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Health Minister announces the lifting of Fish Ban


Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, Hon. Kampamba Mulenga, with Minister of Health Dr Chilufya
Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, Hon. Kampamba Mulenga, with Minister of Health Dr Chilufya

Minister of Health, Dr Chitalu has announced the Lifting of the fish ban effective tomorrow, March 26, 2018.

Speaking when he addressed the Press at Ndeke house this afternoon with his Counterpart, Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, Kampamba Mulenga, Dr Chilufya said that that while one of the measures they had put in place as an intervention in the Cholera outbreak was to extend the fish ban to enable issues of clean water and sanitation to be addressed, significant progress had now been made in arresting the Cholera situation which he announced was now on its way out.

The Minister stated that the Vice President of the Republic of Zambia had made a statement on the floor of the house in Parliament that the multi sectoral task force team against Cholera instituted by the President of the Republic of Zambia, Edgar lungu would meet this week to review the dynamic outbreak as well as to consider reports from the various Cholera task forces doted country wide and make decisions and update the nation over the issue of the fishing ban.

“So we are with the Minister of Fisheries here. We met as a task force and reviewed measures that have been implemented and also reviewed the reports from the Various Multi sectoral task force teams in the many districts and have arrived at decisions which we are going to announce today. We are going to take responsibility as a Multi sectoral task force collective. ” he said.

And Dr Chilufya has said that that various stakeholders had been engaged ever since the extension of the fish ban had been announced by the Minister.

“That is the communities themselves, the traders from various aspects, the companies, including a big meeting that happened last week which the PSs chaired . Bearing in Mind also that the Provincial Fisheries officers have worked together to meet various stakeholders in the fishing camps and in various parts and also bearing in mind that our awareness levels have been escalated and our teams have worked together to engage various communities and improve awareness and any other measures that are necessary to prevent Cholera outbreak,” he said.

“And also considering that our team at the Ministry of Fisheries has advanced in putting up measures with help from other stakeholders including the Ministry of Health, in putting in water and sanitation measures In various parts of the country, such as procurement of tanks and other services that will improve sanitation in areas that have been designated as safe fishing areas, we have come to the conclusion that it is safe now that whilst continuing implementing these interventions that I’ve spoken about, fishing can commence in all parts of the country,” he added.

He stated however that in the event that there was any surveillance report indicating danger to public health in any area, decision would be made to revisit in those areas.

“We must emphasis here, that the reports we got from the stakeholders has been very good. The cooperation has been impressive. And we want to urge continued collaboration with the Cholera task forces so that we can maintain what we have established so far. Because continuing on that trajectory will mean that we will not see a rise in cases, ” he said.


    • Haha Haha! Now, I understand why mumbi phiri did what she did to Edgar,,,, on that hand Emmanuel mwamba makes announcements as president of PF,,,,
      Ministry of health announcing fish ban and lifting of fish ban!! Where is the minister of wildlife and fisheries?????
      PF is mad and drank,,,

    • I can’t imagine Mulenga Kampamba visiting Lunga swamps of Bangweulu. Look at that her, she deserves her Ministery of Photography from Dora.
      PF is drunk like Mumbi Phiri….

    • The fish ban is unnecessary. PF dunderheads, Dr.Cholera please provide piped water and proper sanitation. In 1854, London had a cholera outbreak which claimed 616. Dr John Snow shut down the water pump on Broad street and devised control measures that have prevented an outbreak. 2018 and Chilufya is still talking cholera, how pathetic!

    • They have. Several fish farming investments that promised to make Zambia self sufficient in fish supplies have now been cancelled. We will have to continue to be buying our supplies of low quality fish from China.

      Business does not like uncertainty and unilateral unplanned decisions.

  1. lazy people: leave such tasks to ministrial spokespersons basakalanyongo imwe. ati they are working!

  2. Imagine if there was no ban abena ngumbo ngabalenyela kolela mumimana and millions would’ve suffered. This prolonged ban has increased fish production and its now jackpot ku bashila.

    • Please do not show your IGNORANCE here! This fish ban has done NOTHING to increase fish production, it has only LOST five months of production that cannot be recovered. Fishermen cannot suddenly double their netting efforts overnight!

      And the fish breeding season starts when the RAIN STARTS, in DECEMBER. The fish finished breeding in JANUARY and STOPPED breeding long ago!

      This Fish Ban was for CHOLERA, not FISH!

  3. These pre efu fools are at it again! The fool in charge of fish and ponds is ndwii while the fool in charge of UTH busy lifting the ban on fish! The fool should concentrate on medicine rather than talking of fish ban!

  4. Upndeez are bigger fools, they don’t want anyrhing to save the lives of Zambians. By the time they succeed to rule Zambia there will be no single Zambian left alive. Mukateka ifitumbi?

  5. Upndeez are bigger fo.ols, they don’t want anyrhing to save the lives of Zambians. By the time they succeed to rule Zambia there will be no single Zambian left alive. Mukateka ifitumbi?

  6. Kampamba! The girl has been squeezed and cant talk anymore! Look at her facial expression on that picture…kkk – it is like she is pushing a thick one in the toilet!

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