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Health Minister launches Biomedical Engineering Association

Health Health Minister launches Biomedical Engineering Association

Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya yesteday officiated at the lunch of the Biomedical Engineering Association of Zambia (BEAZ).

Dr. Chilufya said he is hopeful that the association will reduce the high number of mushrooming businesses who supply substandard equipment to use on local citizens.

Speaking in a speech read for him on his behalf by clinical care specialist, Richard Musankanya, the Health Minister said he expects quality work to be carried out by trained personnel.

Dr. Chitalu said biomedical engineers are significantly important and should not be underestimated by others or themselves as they are responsible for ensuring that vital health equipment are maintained and calibrated.

He said his ministry supports the association whose cause is in line with the transformative agenda that will see the health sector being a force to reckon with.

Dr. Chilufya disclosed that he is delighted that the birth of such an association will entail positive results in regards to ensuring that medical equipment is kept in good functioning conditioning.

He further stated that he recognises the association’s efforts and will endeavor to see to it that human resource in the field is well vested with current trends.

Dr.Chilufya has commended the association pioneers for taking up the mantle to form an organization whose objectives among others are to promote the formation of healthcare technology and facilitate exchange of experiences, ideas and technical information amongst its members.

And BEAZ President Emmanuel Musiwa said biomedical engineers’ vital role in health care technology cannot be over emphasized as without it, service delivery can be compromised.

Mr. Musiwa said the aim of the association is to standardize medical equipment management service, repair documentation in Zambia and develop medical equipment baseline maintenance manuals among others.

He said the association is a professional board for practioners to perfect their drill and provide excellent health service delivery.

Mr. Musiwa said the association will work closely with the Zambia Bureau of Standards to check on some set equipment standards and quality assurance.


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