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President Edgar Lungu authorises the medical evacuation of ailing Kambwili to South Africa

Headlines President Edgar Lungu authorises the medical evacuation of ailing Kambwili ...

President of Zambia His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu

President Edgar Lungu on Friday night authorized the medical evacuation abroad of Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba confirmed the development.

Mr Mwamba disclosed that arrangements have since been made to send an air-ambulance to evacuate Mr Kambwili and ensured that he received specialist medical treatment in South Africa.

He said that arrangements such as authority from Ministry of Health has been granted in the night and the medical team in South Africa was waiting for a medical report, and a copy of Mr Chishimba Kambwili’s passports to activate the emergence evacuation.

Mr. Mwamba stated that life was sacred and that President Edgar Lungu had acted swiftly to ensure that a life was saved and that Mr Kambwili who had suddenly fallen ill received the best treatment.

He also thanked Minister of Health, Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his team that worked deep in the night with their counterparts from South Africa to ensure that the evacuation of Mr Kambwili was done.

He urged the family of Mr Kambwili to immediately cooperate and receive this gesture from President Lungu as a measure to save a life above all considerations.

As at press time, arrangements were advanced to ensure that Mr Kambwili was in South Africa by the end of the day.

This is according to a statement issued by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at Zambia High Commission in Pretoria Naomi Nyawali.

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    • But I thought Chimbwili (Kambwili) was supposed to second the motion of impeachment in Parliament?

      What happens to Hakalusa’s valued solidarity visit to Woodlands? That’s what happens to CLEVER. He always gets the shorter end of the stick from SMART.

      CLEVER ain’t SMART that’s why he can’t win. Yaba O Yaba!!! I miss the Flingstones … done told you!!! Under 5 in ICU, very sad state of affairs.

      Hakalusa is not cut for this kind of stuff called politics, man!!! He’s too juvenile to handle this, let alone the Presidency.

      Viola … ba mu dribblaa Hagain!!! And he couldn’t see it coming.

      Heaven help us all …

    • Will b a goner…will b greeting Dean Mongomba etc.very soon.blame his mouth and small thing… Lungu temunobe!

    • @1, You must be a product of incorrigible hatred who believes in an eye for an eye. What are you doing with your chise chise mindlessness? Though insulted around the clock, Ba Kateka has again demonstrated highest degree of statesmanship with such Virtues of Humanity. This is the kind of magnanimity to salute. BaKateka Bravo!

      But mwaiche Kambwili, Musenge, GBM and Chitemene must urgently work on their weight. A look at their mass index are worrisome. They’re perilously in “obese” category leaving them highly prone to heart disease, Diabetes and stroke. God forbid.

    • Well short memory seems to be the order of the day it seems ECL supporters have been desperately waiting for some positive from him to quickly lurch onto ….Kambwili had taken himself to RSA the courts ordered that they did not recognise his treatment since it didn’t seem to have proof and was ordered back immediately he arrived he was arrested at the airport and later on thrown in the cells. Now Lungu signs for his evac. and you glee like he has done anything extraordinary when himself he just came back for check up in RSA. Besides lots of people are evacuated by government even presidential order that you don’t even get to hear of in the press. This is no extraordinary feat by Chagwa..mbwili is a citizen and entitled

    • This is more of a guilt gesture by Lungu…why was Kambwili being unlawfully denied bail? There should be proper systems in place ,police should not get orders from state house. The Kambwili family should have been asked to consent to flying him out to South Africa,this is not a presidential decision!!!

    • Ba Mumba,
      You have spoken and yapped too soon. Go to CKs FB page and read what he has written and them come back and laugh and repeat what you are saying.
      A man of your caliber should be above some pettiness and be more open minded to the injustice in our application of “justice”! You should be ashamed of yourself!

    • Kambwili had always been unhealthy with diabetes and bad eating habits. He is overweight and always putting himself under stress with fraudulent politicking and insulting people. Humility is a life saver.

    • Ati our minister of health, Chitalu Chilufya, worked tirelessly to ensure Kambwili was evacuated to receive specialist treatment!

      What is he and his doctor colleagues here in Zambia paid to do?

    • B R Mumba St, Grow up. To you everything is condemning HH! What sort of a person are you who cannot see a million and one wrong things your PF party is doing to Zambians!!?? Really, I urge you to grow up both politically and in age! Emulate Max Chongu who takes time to see mistakes made by both the PF and the UPND respectively and yet Max is a diehard PF Member! Grow up.

    • @gbouy … 37 counts of fraud is what the charge is. Still innocent until proven guilty but if at all that innocent why infringe?? It’s the first sign of being guilty … ask any prosecutor.

      By the way, I was one of the first 1,000 users of facebook but I closed my account 8 years ago … too many stalkers for me. A distraction it became and I have lived happily hereafter.

      Brother Dudelove … I am sorry you feel that way. I am and have my original content maybe he’s becoming like me.

