for Sata and Chiluba, rotten tribal bigots.

    • Why have you left out Mwanawasa from the death and tribalism list? FTJ and Sata could have been tribalist but so are you for discrimination.

  31. I mean African Presidents kick the bucket at alarming rates. And watch Lungu, that’s another state funeral materializing on the horizon!

    • Don’t American presidents die? Are you going to live forever yourself? These are just humans. Why haven’t KK and Rupiah died?

  32. Everybody should be innocent until proven guilty. Equality before the law is every citizens right as is freedom of speech and freedom from unwarranted harassment and victimisation for the sake of political expediency. Nobody should rejoice in other peoples tribulations. We are, after all a Christian nation.

  33. I’m confused with what is happening in Zambia. We accused pf that they are corrupt. When action is being taken to suspected corrupt ministers we cry foul. I like kambwili but I’m not ACC to say he corrupt or not. One thing a know is that people who cry corruption the loudest are the most corrupt. they cry loudest so that when they are arrested it looks like mazzling them works anyway

  34. Let me pause a question here, shud it be that when a top figure politician arrested then Lungu/state house to be blamed or maybe when a top figure politician does s/thing suspicious shud be let free? Can s/one enlighten me on how/who arrested CK and for what. Cause it’s one thing to be arrested for speaking out the truth and also being arrested bcoz of suspected criminal activities.

  35. It’s unfortunate that there are many corrupt government officials out there yet a few are being arrested and prosecuted, tok of the police, judiciary, health all these areas where corruption is at its best. So who is to blame Lungu (who came jst yday in politics), ourselves or who? Let’s stop calling on gov’t. if we can take it up on ourselves and say no to corruption. Why do we give money to traffic police when we equally know it’s not in order…

  36. I’m disappointed with Kalaba, please let corruption be corruption, this tendency of shouting corruption only for those in government and when someone leaves government its no longer fight against corruption but political persecution ,if there are people you know who still in government now name them we will not call it persecution, people like you Kalaba resigned citing corruption in government and Kambwili was part of government now that he is not in government he is a saint and you want to stand with him meaning that only those who have remained in government are corrupt!, I don’t think that’s right ,you are wrong my brother.

  37. I regret participating in the hate campaign against Kenneth Kaunda. If we can turn the clock I would refuse to to be part to this hatred. We were promised paradise but instead we got hell. Our friends lost jobs due to privitization, never got their benefits and died of destitution. The man KK we hated is still around living a full life. Let’s fight for political office with love and honest.honesty

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