      @mumbeti … I am UNIP and patriotic, you don’t get any older and/or apolitical than that.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr. When you understand my trademark then we can talk.

    • Where is magnanimity in this …… THE Anti-Corruption Commission and police officers have threatened to forcibly transfer hospitalised Chishimba Kambwili from Care for Business Medical Centre to either prison or the University Teaching Hospital……..be real you will never know the true motive Chagwa has he may have seen an opportunity here

    • Ba Senior
      Its called hypocrisy! You are a senior man and us the young ones need you old people to guide us and not deluded with petty politics. if you cant see rot beyond your nose then where are we going as a young generation?

  1. That’s why I love this President … he’s smart and compassionate.

    Get well soon Chimbwili so you can come back and face the law

    • Smart and compassionate … this is just a chess game for him he is hoping this will silence Kambwili. I cannot brand someone who stole from a widow compassionate …someone who would support an expenditure of $42 mn on useless equipment in the midst of such poverty compassionate he cannot even just donate books to poor children without putting his face there ….his compassion only stretches to a point where it benefits him and this act is no exception. I refuse to be f00led by this crafty self enriching grinch.

    • You’re not only shameless but bitter and lost. And yes part of the crisis happening pa Zed.

      Mid Life Crisis … May God have mercy on your bitter soul.

      As Heaven helps us all!!!

    • If your responses are valid I would have accepted if the first thing this so called compassionate leader of yours visited Kambwili … he couldn’t even do this …. Besides can his Ministers pay back our money ??? I totally agree with you that I am very BITTER any normal Zambian living in Zambia like I am and experiencing this leadership should be. If we never get bitter or frustrated with leadership and systems how else shall we improve ??? Mr BR my bro if you believe this is the best …by the time u will be coming back to Zambia if you ever will to live here, there will be hardly anything for your grandchildren take my word for it

  2. What happened to him at Woodlands? That guy walked into their premises unassisted, now suddenly the guy is on life support equipment (ICU) then immediate evacuation! Doesn’t sound good.

  3. Mamama! Emmanuel mwamba is involved??? Be careful! Be very careful!!! This guy is a killer,,,,,, kambwili don’t go, otherwise you will go for good like FTJ,,

  4. For now Kambwili is suspended from political activity, he needs to concentrate on his health. I wish him a quick recovery, 3 hail Mary for Kambwili’s recovery

  5. Kambwili pushed President Lungu to the end but ECL is too blessed to be stressed and he showed Kambwili the path of TRUTH AND LOVE. Kambwili may you live longer to see President Lungu win his second term from 2021 to 2026, time heals everything please use the time in the hospital to reflect and look inside yourself and figure out what you want out of life.

    • Chimbwili (Surname – Kambwili) wants nothing but the Presidency and now that he knows the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise ain’t gonna elect anyone chronic to that office, his appeal for mercy from ECL is intended to show signs of surrender.

      Also he now realizes how heavy his burden of proof for innocence given his charges and now he wants to use his illness as a future tool for clemency once convicted and he disappears in oblivion after that.

      He’s working with some very smart lawyers while CLEVER Kalaba another Presidential Aspirants is duped and dumped … left alone with Hakalusa.

      Clairvoyance is the campus of politics but CLEVER ones have none of that. They tender to forget that every short cut is a wrong cut in life.

      Duped and Dumped … Heaven help us all!!!

  6. Instead of investing in our own health care we are busy investing in south African hospitals.When will this evacuation business stop? IT’s very uncomfortable flying for 2 hours when you are seriously ill.If we had a very good hospital Kambwili would have been transferred there in under 10 minutes. Please politicians fund Health Care in Zambia we need it more than roads,bridges,elections,the police etc…

    • You watch too much of Prime TV. You are ill informed. Watch ZNBC and you will know what’s going on in the health sector. Just recently there was a ground breaking ceremony for a hospital of excellence aside Maina Soko. Wake up from your sleep.

  7. Get well soon, CK. We wish your family and NDC God’s strength and guidance during this difficult time. The life of each one of us is valuable no matter what differences we may have with one another.

  8. That may be an underhand method used by one well known associate of darkness.kaja ka rapid visit Ku woodland.mm too bad get well mbwili.choose good friends not benangu

  9. I hate to says it but why can’t Zambia improve health services + invest in health personnel training so that everybody including ministers and presidents receive treatment in Zambia / UTH. For how long Zambia going to continue to drain national coffers with such unproductive practices.

    • Follow government official media outlets to know what is happening in this area. You will never know the progress being made from online media sources such as Zambian Watch Dog, LT etc. Their news is about politics

  10. This situation would be almost funny if not ridiculous. CK is facing corruption charges in part brought on due to his critical condemnation of ECL whom he also accuses of grand corruption but only after he was thrown out of government did he grow a spine. Under pinning all this is we have very poor prisons were CK spent the last few days hence falling sick but not able to receive treatment in our local hospital because they are of poor standards due to corruption to a great extent. Then ECL decides to use tax payers money to evacuate this private
    individual who boast of being self made and filthy rich for medical treatment. This is so wrong and ironic at so many levels.

  11. Bravo Mr. President. Humanity comes before everything. The trouble we have in Zambia is that we FEED ON HATE AS GHOSTS FEED ON FEAR. SHAME. Get well soon Dr.Kambwili.

  12. Mr Kambwili prematurely left the ACC interrogation room to rush home to take medicine for HYPERTENSION AND DIABETES . So Mr Kambwili was already a sick man, a walking patient.

    FACT: Mr Kambwili has suffered a mini stroke whose risk factors include age, a family history, diabetes, high blood pressure, Obesity or being overweight, lack of exercise increased with prison cell conditions. His brothers Mwenya Musenge and GBM may be next.
    advise him to take a break from unworthy politics or he will suffer the same fate like SIMON MWANSA KAPWEPWE….


  13. Since Kambwili was under police guard at CFB. Are u sending the police along to go & guard him in South Africa?. If not, then this tells us that the police was unnecessary at CBF. It was all politics at play. The President is trying to play his cards with the view for Kambwili to appreciate this help & hopefully reconcile like it happened for late Mwanawasa & Sata. Get well soon Kambwili.


    Goodmorning fellow country men and women!

    This morning when I woke up from my hospital bed, my wife drew my attention to a statement which was purportedly issued by the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa, where it was claimed that the Zambian Government’s arrangements to evacuate me for specialist medical treatment have reached an advanced stage.

    From the onset,I must inform the nation that my family has not been consulted and is therefore, not aware of such plans as they have just learnt about the same through the usual online stories that are taking rounds on the internet. That said, I must state that in the absence of official government procedures and communication in handling evacuations, I’m restrained to give a comprehensive…

  15. Ifi mune Chishimba Chimbwili fyakuifwaila. You know too well that your health has been failing you but you chose fame, arrogance, bad beviour at the expense of your life. It’s only a fool who can do so. Chishimba you are but just clay filled with water and blood.

  16. Zambian politicians (ruling & opposition) are like a bunch of kids playing together. They quarrel and scream at each other. A moment later they are sharing a toy, and the story goes on.

  17. UPND is nothing but a bunch of bitter, sour, pungent, jealous, , envious, covetous, greedy and, disillusioned people with no little concern or care for the people who elected them to parliament. Come 2021! Please fellow Zambians, let us all arise and protect our country from these demagogues. Vote for genuine leaders -President Edgar Chagwa Lungu – a real man of the people NOT these hypocrites.

  18. UPND is nothing but a bunch of bitter, sour, pungent, jealous, envious, covetous, greedy and, disillusioned people with no respect for democracy; with no respect for the will of the people and with no little concern or care for the people who elected them to parliament. Come 2021! Fellow Zambians, let us all arise and protect our country from these demagogues. Vote for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu – a real man of the people.

  19. Chishimba Kambwili. Why desire to become President if you know you’re a sick man? You want us to waste more money on state funeral? No! We don’t want sick presidents in state house.

  20. @Br Mumba, keeps on insisting that he is UNIP and yet u hate everyone who is against the current government opposite. Do u think who ever is here is dull? Very surprising u are.

  21. People,why do our Leaders continue to use South Africa for Medical treatment..Start using UTH,its a disgrace after 53 years of independence.This starts with ECL , who regularly sneaks off to SA for Medical rejuvenation.
    This is also an insult to our local Doctors and medical personnel, our government is basically saying you are hopeless .Lungu won’t be seen Dead using UTH facilities, we are the laughing stock in South Africa.

  22. BR Mumba is still stuck in the UNIP mentality of one Zambia one leader all he sees is one leader or one way of thinking. He lacks critical thinking and is a perfect candidate for dictators who can brainwash him as he can’t think outside the box

  23. what about that poor man, woman and child in UTH? Dont they need specialist treatment in RSA? And also, in this modern day and age, after 55 years of political independence, we still have to send people to RSA for specialist treatment? What a country of T.H.I.E.V.E.S

  24. Ba BR Mumba Sr please stop acting like you know it all. Look at things in all directions not only your side. Am sure you PF just like most of us,but remember not to kick a man whose already down. These are politics the people above will still remember each other. Good examples are here to be seen. Mr Sata and Mr Mwanawsa May there souls rest in peace again Mr Banda and Dr Chiluba the list is endless lets put differences aside when a life,is involved. You acting like you not Zambian, it’s inhuman to look forward to someone down fall. And please leave the court’s to do there work. I guess your thoughts can’t change the court’s ruling or direction . This is democracy we won’t be in the same house but we still one nation.

  25. He is not critically ill. If he was he would have agreed or the family would have agreed to evacuate him.

    Look at Sata , he was sick but agreed to be evacuated and survived. Maybe its because the wife is a highly trained doctor.

    Where is Kambwili’s wife and what does she do for a living.

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